Friday, June 12, 2009

Railroader Tim Dunn taken by Reds.

The 2009 Railroaders congratulate their current team member Tim Dunn for his selection in the MLB draft. The Cincinnati Reds picked the right-hander Dunn, the TranSouth Player of the Year, in the 46th round. Dunn was 12-0 with a 1.81 earned run average and earned NAIA All-America honors as a Trevecca Nazarene junior this spring. Tim’s current record with the 2009 Railroaders is 2-1 with a win against the Sikeston Bulls on Thursday, the day of his MLB selection. Fulton and the Railroader Fans express their utmost best for Tim and his accomplishments

Time to Burn some Oil

What a game it was last! I was proud to see so many Railroader Fans stick around after the rain delay to watch the guys come back and win over the Bulls. Despite falling behind again early in game, the Railroaders kept after them and it paid off with a big 8th inning scoring spree. Don’t ever give up, that’s what I like about baseball.

I got up early this morning and headed to the oil field to check out Owensboro for the game tonight. The Oilers come into town with a 6-5 record, just a half game lead ahead of us in 2nd place. We’ve got 3 games with them this weekend, one in Fulton tonight and 2 in Owensboro Saturday and Sunday. The Oilers have won 1 game in their last 5 games, losing 2 straight to the Bulls and Pirates before beating the Greyhounds on Wednesday. The Oilers appear on paper to be very much like our Railroaders as far as stats, an even match up for the Railroaders. It’s our first meeting with the club this year, and it’s important we make our present known. It will be a great time for us to gain some ground in the standings with some wins over Owensboro. So let’s go Fans, and help get the Railroaders off on the right foot tonight in Fulton before they head to Oiler land for completion of their 3 game series.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy Cow. . .someone call the clowns!

I’m not sure what happened last night. After I woke up, in my hospital bed, I was told a Bull trampled me and the resulting concussion has made my memory of the event a little sketchy. I do remember the pain of our loss at the hands of Sikeston. Whatever went wrong, it surely showed in some our playing. But I’ve been told I need to get back up on the beast and try again. After all, they’re just another ball team and can be controlled. We just need to do a better job of going after them and keeping the pressure on. Sure we may get thrown a couple of times during a game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get back up and go again. Tonight is another chance for us to prove ourselves and come back with a win. Sure, the fall was ugly, but so am I. It never stopped me from getting the girls. So let’s get out there and break these Bulls before they run out of town!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That’s more like it, now bring on the Bulls!

Two straight road wins, that’s what I’m talking about. Now that we put the Cats out, let’s remember that the next time we face the Dogs! So it’s time to come home and fight the Bulls for 2 games starting Wednesday and then the Oilers on Friday night. I've been showing coaches Davis and Allen a few of the finer points on Bull riding, I do have some experience you know.

The Bulls are hot of late having won 5 of 6 games since they left our Yard 10 days ago. We opened up the season at home with a loss against the Bulls then took them down the next 2 games. Since then, they’ve beat the Greyhounds 2 times, the Bobcats 1 of 2, and the Oilers twice. Now what’s wrong with that picture?

Our wins against the Bobcats pulled us out of a quagmire of 4 straight losses that included a 3 game sweep by the Dogs. We’ll take no more of that! It’s obvious that the Bulls are looking to tack more on to a 2 game winning streak at the expense of the Railroaders. Especially since they loss their last 2 games against us, including that 22-8 shellacking in the second game, which I’m sure, they won’t soon forget. The Cats are one thing, the Bulls another and we need to be ready for every and anything. Let’s don’t rest on our laurels of past victories. Time to focus and continue with our momentum. We’re only 2 games behind the leading Pirates, tied with the Oilers, and a game and a half behind the 2nd place Bulls. Time to make a move!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enough Already!!!

Did anyone at the Yard last night see or hear that Greyhound beating me with a baseball bat? I needed help and no one came to my rescue. Looks like the Railroaders had the same problem, no one stepped up and took dogs by the collar to put them in their place. What’s going on, guys? Three straight losses to the Greyhounds? Please, no, I can’t stomach the pain. I’ve told Marlene to go back to the circus. Apparently the Hounds were too attracted to her and really out-performed themselves to impress her. After all, she is good with four-legged creatures.

Now back to the Railroaders. What happened to our enthusiasm and zeal for the game? Everyone has a bad game, but really, I can’t believe our guys have given up. Well, the Bobcats are next, and my face can’t take much more scratching up or my good looks will be gone forever. We have 2 games with the Felines to turn things around and come back to face the Bulls for a couple of nights beginning on Wednesday. Then the Oilers in town on Friday. There’s a lot of work ahead to get done, and it’s time we get up and get moving! The Fans are behind you, Railroaders, now go play some ball!