Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looking Good . . .

I've got all my yard work done, fixed the car, and found my Goodyear sunglasses. I'm ready for Sunday's game! Looking over the season at this point, I find it interesting our record is better on the road than at home. We're 6-3 away and 5-4 at home. Now that's not much of a different I know, but it does say the Railroaders play as well in the role of the visiting team as they do at home. Very positive, I think.

Does anyone know who is scheduled to pitch on Sunday? Not that it really matters, my confidence in our battery is much stronger now and they have proved themselves. What can I say . . . the whole team appears to be in sync. We're ready for the Hounds!

I also join the others here with thoughts and prayers for Brian and his family during this difficult time. May God be with you.

How sweep it is

Oh yeah just when we need some big wins we are getting them. The RR pulled out a 3 game sweep of the Oilers last night. That means the rest of the league had better watch out. We are hot. Can you feel the heat? I have a feeling we will all feel it Sunday,probably mid 90s. Oh yeah the dawgs are coming to town also. They are probably feeling a little "beaten" right now. They are on a streak, a losing streak. Man I love baseball season.

Friday, June 22, 2007

4 Straight Wins on the Road, 4 of 5 for the trip

If all this winning by the Railroaders continues, I may have to get a facelift to help my smile. I knew a 4 of 5 successful road trip was possible and the guys have proven me correct. We’re rollin’ now for sure. The next big test will come on Sunday when we face our nemesis Greyhounds at Lohaus Field. The Hounds have lost 3 straight now after losing tonight to the last place Firebirds. Whether they lose or win tomorrow against the Firebirds, you can bet they’ll be pumped up for play us on Sunday. We should be careful and not get big heads (except me, I can’t help it). Four straight wins now, and on the road. I'd say that's pretty darn good baseball playin'. Great job guys. Now let's bring some of that home with you for the fans. And Fans, let all get out to the park on Sunday and help these guys get a win over the dogs.

oh my we did it. twice....

well well well what can I say. I am a loyal RR supporter but they surprised even me last night, with a double header sweep of last years champs in O town. A solid performance in game 1 and a come from behind victory in game 2. We can actually break out the brooms tonight and hopefully cruise to a series sweep. Our next game off is Saturday and hopefully we can continue to dominate the league when we host UC. I will be there, hopefully see hoghead and all the other RR supporters. Spread the word people. Fulton has a 1st place team and we should be proud. Invite all your friends and family.

Finally I would like to send all my prayers and thoughts out to Brian Hicks and his family.

Back on the Track (appended)

Very nice to see strong pitching and coming from behind to win. We are now at 3-1 on the road trip with 1 game to go on Saturday. Keep it up, guys! We've got a lead and let's stay there! I'm looking forward to Sunday's game against Union City, who by the way lost 8-1 Thursday night, beaten by Farmington (the last place team).

I stand corrected, game 3 with the Oilers is today, Friday. Good, now we can finish off the road trip while we're still steaming down the track fast and furious. Plus, with the "hex" broken (we won game 1 last night after a day off) the guys can reflect properly on Saturday the issue of pinning up the Hounds on Sunday. With a win tonight, Tradewater beating Sikeston, and a Union City loss, We'll come home with a half game first place lead in the standings. Let's keep it going, I can see it clearly!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

News of Concern

We have been informed manager Brian Hicks received a call from his mother that his father had been in an automobile accident this morning. Brian and his wife, Emily, are in the process of going to Houston, Mississippi. At this point we don't know any other details or how long Brian will be away. With Brian going to Mississippi, the injuries must not be minor. Be sure to keep Brian's family in your thoughts and prayers.

David Estes will be in charge of the team until Brian returns.

double header

well tonight is a doubleheader against last years kit league champions the Owensboro Oilers.We are 0-4 coming off of a day off. Like I said before what is going on during our days off? Well no better time than the present to turn it around. Might as well start with the defending champs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

another day off

Oh no we are off today play 2 games tomorrow and off on Friday. Please let us try to change and win some for the fans after a day off.Come back to Fulton with a 4 game winning streak. I am sure hogheads crystal ball is probably smokin right now.

One & One thus far with Three to go

Back where we started on the road trip, tied for first position with 4 other teams in the league. Batteries seem to be holding up well in the crystal ball, and I do believe I see our team coming together. The players do have today off and I know Rattle is concerned about their play after such an event. But consider this . . . it’s the Oilers the Railroaders play tomorrow in a doubleheader in Owensboro, and I recall last year we went there and swept a 3 game series with them. The 2006 Oilers were the best in the league, and we were the only team having a better season record against them. I know don’t think the 2007 Oilers are the same caliber as last year. I know they have an entirely new set of players (their coach said so when they played us here the first week). If we can get good pitching and the bats of late, we’ll do just fine. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Come on guys, one for two with three go. Get us 3 more road wins and come home 11-7. The Hounds will be waiting too….

beat the oilers

Well we accomplished what I thought we would. We defeated the Firebirds. They deserve a better record than what they have because they have beaten us twice.If I remember correctly it was by a score of 23-2. Wow I hate bringing up the past but the truth hurts.I believe that was a record for most runs scored in the Kit League. Oh well back to tomorrows action. We are playing the Owensboro Oilers tomorrow night in Owensboro.We have only played them twice thus far, but they are last years champs.We gotta go to the big O and show them that we want what they've got. The championship. We must play better, we must pitch better. We can't leave a whole season worth of guys on base. Guys lets go kick some Owensboro booty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Try, try again

I guess Rattler is a little upset, huh... Well I got me some new batteries for my crystal ball and things are starting to appear. I see a very well played game today and several nice hits by the Railroaders. But it won't give me the game score....keeps showing a message to "reset". I guess that's what the players need to do. I said in an earlier posting that they should come back winning 4 0f 5 on this road trip. So...let's get going Railroaders.

BTW, the webmaster for the Railroader's site contacted me to say he'll be out of town tonight. So, when and if anyone get's the score, please post it here under comments so everyone will know it as soon as possible. Thanks.


I told you so

I told you that when we had a day off what usually happens. I didnt even have to look on the website. I guess our boys just had a "hangover" from the previous day. It is obvious that we had a great game, leading 2-0 in the bottom of the 8th. I know what it was. We thought it was gonna be another rainout. That is why we didnt recover from giving up 3 runs. I predict tonight we torch the firebirds,if we dont we may wind up being closer to the cellar in the standings. We dont want to go there.Cmon boys lets bust some heads out there tonight.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lazy day off

I hope the railroaders enjoy their day off. But not too much, because the last couple times they have followed a day off with a loss. I dont know if they are out partying allnight or what but they sure dont have much in them. Guys if you are reading this,please chill with the late night antics and lets bring a championship to all of your fans.

Railroaders and the Future

I picked up a crystal ball at a yard sale this weekend. The guy said it would help me predict the future for the Railroaders. But I can’t get the darn thing to work, maybe it needs new batteries. As for as the Railroaders are concerned, seeing the team’s intensity of play against the Greyhounds on Saturday, I see a healthy trend towards better play in the future. The upcoming road games will really build their character as a club. They’ll be in hostile territory for 5 games before returning home. Zero mistakes should be the goal, and when they do come, just shake it off and do better. I do want to note a couple of items:

1) The Fans at last Saturday’s game were very supportive and it translated into the dugout. Both dugouts for that matter, the dogs were a little surprised, believe me.*
2) The players should never let down their guard in the game. Do that with the quality display Saturday, the pennant is ours.

The players need to realize the fans are behind them and take that pride with them, then these upcoming road games will be fun to win. With a 5-way tie for first in the league, it’s like a new season. There are 37 (corrected) more games left. It’s time to pick up the game and return home with at least 4 wins. We need to face the Greyhounds next Sunday at home with grim determination and overcome this “myth” of Union City dominating us.

Meanwhile . . , I’ll see if I can figure out where the batteries go in this thing, so we can get a more clear picture of what is in store. I would welcome you're "insights" on the subject, especially if you have magic mirror of something.


*footnote: One of dog’s late game strikeout victims, threw his bat so hard into the dugout I thought the back wall fell out. Ground crews should check on that, please.