Saturday, August 4, 2007

Corey White and the fans of the greyhounds.

Does anyone know what happened with Corey? He was in civilian attire at the game tonight. Not in the dugout like the rest of the players. Did he quit? Did he give up and call it a season? Why was he out celebrating with the players, if he is not a player anymore? Someone fill me in. Also I want to make a comment about the U.C. fans. Rude, inconsiderate bunch of winers. They complained and belly-ached the whole time. They sounded like a bunch of 3 year olds. Waaa Waaa all they do is cry. When we were batting they were making rude comments, and while we were pitching, throw it in the dirt, sounded like preshool kids out there. All the fans should be courteous enough and give us as much respect as we give them. We let them play their home game in our stadium. We could have dug out the bylaws and probably forced a forfeit, but we wanted to win out right,and have no questions about what if? Instead of being rude they should be thanking us for giving them a chance to win. I am wondering what happens tomorrow when we win, will they admit we are the better team? I dont think so. I am done!

Enough of that stuff!

Doc said to keep the bandages on, but I’m up for tonight’s action, unshaven and geared up to go! Lohaus will be fired up with players and fans for some real ball this time. Our adjustments have been made and now’s the time to pour it on. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to Rock and Roll. If we start to run out of fuel, the plan is to take away the Hounds’ bats and use them for firing the boiler. Okay, just got the green light and we’re pulling out of the station heading for the ballpark. Let’s move it, Railroaders!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wow! . .what are they feeding those 2 Hounds?

Well everyone is feeling a little beat up after that first game with the Greyhounds. Those two big dogs they have sure did blast over our defensives; we’ll have to adjust quickly to that! Guess they figured since they were acting as home team for the game, they could have their way with "Little Monster" and did at our expense. Think I might climb up there tomorrow night with my glove and put a stop to that! The pitching was good too, but Drew Robertson must have the secret after getting all 3 of our hits in the game. He was only a triple away from batting the cycle.

Saturday we’re the Home Team! The shackles placed on the Press Box will have been removed and the Railroaders will fire it up to tie the series and give us one more day of baseball on Sunday. I think the boys are trying to set us up for more thrill and chills. Are you ready?

A few words on comments: we’re releasing the shackles on the moderation of comments, also. I agree with the posted comment “No more trash talking, just play ball! It just makes UC want to beat us more!” Personally, I thought Fans on both sides behaved very well tonight, and let’s face it, there was some pretty good baseball playing out there. The points on differences between the Fans has been made and taken to heart. Let’s focus on the game now and get the job done.

And then there were 2 . .

With the help of all hands, the last Bull finally got loaded aboard and the train is taking them back to Sikeston. They turned out to be a tough bunch to handle at times, but they’ll be safely bedded down for the off season. I’m sure they’ll be ready to run strong again next year, as well as the Oilers who ended their playoffs last night losing to the Greyhounds. Now the stage is set.

What a weekend ahead! I see the Greyhounds have requested Fulton’s assistance in using Lohaus Field for hosting Friday’s game. Seems they previously scheduled some puppy training at Elam Stadium on that date and need a place for the Hounds to play. I have conferred with the Railroader owners and can find no reason not to allow the dogs to play here. Why not! After all, they are our closest neighbors in the league and the second best team in the season. They can be the home team for Friday, too.

As for the Greyhound players themselves, they are a tough lot for sure. But I believe in the Railroaders ability to get the Hounds under control and put away. The fans? Well I hope the behavior in the stands is one of mutual respect. These 2 teams have worked hard to get where they are. It’s going to be a great contest and win or lose, there is going to be some fun baseball to close out the year. Let’s all meet out at the ballpark and cheer the Railroaders to victory!

Moderation turned on

Due to some comments getting a bit outrageous, moderation of comments is now in force. Submitted comments will be approved before being posted on the blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kit League website

I have been visiting the kit league website for the past 5 days and not once have I seen a congratulations to the RR, or 2007 Kit League pennant winners. Any regards toward the RR? none, I don't know about the other RR fans but it bothers me. The Kit League webmaster???? The same one that does the U.C. website. Oh yes they are one person. I have already written and given them a piece of my mind so anyone else wanna do the same. Here is the address (

Road trip to battle the Bulls

Sorry I was late getting back from Sikeston. I had no trouble hopping a train up there, but ended up in cattle car on the way back. Need I say more? Great game against the Bulls last night to start off the playoffs. I didn’t panic when we fell behind first or again later in the game, the guys just kept at it and it paid off again. The Bulls bats were pretty hot at times, but 13 strikeouts by Craycraft when we needed them limited the scoring to 2. After walking the first Bull in the 9th with our 3 run lead, I did get a bit concerned, but Chris’ one, two, three strikeouts on the next 3 would be hitters eased my anxiety a little with each swing and miss of the bat. Pitching was pretty good on both sides, but the Railroaders made the most of what they got and stopped several attempts by the Bulls to run rampant around the bases.

We’re not through with Bulls yet! Remember that cattle car? Yea, they have followed me into town and intend on coming to Lohaus Field tonight for some grazing, snorting, and mischief on the ball field. We are going to need everyone out there tonight to help put the Bulls back onto the train and send them home to Sikeston.

Tuesday scores

The RR won game 1 of the best of 3. 5-2 a complete game for Chris Craycraft, 13 strikeouts.
U.C won their game 1 1-0
details to follow later on website

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Playoff Drama has begun . . .

They removed my IV and released me from the hospital after 2 days of recovery, only to find we’re headed for more adventure in Sikeston tonight! Round one of post season play is completed and the picture is pretty interesting and familiar. The Bulls and Oilers have come back to haunt their opponents from last week. Have no fear Railroader fans, but have faith that our boys are ready for the task at hand. I’ve pull pulled out the ole Crystal Ball and see lots of action ahead with the Railroaders getting it together for some great play. Can’t see anything on the Hounds yet, but something tells me the Oilers are greasing themselves up for a game.

We say farewell to the Firebirds and Pirates for the 2007 season and look forward to playing with them next year. It was a good time engaging the Pirates and I really didn’t mind being taken prisoner, you didn’t torture me as bad as I lead on. Heck, I’ve been run over by several trains and survived those! To Firebirds who handed us a 23-3 loss in the second game of the season, well ……. fun game for you, huh? Great job to the KREI guys and gals, as well as Rick the voice of the Pirates. You really helped keep up the spirit of game and the season with your broadcast and I enjoyed every moment.

Down to 4 teams now. Remember this Railroaders, they can’t take away your season pennant for best season record. Now fire up the boiler the way you’ve learned to, and full steam ahead to Sikeston.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Season's Drama is Over!

Wow! What a way to finish, down to the wire. It was truly a game and moment to remember. The Railroaders took this year’s largest crowd of fans on an electrifying and emotional roller coaster ride, one most fans wanted off of after 9 innings. But no! The boys gave us one more loop before taking possession of the pennant. Although a few fans knew and didn’t talk of it, the Greyhounds were at Oilers and had beaten them twice in a doubleheader which forced us into a must win situation to take first place in regular season play. The Bulls did not go easily in the good night, and showed they are a force to be dealt with. The thrills had many fans going behind the grandstand in fear of watching. I know I buried my face in the dirt under the grandstand where I was required to watch from.

While every player deserves credit for a great game and season, there are two I would like to point out from last night’s game. First Allen Bolden, who didn’t even get a hit on the evening, but his run scored in the bottom of 8th was the saving grace of the game. After walking, stealing second, and sneaking over to 3rd while the Bulls wandered back to their positions, Allen took home on a wild pitch that gave us our 5th run. All this with 1 out, the Railroaders failing to get a single hit or another man on in the inning. That run prevented us from losing the game in the 9th after the Bulls scored 3 to tie us. Good job Allen, it was a thing to behold!

Secondly, Cory Hoskins, who has my vote for game MVP. Cory was 3 for 5 which included a double and bunt single to produce the game winning RBI. He stole 1 base, scored 2 runs and executed his play when it was needed the most. We’ve had some trouble this season in bunting, but Cory got it prefect in the last play of the game. A moment everyone present will remember all their lifes.

One more thing, I commend Arron Varnum for picking himself back up after his error in the 9th. His composure in the 10th inning after such an event is noteworthy, something we all should remember. If you make a mistake, get back up and go on. Thanks Railroaders for a Great Season!

Now on to the PLAYOFFS . . . to be continued.