Sunday, April 20, 2008

Born to be Wild

Only 40 days left, as of this posting, until the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers cooking at “The Yard” (Lohaus Field). Of course I assume nachos, popcorn, candy and drinks will be there also. Oh yea . . , and baseball too! Ah yes, the crack of the bat, that sweet sound that aluminum just can’t make. I can hardly wait to get out of the engine's cab and back under the grandstand for some baseball action.

On a more serious note, I’ve learned there’s an opening on the Railroaders 2008 roster for 2008. Not sure if manger Estes wants me or not, but I’ve hired an agent this year who’s working hard on trying to sign me with the club. So far, the owners haven’t returned his calls. Can’t say I blame them, my required signing bonus may just be too much for them. Also, from the looks of the current roster that Estes has put together, they may not need me, but I’ll be standing by just in case. I know Mom and Dad would love to see me play.

My parents were proud of the Railroaders and me last year. They have become big fans of the team. And send their best wishes along with a picture to help inspire the players to great victories in 2008. With some luck, and I mean a lot of it, maybe they’ll get paroled in time to attend one of the playoff games! In any case, I’m sure they will continue to support the team in any manner they can, they do have a few outside connections.