Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Season is over, but the Memories Great

Well we wish the season could go on for a few more games, but we'll have to settle for 2nd place in the regular season play. There were many great moments in 2008 and we'll look forward to 2009 for even more. The Players, Coaches, Fans, and Owners have all contributed to exciting baseball in Fulton. If you would like to express your thoughts, this is the place to do it. Boilerstoker and I wish all the players success in their future with baseball and hope to see a few next year. Congrats to the Oilers and the Pirates on their play Playoff run so far, good luck in the 3rd Round.


  1. Congrats on a hard fought season and a winning record. A few less injuries and no doubt you would have gone all the way! Great job coaches! Safe travel to all.

  2. I would like to say thanks to all the players who visited with us this season. You are a great bunch of fellows and proved yourselves to be a "class act." Every citizen of Fulton and each Railroader fan should be proud of you.

    Thanks for sharing your summer and entertaining us. The community opened its arms to welcome you as honored guests. We hope you felt the "love" and enjoyed your summer here.

    We wish you safe and successful days ahead. Come back to visit us often, we won't soon forget you!

  3. Here I sit,no boiler to stoke,No game to get under the bleachers,gonna have those railroader blues for a bit, sing it BB,but hey,what a great season!We had ups and downs but you guys and coaches did an awsome job, the Kit legue had a lot of parity and second place is nothing to hang ya helmet over,great job!! You gave this little town in the west of Ky another great year and something for us to be prowd of. Hope all you guys have the best of luck this fall ,we hope you have some great memories as well. Should your futures include summer ball in 09 we will be here riding the train. Railroader baseball makes the winters go faster knowing the train will be fired up and coming back for 09. The fans and sponsors did another great job of supporting Railroader baseball and to that everyone in the yard says a big THANK YA!You Guys keep it fired up and keep it real.
    Roll Train

  4. We would like to thank the Fulton Railroaders organization for the
    opportunity for our son to play ball in Fulton, KY. He enjoyed meeting and getting to know his teammates, playing with some very talented ball players and to experience a small town environment. We know that he has brought back with him some very good memories of the summer of 2008. Thanks also to the coaches. Cory enjoyed playing for them. Hopefully, the experience Cory
    has gained this summer will carry over when baseball starts for him at Edgewood College. Also, besides baseball, we believe this adventure has made him more independent and ready for whatever might lie ahead in the future. If any of you are ever in the Bloomington/Normal, ILL area, please stop in and say "hi". We enjoyed our visits to Fulton, KY. Good Luck to the Fulton Railroaders in the future.