Friday, July 18, 2014

More Hoppers happening tonight

Four games left!  Two games each with the Hoppers and Miners, starting tonight at the Yard with Hoptown returning again for the Railroaders to try and beat the bunnies down a little.  Eight times the Railroaders have had to mix it up with Hoptown, and only once has Fulton controlled them enough to get a win.  The Hoppers are 1 ½ games in front of the Railroaders and in the second seed spot.  We must face off with them tonight and Sunday to complete the season series.  Besides Fulton, Hoptown has one other game to play against the fourth place Bombers who have their own desires of over taking the Railroaders only 2 games ahead them.

The solution and plan is simple; finish out the final four games with victories and the Railroaders take the second seed in the standings regardless the outcome between the Bombers and Hoppers.  That means Fulton must take out the Hoppers tonight and Sunday at home, then beat the Miners on Monday in Fulton and in Madisonville on Tuesday.

Tall order?  I don’t think so.  If the Railroaders can get and maintain focus on the game, Fulton has a great chance to advance into second place to finish the regular season.  We’ll need all hands out to the Yard tonight, Sunday and Monday to help get it done.  Let’s get the boiler pressure up even higher and get it done!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meeting with the Miners

After last night’s loss to the Hoppers, the Railroader move on to face off with the Miners tonight at the Yard.  The Railroaders remain in third place and still a game and a half ahead of the Bombers who fell to the Oilers on Wednesday.  Fulton’s slim chance at first place is gone now, but second seed is not out of the question.  The Oilers and Hoppers play a twin bill tonight as the Railroaders try to get back on the winning track against the Miners.

I’m now considering a new career as an umpire.  I know I couldn’t do worse than what we saw last night at the Yard.  I’ve seen strange games and poor calls before, but never one where a runner was clearly tagged out in a run down between third and home that was missed by 2 officials on the field.  The same umpire who couldn’t wait out a rain delay in an earlier game because he had to work the next morning.  My understanding is Fulton couldn’t secure any other umpires for the game and had to use these blind mice.  Should the situation occur again I hope my training has me ready to take over, although I'm not sure I could take the abuse.

Oh well, on to the next game tonight.  The Railroaders have 5 games left, 3 with the Miners and 2 more with the Hoppers.  Let us finish the season with WINS, and hope for a little help from the Oilers and Bombers to also take down the Hoppers a little.  The Railroaders are now 3 games behind Hoptown with Friday and Sunday games against them that we should take.  First the Miners who have failed to beat the Railroaders this season.  Let’s keep that way! 

Fire up the engine and let’s get going!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Climbing up in the Standings

Good win last night against the Bombers, now on to the Hoppers tonight.  The Railroaders have six games remaining in the regular season, three each with the Hoppers and Miners.  Every game left except next Tuesday will be played in the Yard at home.  Tomorrow it’s the Miners, Friday and Sunday the Hoppers will return (Saturday is off).  Final Home game is Monday with the Miners.

Fulton’s record with Hoptown this year is a miserable 1-6 head-to-head.  The Hoppers are in second in the standings, two games in front of the Railroaders.  Now is the time for the Railroaders to get their wins and move up the latter.  After beginning the season with 11 straight wins, the Hoppers record of 9-14 only show they are only human like the rest of us.  Their three remaining games with the Railroaders are at the Yard, an advantage the Railroaders must use in every game. 

The Railroaders looked sharp last night and appear focused on game.  They have won 8 of their last 9 games and playing well together.  Fulton can look forward to a strong finish on the regular season, and the Railroaders should have a full head of steam for the Post Season Playoffs next week.  Tomorrow the Miners, but that’s for another day.

See you tonight at the Yard on online with TeamLine.  Fire it up! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Battle with Bombers tonight

The final season series game between the Railroaders and Bombers occurs tonight at the Yard.  Both teams have met 9 times over the last month and a half with the Bombers taking 5 wins to the Railroaders 4 victories.  Fulton has a chance to even the series just as they have with the Oilers.

Another big point for tonight lies in the standings.  The Railroaders and Bombers are neck-to-neck in third and fourth place with only a half game separation.  With only 7 games left, Fulton needs every win to move ahead towards overtaking the second place Hoppers.  There also remains an outside chance to catch the Oilers, but it would require a collapse by Owensboro who has only 5 games remaining to play.

There will be plenty of homes game for the Railroaders over the next week.  Tonight through Friday, Saturday off, Sunday and Monday at home, then closing on the road next Tuesday.  The only teams left for the Railroaders (after Bombers tonight) will be the Hoppers for 3 games (Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday) and the Miners (Thursday, Monday & away on Tuesday). 

It all starts tonight at the Yard, and it will be a big night for Fans as well.  Parkway Regional Hospital will be hosting a silent action for the benefit of Relay for Life and cancer research.  The Railroaders will be wearing special jerseys with their number.  These jerseys will be auctioned during the game along with signed baseballs and pink bats.  Fans at home listening to TeamLine will be able to call in their bids.  Phone numbers will be given out over the webcast and posted online.

Don’t miss the excitement of Railroaders baseball as the final week of the 2014 regular season begins.  Post Season Player series are currently scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 23 next week.  See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.