Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baseball Fever

Boy, oh boy, what a game last night. Boilerstoker and I could hardly contain ourselves under the Grandstand, but the owners insisted we behave ourselves. 9 hits, 9 runs, and only 1 man left on base, great run production and something we struggled a little with last year. Seven guys with hits, 2 each for Hunter Dawson (1 homerun) and Elliot Frey, and that grand slam from Kurt Dudley. What a way to start the season. Cory White was in form too, striking out 8 and allowing only 2 hits, and reliever Jimmy Ryan in 2 inning with 3 strikeouts and only 1 hit given up. I must say I like the number of left hander we have this year. The crowd was nice too and very supportive of the team. I have to say, Coach Estes has begun the season with great game. The Firebirds aren’t out of here yet though, and game 2 of the 3 series is tonight at the Yard again. I’m sure they’ll want to try and make up for the loss, but I’m sure our guys will keep the pace and win another.

Looks like the Greyhounds got pounded by the Pirates 11-4. Those Pirates can really be trouble when they come to town. The Oilers edged pass the Bobcats 4-3, and the Oilers head our way on Monday and Tuesday. The season has just begun and the fever is running high. And Boilerstoker, I’ll bring more bones for tonight.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tonight is the Night!

Well it's finally here, and tonight the Railroaders take on the Firebirds in the 2008 Kitty League season. I watched the players practice from far off yesterday and they are looooooking good! I also shaved my beard off and am getting ready for the Birds to fly into town. I hope my research on them will help me identify how to spot the tricking little devils. I even found a chapter in my new book that tells me how to quickly clean up any mess they might leave. I'm feeling good though about the Railroaders ability to handle any situation thrown their way. So, I'll be there tonight to watch, from under the Grandstand of course. See you tonight at the "Yard"!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's almost Here!

Well, there’s little waiting left to be done until the season begins at home against Farmington. Less than 48 hours. I was told the Firebirds flew in a scout to check out our 2008 Railroaders when they arrived Tuesday, but I haven’t seen the little bugger yet. I remember what they did to us in the second game of last year’s season opening series. The score was so bad my mind refuses to remember it, but I looked it up, 23-2. They sure messed all over the Yard and it took me all night after that game to clean it up. Well, we did end up taking the best of 3 games, losing only that one. If they try anything like that this time, I’m bringing my rock salt to put an end to it!

I’ve seen our players and they are a healthy looking bunch. There are a couple speeders, giants, and all touch looking too, like me . . can hardly wait to see them play. Too bad the Thursday exhibition game was called off, but these guys look like they’ll jell as a team quickly anyway, I know Coach Estes will have them ready. Well, the Birds will be a great way to kick it off, just hope I found that scout before he can report back to Farmington about what he’s seen.

Doesn't look like Marlene will get the batgirl job. She over 14 and refuses to get a nose job.

See you Friday night. Let’s play ball!