Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blown me down!

Hey guys! It’s time to put on the correct garb and sink the pirates. I can plainly see the Bucs dancing on their poop deck celebrating their victory last night. But it was only one battle of many to come this season. Now that we know their tactics, we can bring out the big guns and send these guys to Davy Jones locker. Only two more nights to blunder the Pirates port before coming home to face the Greyhounds. Let’s take this next 2 games, get back on the tracks and head for the Yard.

Proud to see 2006 Railroader Josh Hester drafted by the Cardinals and 2008 Railroader Cory White being picked up by the Cleveland Indians. Just goes to show you the talent we have and the ability of our coaches to pick’em right. I’m wondering now, will Cory be able to play with us. Anyone have insight on that situation?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back a Rollin

After dropping 2 games looks like our boyz are back on track, a rollin 13 to 5 victory over those Bobcats, I bet we had the bats fired up and the our defense holding firm. Hope the crystal ball looks good for tonight as we roll this train over to tradewater. Those scallywags are hot this season, Roll on boys and sink their ship tonight!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jim Cawley is called home

Local sports broadcaster Jim Cawley died this morning in his home. He was 55 and fought brain cancer for 20 months, the same type as Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with. Many a fan have listen to Jim over the years, and we've learned much about sports both on and off the field of play. This post is for Jim, "I salute you!" - and for the fans who knew or listened to Jim and want to make comments.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How sweet the sound

As I sit listening to my classical music this morning, I reflected on how the music and the Railroaders are making me feel so pleasant. With a 4 and 0 start on the season, it’s like a sweet melody in my ears. The Railroaders are rock’in & roll’in down the tracks and playing some great baseball. I did get a bit tense in the top of the 9th last night when the Oilers scored 2 and pulled within 1 of us, but that last strikeout by Kyle Barnett was oh so sweet. Reminded me of Varnum last year, our closer who always seemed to give the fan a panic attack before pulling out the win. Hope it doesn’t happen too often, though, my heart can’t take it.

We often talk and write about offensive and pitching, but I’d like to write a couple of lines about our fielding. The guys are a wonder to watch. The outfield is outstanding! Elliot Frey in center and Kurt Dudley in left, are just awesome with their range and speed. These guys have taken several potential hits away. And Cory Hodskins, no less, has mastered that tricky right field. Our infield is just as good, too. I haven’t seen a bad throw to first yet. Our only fielding errors, 3, occurred in the 2nd game, the other 3 were error free. BTW, the Greyhounds have committed 16 errors in their first 4 games! So Hunter, Clay, Louie, and Stuart my hat’s off to you. Keep up the good work. And oh yea, the catcher. Eric, nice gun down to 2nd in the 6th.

Every aspect of the team is looking good. Coach Estes has gone a superb job putting the team together. Think I’ll fire my manager, he’ll never be able to get a spot on the roster now. Until then, I always have my music and room under the grandstand.

Tonight’s the last game of this home stand. I know Oilers want that loss back and will be ready to take us on. Let’s keep the pressure up, boys. Keep this train going and the music playing!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Past, Present, and Future look'in Good!

Thought I’d break out the ole’ crystal ball and maybe take a peek at the 2008 Railroader future. If you remember from last year, this little jewel I found at a yard sale was pretty darn good at show possible rough spots in the track ahead.

The guys have look pretty good through the first 3 games, all against the Birds who seemed to get their act together somewhat at the end. Good for them, and I wish them the best as they take off for the dog bound to face the Hounds, show ‘em you’ve found your rhythm, boys! But getting back to our Railroaders, I was impressed with their cool when falling behind for the first time in the season. They showed poise and confidence and backed it up with positive results from solid ball playing. You’ve overcome a couple of miscues and carried on in fine fashion.

Now the next test, the Oilers. Two years ago no team in the league could catch them in the pennant race all seaon. Last year they were a solid 3rd in the league finishing 6 behind us. This year they have taken 2 of 3 against the newly formed Bobcats. Looking at the stats and my crystal ball, I see a better Oilers team than last year and a managing team looking for move ahead of us to lead the pack. We have a 1 game lead now over them and the Pirates. Time to fire it Up! Let’s take these next 2 home games and then hit the tracks for Marion.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Weather is just fine!

For the game tonight, the weather is looking pretty good. There’s a 30% chance of showers today and 20% tonight. Our Hoghead Radar shot shows a few scattered rain clouds, but nothing that’ll keep the Railroaders from completing the 3 game opening series with the Firebirds.

Speaking of the Railroaders . . . Last Saturday night’s game was another solid performance by the team. There guys are showing some really good stuff. And Coach Estes, I like the aggressive play on offensive! If these guys continue to play like this, the Railroaders are going to be hard to stop. But let us not get too cocky.., the Birds are starting to show little life and will only get better as time goes on. One more game with them and then the Oilers slide into town for 2 games. Owensboro has also won both their opening games and currently tied with us for the early lead in the League. We should keep in mind that the we are becoming a target for any team who comes to the Yard to play.

You guys just continue to work together as you’ve shown and we’re headed for another pennant. The Greyhound Scout that graced our field last night will surely go and let the Dogs what he saw. Scared him so much, he had to be carried off the field (shouldn’t have been out there in the first place).

Go get’em Railroaders!