Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 Roster Overview

Just over 2 weeks before the 2016 season begins and the Railroader Roster contains 27 players total. It appears Fulton has stacked the team for a home field advantage. The Yard’s short right field with Little Monster certainly gives left-handed hitters the best chance to pop one out. There are 14 total left-handed hitters on the roster with 11 of them that play fielding positions. Half the 14 are lefty pitchers. We will have to wait to see if more homeruns in the Yard are a result.

There are 14 pitchers total (7 right and 7 left) on the roster, with 6 of them capable of playing other positions. There are 4 dedicated catchers to firm up the battery.

Two players from last year’s team are returning, Colton Aldridge and Jacob Elliott. Additionally, 2015 player Lee Haeberle is returning to serve as a pitching coach and he is joined by a second new assistant coach, Luke Harris.

All around, the team for 2016 is looking pretty good. Our new Manger/Head Coach Jake Oester appears to have great crew to work with. It won’t be long now until the “crack of the bat” will be heard again at the Yard. First game is at home, Thursday, June 2 against a new Stallions team. See you at the Yard!