Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bombers in town for a Doubleheader

Which engine will it take to get us wins?
The DC Bombers are flying high and landing in Fulton today after a comeback win over the Hoppers last night in extra innings.  Are the Railroaders ready for a doubleheader with the squadron from Dubois County?  Are there enough good parts to put the train to back together?   We’ll see this afternoon at 5 pm when the first of two 7 innings games begin.

On the year so far the Bombers have a 5-1 record on the Railroaders and seem to own Fulton.  The Railroaders need to build up a big head of stream and get going down the tracks to beat the Bombers.  There are 15 games left to finish the season and fifth place is not where we want to be.  As an anonymous comment on yesterday’s blog entry states, “these guys need some Soul and not some Sooo.” 

The Railroader Spirit is not dead, but sure seems asleep at the moment.  Well it’s time to wake and play ball.  I know our boys are better than their record.  Let’s turn it around and finish off the season in a strong fashion.  Fire it up and I’ll see you at the Yard or online TeamLine tonight!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Looking for a Revolutionary turnaround

The first place Oilers will counter attack the Yard tonight after beating back the Railroaders last night in Owensboro.  On a 5 games winning streak, the Oilers have bolted past the Hoppers and threaten to drive the Railroaders even further down in the standings.  With only 16 games left in the regular season, the Railroaders can ill afford another battle loss. 

The fireworks will be out tonight after the game, but we need some fireworks of our own in field of play.  There are 11 home games (on 10 days) left over the next 18 days, and it’s time now to get some more in the win column.  We’re looking for some Railroaders action both in the field and the stands.

The weather will be great tonight and tomorrow when the Bombers come for a doubleheader.  If you’re in the area, come on out to the game.  If not, turn-in to Railroaders TeamLine for all the action.  The game tonight starts at 6 pm and the doubleheader tomorrow begins at 5 pm. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“Game On” for tonight with the Miners

After another rainout last night it makes you wonder if someone isn’t performing a rain dance to put a damper on the Railroaders season.  But the forecast for the next week is looking better, and there are plenty of home field games left for the Railroaders to play.  I’ve been out to Yard already today and it’s looking good and ready for play. 

The Hoppers will have to wait for now, and tonight’s contest is with the improving Miners.  Madisonville has struggled more than any other team to start off the season.  However many of their losses have been close games and lost in the final innings.  That has changed over the last few of games and they are coming into Fulton after taking out the Hoppers in their last meeting.

The fourth place Railroaders will have to, and need to, be ready for the Miners.  It’s time for the Railroaders to get serious about playing baseball if they want a chance to improve on the season.  The Railroaders have lost four straight now and can ill afford to make it five.

For the rest of this week, the Railroaders are at home tonight, and on both Friday vs Oilers and Saturday in a doubleheader with the Bombers.  Tomorrow, Thursday, they are on road at Owensboro.  Next week there are just two home games scheduled on Tuesday and Saturday.  The final week of the regular season will see the Railroaders at home for 6 of 7 nights to close out before the post-season playoffs begin. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Head Start Hoppers at the Yard tonight

After starting the season with 11 straight wins, the Hoptown Hoppers (17-7) have dropped 7 of their last 13 games and may be showing signs of faltering in the second half.  The Oilers (17-7) have persisted and have tied up the top position in the standings (technically in first place leading over the Hoppers beating them 3 of 5 games head to head so far).  Interesting to note that the last place Miners (5-19) also handed Hoptown 3 losses, and the Bombers (11-13) account for the seventh Hoppers defeat.

The Railroaders (9-13) have yet to taste victory over the Hoppers in 5 games, and tonight would be a good time to get a win.  With 18 games left in the regular season, it is imperative for the Railroaders to get the engine fixed and break this 4 game losing streak.  We need a complete team effort, that’s Players and Fans!  I believe the Fans are ready and I know the Players have the heart for it too.  Let’s focus on one game at a time. 

There’s still time to turn this season around.  It’s the first of July, and in the next 20 days the Railroaders have 11 games to play at Home in 10 ten days.  It’s going to busy at the Yard beginning tonight.  Let’s fire it up and get our first win over the Hoppers!