Saturday, July 14, 2007

50 percent

Ok well half of my prediction was true. We got by the Bucs,but the hounds took the brooms to the Bulls. Sikeston gave them a run but fell short in 10 innings. Now we travel to Bull territory for 2 games and they will be ready. We are 3-2 against the Bulls this year. We swept a dh from them earlier but got smashed the next day by a score of 10-0. Hopefully we will have that on our minds.Then we tread back to familiar surroundings. Yes U.C., A 3 game series with a home game sandwiched in between.Do you realize that in the next 9 days our guys play 10 games with 2 doubleheaders. Then the all-star game. How are the all-stars selected?,does anyone know. attendence is looking good.

Victory over the Pirates

I want to commend everyone for getting to their battle stations so quickly , and secondly for the performance of their duties. The Bucs did indeed storm Lohaus Field last night to only have their “secret weapon” blow up in their face. That, couple with Railroaders’ battle readiness, sent the Wogs home with their own black powder stains. A commendation for John Selb who spared the bullpen and took on the duty of bomb tossing to silenced Pirate cannons, allowing only a couple of small arms fire. Great defense with codo’s for the fielding efforts, loved them doubleplays and better yet the dagger throw by Trent Bierman made to take out that long legged speed demon! Good clubbing with the bats, had those Bucs down and crawling through out the battle. We’ll be planning some more for them in the near future with an assault on their home port, just to put them in their place. I’m sure the Wogs will still be squirming when we get there.

FOR NOW: The Hounds are still running just ahead of the train and about to get run over. The Roaders are headed to cattle land first for Saturday and Sunday games with the Bulls. And Bulls have just been beat up 3 times by the Hounds. If there’s anything left in them, they are sure to try and take it out on the Railroaders. Be careful up there, Guys. We need to use these games to prepare for next week and the Greyhounds. Go to it now, and do what has to be done.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh man. After we put up that big 7 spot on the pirates I knew we were gonna cruise to an easy victory. Not last night maybe they were upset about the night before. If I recall correctly, there were several "calls" that went against them. There was a call at 3rd base on a steal and the runner made it by 10 ft. but was called out. Several times their manager came out to argue something. Anyway they could have felt"train robbed".But my gosh to get outscored 15-1 in the next 7 innings. And to make matters worse U.C. won and is in first place. Maybe we needed to get smacked around a little bit, to wake up and realize the title ain't gonna be ours without a fight. Remember U.C. was denied the championship last year as well. I predict we jump back into 1st place tonight. Tonight I am the Bulls biggest fan. Then we can tame the Bulls tomorrow night.

Attention ALL Railroader Shellbacks!

ALL HANDS ON DECK! The General Alarm has been sounded and we need all RR Fans to man their battle stations at Lohaus Field tonight. We have one more home fight with the Pirates and need everyone in place to win this battle. As you can see I'm not looking my best, but I'll be there wounded and hurt, but able to support the effort. I except all of you to be there also!

Down, but not out . . .

Well the Bucs came ashore with knives in their teeth and clubs blazing when the Roaders fired a salvo in the 2nd inning and blasted 7 runs into the charging mob. After that, 3 Pirate runs got thru in the 3rd and we could only muster a popgun to add 1 more in the same inning. That was it! We ran out of ammo and the attack continued with Pirate after Pirate coming thru our defenses until a merciful 9th innings came behind 3 hours of fighting pitch to pitch. The Bucs did get their hands on me as soon as I arrived at the park, and beat me for the entire game. But I’m not finished yet and will be back with more bandages on Friday night for our third encounter. So standby, we’re going to counter attack!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

yes sireee

The gang is back in town and running over all the opposition. But you could tell that big Zakdaddy doesn't play the field much, bless his heart, he comitted 2 errors, although neither one hurt us. The train is a rollin and a rockin. I heard a train whistle about 20 minutes before the game started. It must have been hoghead getting off. I love how he makes his entrances. He is a loyal supporter. Well back at it tonight guys. Game 2 of 3,and a .5 game lead. U.C. is running all over the bulls and there is nothing Sikeston can do about it. They may squeak out a win but it will be tough. U.C. is hungry for 1st place. Yesterdays attendence was low but with good reason, The untimely passing of a young lady. May God bless her family. Tonight back to work. Until tomorrow RR fans.

To all Pirates wherever ye may be . . Warning!

It appears the Bucs slipped on their own greasy plank last night as they stormed off their ship into the port at Lohaus Field. After their only successful late battle 2 run canon shot, the Railroaders continued to pick off the Pirates one by one until none were left to depart their ship. Overall great game for the Railroaders! Although a couple of errors and 10 men were left on base, they shored up the damage and sustained their composure taking advantage of the mistakes committed by the Bucs. Exchanging blow for blow with 8 hits each, the difference was clutch heads-up and aggressive play. While the 3 runs in the 2nd were enough to win the game, the added runs only stamped the fact the Railroaders are playing great ball. They are facing each game individually and adjusting to the situation at hand. The Railroaders only loss the 3 of last 7 games by 4 runs total, always keeping the games close. I believe they are ready to jump on any adversary at any given time in a game, and are doing it more and more. Sure makes for some exciting baseball!

Well, the Pirates are setting up for another assault tonight on Lohaus Field and have vowed to take no prisoners, except me. I know they want me in their bullpen or maybe just to torture me. Little do they know I’ve been beat up before and laughed in the face of danger. No one can hurt me more than what I’ve already done to myself. I’m ready, the Railroaders are ready, and the Crew in the grandstand is ready, “Bring it on, Bucs!”

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Pirates are coming, the Pirates are coming!

I found a larger model of the crystal ball on eBay, and for a great price too. The picture is so much better and this one doesn’t need batteries, plugs right into the wall. As you can see the Pirates are headed our way and will be in town trying to pillage and plunder Lohaus Field on Wednesday through Friday nights this week. The Railroaders will need all hands on deck to battle the 3rd place Bucs, and that includes all our Fans as well. The players are coming home from a 3-3 road trip, with the 7th rained out. That’s two days off and the crew should be well rested for the home stand. The Pirates are 3-3 in their last 6 games also, losing twice to the Greyhounds who are nipping at our heals a half game behind us. Make no mistake, the Pirates are bloodthirsty too. Remember the last time they were here, we took 2 of 3 close games and the loss by 4 runs. They are 4 games behind us and intend to close that gap, I’m sure. And don’t forget they tried to take me prisoner last time, but I’m ready for them this time and well as the Railroaders are.

We have to play our best ball now through the rest of the season. There are 19 games left in the regular season, and the race is close. Now is the time to gain ground and finish first. The playoffs are ahead of us and we want to have a first seed position and host the games at home. All the Fans need to get out and support the team; they will play better if we do.

day off after going 3-3

The RR are back at it again tomorrow night. We will be playing the Tradewater Pirates. The RR are 4-1 against the bucs this year. Outscoring them 21-15 along the way. If you guys haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, now is the time. The RR are in first place by the slimmest of margins,and need to win 90% of their games in order to hold off a charging greyhound team. The dawgs ain't gonna roll over. Remember they finished in 2nd place last year too. They are going for 1st place this year just like we are. We need to take care of business against the Pirates and put them further in our rear view. I think the other teams are pretty much out of the race now. 3 teams is all it is about. Also remember just because you finish first doesn't mean that you are champions. We have playoffs this year. Now is the time to step it up, change gears, whatever we have to do to get er done. Your attendence is appreciated.

Monday, July 9, 2007

RR are in trouble?

Well we are still in first place,thanks to U.C. losing. We played a heck of a game,being held to only 1 run was tough. We held them to 2 runs but 2 runs should win a game with good pitching and defense. That is exactly what they got. That is what we got but it just wasn't enough, we needed a little offense too. That is what we didn't get. Well they say good pitching beats good hitting,and that is what happened. We need to get them tonight,We need to destroy them. We will worry about what U.C. is doing no more. This is a two team race. Last time I checked a locomotive could beat a greyhound.

Go Railroaders

Close but no cigar

The Railroaders weren't able to get the first win against the Oilers in a close and low scoring game, 2-1. Makes us 3-3 on the road trip with a final game tonight with the Oilers. Greyhounds split their double header with the Firebirds keeping them just a 1/2 game behind us. The Pirates won both their doubleheader games over the Bulls. One more game in Owensboro tonight, let get the win guys. We face the Priates at home in Lohaus Field on Wednesday, the first of 3 night of baseball against them. The Pirates have moved into 3rd place now, 4 games behind us. We'll need top play now to keep the race going our way. See you at the park!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back on top with a game lead

Looks like we’ve got the engine finally up to speed and gaining momentum heading for Owensboro. I was concerned we had a small steam leak until the sixth inning last night when the guys really got into sync. Our 12 hits included 5 doubles, 2 each from Cory Hoskins (3 for 5, with 2 scores) and Allen Bolden (2 for 4 with 1 score and 2 RBIs), and the 5th from Tyler Owen (3 for 5 with 1 score and 1 RBI). Shy and Craycraft also picked up an RBI each. The bats were hot and when we needed them. The Firebirds just didn't want to let go, but couldn't keep pace.

What a job Michael Lucas did pitching the complete game, I’m sure the bullpen appreciated the break after the workout they got the night before. He only got one strikeout, but how appropriate it came as the last out for the game. Michael was backed up with some pretty darn good defense too. Although we did get pegged for 2 errors, they did turn 2 double plays and the errors didn’t stop the train from powering pass and maintaining the lead.

We're 3 for 5 in the current road trip with 2 to go. Now on to Owensboro and the Oilers. The boys are back home Wednesday night to face the Pirates for three games straight. I’m looking forward to that!

1st place again

Ok before anything is said about the wizard. Yeah I know he comitted 2 errors,so he is having a bad run of luck. Maybe I jinxed him. We are in 1st place once again thanx to the U.C. loss to Tradewater. Man it feels good. Maybe now we can stay there. We travel to Owensboro tomorrow and Monday and should pick up 2 wins. We are 4-1 against them this year, 3-0 at Owensboro. Looks like Zakdaddy pulled through again, and Allen Bolden came through with a couple RBIs. T.O had another big game and so did Corey Hodskins. Wow another complete game from our starting pitcher. I bet we have more complete games than any other team. Someone check that for me. Until Tomorrow night RR fans.