Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stallions Tonight at the Yard

Although the early rain came down and a bit of mist is hanging around, the field has been covered. Weather radar show clearing is occurring and all should be well for the Railroaders game tonight at the Yard.

The 5-11 Stallions take on the 6-10 Railroaders tonight at the Yard. Both teams have lost their last 3 games, so someone will break that streak today. Both teams are currently in last place in their respective divisions. The two teams have only met once this season thus far with the Railroaders winning big with a 10-3 score. 

I expect a great game tonight. The Railroaders have played well but have not been able to maintain a lead through the entire game. I believe that will change tonight.

Fulton is 4 games in back of the West leading Hoppers, 3 games behind the Miners and only a game below the Chiefs. Still plenty of baseball left and things can change quickly. Come on out to the Yard tonight and help the Railroaders get started on a comeback on the first day of summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bombers on radar heading to Fulton

The East Division Bombers are flying west to battle the Railroaders in the Yard tonight. Even with Fulton dropping a doubleheader in Henderson last night, the West Division remains fairly tight with only 3 games separating all four teams. The Railroaders are 5-2 at home, so we’ll need all the Fans out tonight to help the guys get a victory.

Road games have not been kind to the Railroaders so for this season, a 1-7 away record won’t get the job done. The mid-season point is fast approaching and now its time to make a move. Tomorrow the Stallions will ride into Fulton, a good chance for the Railroaders to get a couple of wins.

See you at the Yard!