Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Countdown continues..........

Boy O Boy it is getting close to that opening day for the KIT league and the Champion Fulton Railroaders, Gonna be nice to have that 07 pennant in Lohause field and drive to capture in in 08.Hoghead you did a great job finding our old photos, mine were all lost in a train explosion back in 05 maybe I can get copies from ya. I remember that day very well in the photos we were really shoveling the stuff,I mean coal, I hope marlene gets the batgirl job,she may consider paperbag theropy to be a lock in.Im sure she can fire things up around the dougout.
How bout Hoskins coming back folks? isnt that great news? He can sure be a team leader . The "YARD" is in great shape and is yearning for those fans,hotdogs and of course the 08 Fulton Railroaders. Dont forget to get a Boarding pass for a great deal on addmission this season. AWWW cant wait for the train to start to roll ,Fulton and the surrounding areas should be getting excited,with prices of things theses days its such a bargain to come see some fired up excitement here @ Lohouse Field.
By the way Hoghead thats a great pic you found of me, I was very handsome that day!! Regards to your parents and best wishes to them for a early release .

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 more weeks, I can hardly wait!

Well it’s been 2 weeks since I shaved and only 2 weeks to go until opening night. Hope I can make it with the beard till then; want them birds to have plenty to nest with. Marlene suggested I might want to clip the nose hairs though, it might get rough if the Birds start plucking at them. It is getting tougher to breath these days. In as any case, baseball is in the air! And Boilerstoker is correct. Baseball is playing everywhere this time of year, and perhaps I might get a spot on one of the teams in the other leagues! The Railroaders are still down 2 players on the roster, but rumor has it that Coach Estes is about the fill the spots. So far, they’ve had 3 cancel and only 1 replacement to sign. I’m staying close by my phone this week in hopes my agent calls. If the Railroaders get desperate, they might offer me a position.

As for Marlene, my sister, the RR’s Front Office hasn’t contacted her yet concerning a batgirl position. Perhaps there are a few concerns from some wives that she’s just a bit too hot for the field. She has told me she is a little sweet on one of the owners, but won’t tell me who. Maybe we should run a poll to see the Fans’ opinion on having her for a batgirl!