Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a Survivor Too!

Not only did I get rejected form Survivor before filming began, they dropped me off on another island and left me there to rot.  Fortunately due to my superior intellect and physical shape, I was able to swim my way back to civilization.  It only took 9 months and I’m now back with 2 weeks to spare before the 2012 Railroader season begins.

I see there is some changes in the OVL with a new team added, the Hoptown Hoppers?  Now that’s a novel name and I like it!   Also I see the Tradewater Pirates have moved their base of operations to Madisonville.  I suppose the damage to last year’s hideout was too much to repair.  Both the Bobcats and Oilers remain, and I’m sure they have big plans for 2012 as well.

Then we have our Railroaders, look’in good and getting ready to roll.  The new manager Albert Destrade, a true Survivor, is leading a core of 6 veteran Railroaders from 2011 along with a couple of former Bobcats and one hometown player.  There is a good-looking group of newbies also.  The roster looks to be shaping up for another great season of baseball in 2012 at the “Yard!”

Opening night is Friday night, June 1, at the Yard as the Hoppers come to town and make their OVL debut.  Should be an interesting game to start the season.  And on Saturday, June 2, the Railroaders remain at home and host last years season champion Oilers.  The Railroaders ended last year’s post season playoffs defeating the Oilers twice in a doubleheader at Owensboro to win the playoff title.  I’m sure the Oilers didn’t like that and will be reminded that this is their chance to get a little payback. 

Yes, it’s about that time of the year again and I can hardly wait for the sights and sounds at the Yard.  And I certainly don’t want to forget the great smelling chow and leftovers.  After eating rare fish for 9 months, a Railroader Dog and Nachos are looking pretty good!