Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time to make our move!

Update Wednesday, June 25: We're doing it and the train is chugging at full throttle down the track and we’re now at the top of the hill. We’ve caught the Oilers and are staring at them face to face. One more game in the Yard with slippery Owensboro before we pack up and head to the birdcage up north and the Firebirds are looking to improve. No time to relax before the next task at hand. The Oilers were looking more determined than ever last night to stop us and I’m sure they are not giving up. They may be beat up and short handed but not out of it. There’s no letting up now. We each have our jobs to do and must do it well. The Railroaders Front Office even gave me the extra task of removing the flies from the concession stand area, and I intend to do my best. So every Player, Fan and Owner is now called upon to do their utmost in driving the train further down the track. Our scheduled pitcher for the this evening is Zach Buxman. The defense is tightening up and bats are alive. Let’s win this one for Coach Estes and take the 1st place spot in the standings.

We need to thank the Bobcats for coming from behind and taking the Pirates back half a notch. I was hoping the Cats wouldn’t hold back anymore and they scratched their way to an upset victory over the Bucs. Let’s work hard for position and take on all comers!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Called upon for a Super Effort

The Railroaders pulled out their last game at the Firebirds with a win, and at what price? These guys played a 15 inning game in Farmington that ended around 11:30 pm, then had to face a 3 1/3 hour trip back to Fulton. Now tonight their go to the dog pound and face the Greyhounds for 3 straight nights. It’s time to "Shazam" and transform our team into the super players I know they are.

We’re 3-1 on the road trip thus far with 3 more to go. We are only 3 games behind the Oilers, who face off with the 2nd place Pirates for 3 nights. The Pirates are just a half game ahead of us. Let’s get some wins over the Dogs and put some more distance between us, while the Oilers and Pirates fight it out for first and second place. We’ll be able to slide into home for the Monday’s home game series with the Oilers and whip up on them for 3 nights.

Let’s get the steam pressure up some more and fly to UC, the engine will take it. Look out Greyhounds, here we come!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Attacking the Pirates, Birds and Dogs this week

We didn’t loose any ground on Saturday except for the 2nd place Pirates who gained another game over us and are within a half of game of the leading Oilers. We are 3 games behind and alone in 3rd with the dogs and cats nipping at our heels, trailing a game. Tonight begins a 7 game road trip for the Railroaders, 2 with the Pirates, 2 with the Firebirds and 3 at the dog pound this coming weekend with the Greyhounds. 15 games have been completed and this important road trip will bring us near the mid season point. It is time we move on the pack and gain on the Pirates and Oilers.

The Railroaders are showing some fine defensive play and bats when we need them. A few errors have hurt us, but not gotten us down. There are some concerns though with some of the pitching. We have several pitchers who need to lower their ERA’s and get them to at least below 5. We are not going to move ahead without improving this area, at best we can only hold our ground if it doesn’t. The League ERA average is 3.75 and we’re at 4.01. The pressure on these guys is tremendous I know, but this is where we separate the men from the boys.

Let’s get this train rolling down the track and get some road wins this week! We’ve got the talent, it’s time to show and use it. This was a good overall home stand 3 of 5, but we have to do better on the road and I know it’s within every Railroader player to do so. Now go get’em.