Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Railroaders Win Post Season Playoffs - Final Season Remarks

Well the Railroaders finish off the 2013 season bringing the Post Season Championship home to Fulton. What better way to end it. The Boys of summer really came through! Up against the wall, down in the series 0-1, then go to Hoptown for back to back wins to take away the Playoff Championship.

To complete the season the Railroaders were 4-1 in post season, 27-17 regular season (17-5 at home and 10-12 away). The best home record since 2010 when Fulton was 21-5 at home.  We saw more homeruns this year than ever with the Railroaders hitting 41, half the total OVL homeruns for the season.

I could go on, but I'll leave that to rest of you to make your comments and observations here. In closing out the season here, I'd like to thank not only the players, coaches and owners for a great year of baseball, but also to all the parents, relatives and fans who listened and commented on Hoghead.  You certainly have added to the excitement of the season. Hope to see many of you next year.


  1. Fulton Railroaders has been an awesome experience for Cody and the Burtons...thanks so much to Coach Matt, Ricky and Heath and the entire organization. Thanks to the Fulton support and hospitality to make it a great summer for our son. It was truly a great group of young men united in one spirit to play the game they love and it showed.
    Thanks Railroaders,
    Herb and Christy Burton

  2. Congradulationd to the Railroaders.
    Thanks for an exciting season, I'm sure this is a summer Matt will never forget.
    A special Thank You to the Railroaders organization and the Yates Family, for taking care of Matt and all of the young men this season.
    Best wishes to all the young men, on all of the future endeavors..

    Thanks Again

    The Skrzypiec Family

  3. Great job winning it guys. Tough loss on Monday could have been hard to come back from. You showed what kind of ball players you were by coming back and winning it. And to the whole Railroader organization I want to say thank you for a great experience this summer. The atmosphere at the ball park is amazing. I was so impressed with the community and the host families I cannot begin to praise you enough. Great job.
    Thanks for a great summer,
    Marty Douglas

  4. Ah yes! The boys of summer have come and gone, but they have left a lot behind! Most of the boys may never visit Fulton again but the Railroaders (the boys) will always be the 2013 OVL Champions from Fulton. Yes, they were young men gaining maturity and responsibility, but they were boys having fun as Taylor Douglas exemplified when he would come jumping and flying into the arms of his team mates. They supported each other as the bench spontaneously stood and applauded when Sillyman broke out of his slump.Their hustle, demeanor and sportsmanship made their fans, parents and coaches proud. The boys were a fine reflection of their parents, coaches and the organization. Wish all of the boys could come back next year but their memory will always be here. Jerrol Summerville, a
    fan from Wingo.

  5. On bahalf of the Railroaders Owners group, I would like to thank our fans, advertisers and all supporters from within the community as well as the surrounding area. I would especially like to thank the incredible group of young men who played ball on the Ohio Valley League CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 team. You were indeed, a great group to work with and we enjoyed the brief portions of your lives you shared with us. Parents and other family members who visited our community during the past two months, all I can say is, "WOW"!! Thanks for your help and support. We enjoyed your time in the Fulton area and hope you will find occasion to return.

    In short, thanks to all for a very enjoyable 2013 which ended as all things do, "the cream rises to the top!"

    We begin planning NOW for the 2014 year of Collegiate Summer Baseball and hope everyone will keep the Railroaders in mind as you see opportunities arise over the coming months.

    Thanks again to all,

    Dan Voegeli

  6. Each morning, the first site I would visit was this one,, Who would think someone over 7.5 hours would have ever heard of the Fulton Railroaders? Great season and thanks for the memories.
    Leo Hochstatter
    (Matt's Pops)

  7. Great job Railroaders! My husband and I have listened to almost every game and truly enjoyed each one! I am not sure what we are going to do now that the season has ended. Thanks to the community and fans for taking care of our son. He has made wonderful memories that will last him a lifetime. We have seen Garrett mature personally and his pitching. Thanks to Railroaders and the boys for a great summer!

    Billy and Lori Ring

  8. We would like to thank everyone involved with the Fulton Railroaders Baseball Club. The memories that Sean has received will reside in him for the rest of his life. We usually do not speak for Sean but I can guarantee you all he is a Railroader for life. The structure,friends and hospitality he received was nothing short of amazing. We would like to say a special Thank You to Momma Kim for her moms touch not only on the Team but to Sean specifically. And to Kieth for taking Sean in and treating him like his own, you two are an awesome duo.

    My apologies to John for not coming thru with your Nachos I promised. But they ran out my friend they plain ran out!!!!! Thank you to ALL !!!!!!! GO RAILROADERS !!!!

    1. They did run out Nacho that last night! I think that's what we lost the game! Thanks for thought and glad you enjoyed the season.

  9. jake shadix #13 parentsAugust 1, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    Thanks for the wonderful summer. Jake has truly enjoyed it. He has grown in his ball playing. It has been a great experience for him.

  10. When I followed Taylor to Fulton to leave him for 2 months with his team and host family I had no idea what to expect. Although he had been on his own at JSCC, I wasn't sure about this whole host family thing. But, Ms. Aaronda (sp?) and her family were simply amazing. She is an inspiration to me and I simply cannot thank her enough for welcoming my son into her home as if he was her own family. I was so impressed with the community spirit in your park. It may not have had the biggest crowd or the loudest crowd, but it definitely had the BEST crowd. And I don't just meant they were all great to Taylor, they welcomed Marty, Liz (Nana), Sunni, and me into their little community. I have so many new friends and special people who have touched my life over the summer from Mrs. Elaine, Ms. Aaronda, Kim, Coach (the retired high school coach), and EVERYONE in between--and especially the Jacksons--funny how those little ones warm your heart!(I just can't wait for Jace to get to play there--he simply must be a Railroader!)I know you are all proud of what you have in Fulton and I am proud the Douglas family was able to be a part of it, too. The Railroader baseball experience was truly a blessing. Hugs!
    --Renee Douglas (TD5's mom)

  11. A big thank you to the whole fulton railroaders orginization. My family truly enjoyed all the time we spent at the yard. It made us remember our love of the great game of baseball. A special thank you to the players and coaches for the great baseball camp. It was the highlight of my sons summer. Cant bc wait til next season.
    George Hagerty and family