Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stallions Tonight at the Yard

Although the early rain came down and a bit of mist is hanging around, the field has been covered. Weather radar show clearing is occurring and all should be well for the Railroaders game tonight at the Yard.

The 5-11 Stallions take on the 6-10 Railroaders tonight at the Yard. Both teams have lost their last 3 games, so someone will break that streak today. Both teams are currently in last place in their respective divisions. The two teams have only met once this season thus far with the Railroaders winning big with a 10-3 score. 

I expect a great game tonight. The Railroaders have played well but have not been able to maintain a lead through the entire game. I believe that will change tonight.

Fulton is 4 games in back of the West leading Hoppers, 3 games behind the Miners and only a game below the Chiefs. Still plenty of baseball left and things can change quickly. Come on out to the Yard tonight and help the Railroaders get started on a comeback on the first day of summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bombers on radar heading to Fulton

The East Division Bombers are flying west to battle the Railroaders in the Yard tonight. Even with Fulton dropping a doubleheader in Henderson last night, the West Division remains fairly tight with only 3 games separating all four teams. The Railroaders are 5-2 at home, so we’ll need all the Fans out tonight to help the guys get a victory.

Road games have not been kind to the Railroaders so for this season, a 1-7 away record won’t get the job done. The mid-season point is fast approaching and now its time to make a move. Tomorrow the Stallions will ride into Fulton, a good chance for the Railroaders to get a couple of wins.

See you at the Yard!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Doubleheader against the Miners

After two rainouts and a road loss in Hoptown, the Railroaders return Home for some hot and heavy baseball tonight. While we are having issues getting our first road win, the Railroaders 4-1 record at Home indicates to me that our Fans seem to make a big difference in the getting the victories. Tonight we need that support more than ever. We play a showdown Doubleheader with the Miners, which are ahead of us by a half game in 3rd place. A sweep tonight will go a long way to improve our season outlook. First game start is 5 PM. Let’s make is a good night at Yard, see you there!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Miners tonight at the Yard

After a great come back win on Monday and rained out road game Tuesday, the Railroaders (4-5) return home tonight to take on the 5-5 Madisonville Miners for the first time this season. A win tonight will move Fulton up and out of the basement in West Division and push the Miners down. All but two of our players are now on board and its time to get this train moving. The guys are looking great and the team has really come together.

The Miners have overcome 4 straight losses to open season by winning 5 or their last 6 games. They appear to be on a roll and will be tough to beat. However, our Railroaders have improved from our slow start. Team batting average is at .246, OBP is .379, slugging average is .406 and OPS (slugging + OBP) is .785. These stats top the Miners who have a team AVG of .234, OBP at .347, SLG at .325, and an OPS of .672. It should be a good game at the plate tonight.

A quick look at pitching stats gives the Miners the edge. Madisonville’s team ERA is 4.447 while the Railroaders have a 7.419 team ERA. The Railroaders will need to play well in the field to overcome the errors committed in the 9 games played, 22 total. The Miners have had 18 in their 10 games completed. Both teams play well together and I expect the same tonight.

Hopefully the weather hold and field will be ready. Hope to see you at the Yard or online with TeamLine. Follow the game also on GameChanger. Go Railroaders!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Down in the Basement

After to loss of two road games, our Railroaders have returned home to take on the Chiefs tonight at the Yard. With a 3-5 record we also find ourselves in the basement of the West Division, a half game behind the 3rd place Miners (4-5) who won their game last night. While we’re down here, maybe we should check the wiring and see if everything is connected properly.

The Railroaders and Chiefs have met twice with the Chiefs victorious both times. Those games were in Paducah; tonight they meet in our place. We need the win! No bones about it. The first quarter of the season is fast approaching and we are 4.5 games behind the red hot 8-1 Hoppers. The second place Chiefs are 2 games back in the west and 2.5 games ahead of the Railroaders.

Its time for the Railroader to put together a strings of victories. Doing so well help us climb out the cellar. A successful time tonight at the Yard will begin a comeback process. The Fans can help, let’s get on with it.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stallions Up Next

Big win last night as the Railroaders handed the RiverDawgs their first loss of the season. Tonight we hop on the Stallions for another ride. A victory against Muhlenberg would even Fulton’s record to 3 wins and losses, a record currently held by the Stallions.

The Stallions are averaging about 7 runs a game through six games, as do the Railroaders through 5 games. In a total 278 plate appearances, the Stallions have struck out 69 times, walked 58 times, produced 41 hits with 39 RBI. Their team batting average is .203.

The Railroaders on the other hand, through 5 games, have gone to the plate 182 times with 31 strikeouts, 30 walks, 31 hits and a to total of 29 RBI. Team average is .219. A fairly close match with the Stallions except they strikeout and walk more often on average.

Pitching for the Stallions is somewhat better than the Railroaders. At a team 5.24 ERA, the Stallions are under the Railroaders 8.33 ERA. They’ve given up less hits total at 43 in six games and the Railroader have handed out 50 in only 5 games. Mulhenberg has walked by batter with 53 total, while Fulton given up 35 total in one less game played. However, the Stallion do strikeout more with 58 total with the Railroaders striking out 36 total.

A quick note on errors, Fulton has 15 through 5 games and Mulhenberg also has 15 through 6 games.

The Railroaders need to be on their game again tonight, as well as the Fans. Important game to win before going on the road for three straight days, to Hoptown, Henderson and Owensboro.

See you at the Yard or on TeamLine, 7:05 PM first pitch.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tough game tonight with the RiverDawgs

The undefeated Owensboro RiverDawgs appear to play small and have achieved success in doing so. In their 5 wins they have total 32 runs on 35 hits, which only include 3 doubles and one homerun. They have 7 stolen bases. Their pitching is serving them well too. 13 runs and 33 hits over 5 games. Struck out 41 of 178 batters faced.

Our Railroaders on the other hand in 4 games have produced 23 hits (includes 4 doubles and 2 homers) and collected 24 runs. Stolen bases total 5. Those numbers seem to match up perfectly at the plate with the RiverDawgs. Both teams average about 6 runs and 6 hits a game, and a faction over one stolen base.

So what gives with our Railroaders (other than the normal slow start we’ve experienced over the years)? Well pitching seems to be an issue early on. There have 44 hits allowed and 47 runs scored against us. That’s average of 11 hits per game, and almost 12 runs average given up. A total of 27 batters walked (average 6.75) and with a team ERA of 9.871 .

A few issues in the field as well, We had 13 total (3.25 per game) errors. Mix that with the mound results and you have a 1-3 start.

Tonight’s game will be chance to begin a turnaround. A defeat of the leading OVL team should boost the morale both on and off the field. Tomorrow the Stallions come to town. Let’s win the next two and even our season.

See you at the Yard or online TeamLine. Josh will be a little late getting on air, but I'll hold down the press box until he gets there.