Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Final Comments for the 2016 Season

The Railroaders’ season has finally ended. The players are now returning back to their homes and schools.  Thanks to the players and coaches for some exciting moments this year. Of course we all wish the season could have continued further into the Playoffs, but all things must come to an end. We wish and hope the best to all the players along with continued success in their future endeavors both on and off the field. God bless you and safe travels.

This blog entry is the place for both fans and players to make your farewell comments.


  1. Like to send thanks and appreciation to the Railroaders staff and fans for all of the support shown to the players throughout the season. It was a great experience for all of the players.

  2. Thank you to the Management Team, Kim Kimbell and Staff, the kind families who provided housing for the team/coaches, all of the people behind the scenes that make the day-to-day possible, fans, and especially Coach Jake Oester, and his assistant coaches, Lee and Luke, for sacrificing your summer for the betterment of some outstanding young men. We have always taught our son the importance of honesty, character, and integrity throughout life's journey, as these qualities will define him as a young man and throughout his life. The opportunity to play baseball in this league has been an excellent venue for growth in all of these attributes and we, as well as Matthieu, are grateful for this experience.
    Christopher & Tracy Meihls

  3. Was thrilled to hear that my favorite from 2015 was coming back! Then Jacob Elliott got hurt early in season; huge loss. Then learned to love the play of Drew Swanson; he hurt his hand and missed the playoff game; another huge loss. Thought we had a great chance in playoffs with Seth Hougesen pitching; then he vanished. As loyal fans we made it to all the home and Paducah games. Thanks to all the players and coaches for another summer of fun at the ballpark. Special thanks to those that finance and make everything possible.

  4. My wife and I would like to thank everyone involved with the Railroaders especially Keith and Kim Kimbell who took our son in to their home. Our son Paul got the opportunity late in the season to come and play for the Railroaders a decision he will never regret. What a great experience he had. If our son gets to come back next year my wife and I will definitively be coming for at lest a week. God bless Paul Sr & Anne Salata