Thursday, April 21, 2011

6 weeks away

Well the new baseball season for the railroaders is right around the corner. Gonna have a whole new outlook of the new season. The rr's have moved to the ohio valley league this season and are looking to become the champions in their first year.Owensboro, Tradewater and Marion also joined the league this year and although they will only play 42 games this year, i still feel like the rr's will pull out a championship. It is our time

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back in the Saddle again!

The 2011 Season is just around the corner. I’ve been touring the country in the off season on my custom built Knucklehead, but I’m now heading back towards the Yard and hope to get there in time for the Railroaders opening night against the Bobcats. Besides that, I’ve been kicked out of most the places I’ve visited over the last 9 months and its best I get back to Fulton where folks at least tolerate my presence.

A lot has happened to the Railroaders the last year. They are now a part of the newly formed Ohio Valley League which appears to have bright future ahead of it. Although the 2011 season will only have 4 teams, the 2012 season should see another 2 teams join the fold. Meantime, this year will still be a great one and looking of the Railroaders roster, we have a good chance to do well in the pennant race.

Boilerstoker and I will be rejoined by our ole’ friend Rattle, so there will be no shortage of opinions to go around. Our Facebook page is going well too, with over 360 Friends. There are also a few more personalities that may remerge as the season draws near.

The Yard is about ready and the Railroader Dogs are cooking (they should be nice and tender by opening night). The club is also adding free WiFi in the grandstand this year, so even more action online will be available. I, for one, am looking forward to an exciting season of baseball against the Pirates, Bobcats and Oilers. Of course there’s the nachos too!