Saturday, June 30, 2018

Time to Reinvent Yourself

Trying times are not the time to stop trying. We may be down but the only way to go is up. There are signs of sparks in our team and a little enthusiasm can spread quickly. Now is the time to fan passion and move forward, not time to wallow in disappointment.

Tonight the Miners return to Fulton for their fourth time against the Railroaders. The Miners have beaten us twice; we can even the score today. It will be hot both on and off the field. With the All Star break tomorrow, it is a good time to end our losing streak.

Let us not forget that the post-season playoffs lie ahead. A strong finish on the regular season will help propel us into the playoffs, where every team has a chance for a title. See you tonight at the Yard!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

RiverDawgs again tonight at the Yard.

The 14-7 Owensboro RiverDawgs meet up the Railroaders today. The Dawgs are on top in the East and the OVL with their winning record. The Railroaders have battled Owensboro 3 time so far this season. The Railroaders won 1 of the 3, that game victory was in Fulton too. We could sure use a another triumph against them and break our 7 game losing streak.

Hopefully the weather and field will cooperate as the Railroaders try to get the train back on the track. It’s been a tough first half of the season, but not all is lost. After tonight, 21 more games to play and a lot can happen before the playoffs begin. First, we need a Win! See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bombers return to the Yard

The Bombers land into the Yard today for their second season meeting with the Railroaders. The first game, last Wednesday, they attacked Fulton with 18 hits that produced a defeat for the Railroaders who mustered a 5 run score. We need to be ready to shoot them down before they drop their bombs.

The Railroaders could use a win now having lost their last 5 games. The issue doesn’t seem to be at the plate. In those 5 games, the Railroaders have had 43 hits (8.6 game avg) yielding at total of 29 runs (5.6 avg). These are numbers good enough to win.

On the flip slide, it’s another story. In our 5 losses we have allowed 65 hits (13 per game) and given up 55 runs (11 per game). 10 total errors didn’t help either. No doubt these numbers will have to change if we are to move up in the standings. I hate to say it, but a team pitching average of 8.283 ERA isn’t going to hack it.

We are at home tonight though, and with a 5-3 home record in our favor. It would nice to get a victory before a Monday day off. We need Fan support for sure. See you at Yard or on Teamline.