Saturday, July 21, 2007

F is for Fantastic

Fantastic is for the fans and for the play of our RR last night. We cruised to a 4-0 win in the first game behind C3 and got a great job fielding all around. Flyin Brian must have talked to them and told them it was now or never boys, Put up or shut up. Well we shut the birds up. I think they were in shock especially after the 1st game. The 2nd game was a little closer but we still managed to get the win. With Michael Lucas having early inning trouble the defense once again came through. Shannon Anderson came up with some spectacular running catches and Allen Bolden was all over Center Field. Tyler Rehmel was a perfect fill in for Kevin at short, He chased balls to foul territory in left and made some plays in short right field. Like Harry Carey said, holy cow. Well the Oilers are here tonight and tomorrow for 4 games. Fans we are in 1st place once again. It is a seesaw battle for 1st and #1 seed in the playoffs which mean whomever we play will be in our house. OH YEAH. I am excited. Come on out to the games tonight and support and watch your #1 RR.

2 wins down, 4 to go . .

With one doubleheader complete and the next today, the Railroaders find themselves back a neck ahead of the Greyhounds. The doggies lost they’re second game on Friday to the Pirates by a close 1-0 score. I think those Pirates are getting ready for us next week, but back to the task at hand. Our guys looked great out there last night as they chased the Firebirds off towards Union City for a doubleheader tonight with the Hounds. I hope they found what they are looking for at the dog pound. The Railroaders now have the Oilers for 4 games to finish the weekend of doubleheaders before the All-Star break.. The Oilers were rained out of their 2 games Friday night and I hope a little rusty for tonight. Our guys, on the other hand, looked great last night. Some superb fielding in both games and I really liked the play in the outfield tracking down those deep fly balls and grabs on the run. And Rehmel playing shortstop was a thing of beauty to see, catching pop outs even in foul territory! What’s with that? The infield was tough all around the bases, stopping hard grounders and making close plays. Every Railroader player and fan was loving baseball last night! Let’s continue tonight and press on to that first seed position for the playoffs!

Of note is Rehmel at short stop for Gillespie who was out from hurting himself in the last Greyhound game. Due to that, Hicks is taking Kyle Bondy to the All-Star game in place of Kevin. We haven’t seen the last of Kevin, just ensuring he’s around for the season’s end and playoffs

Friday, July 20, 2007

Are you ready for some baseball?

I feel like Hank Williams Jr. but during baseball season. 6 games in 3 days oh man. You might want to bring your beds with you and just camp out tonight and tomorrow night. The players will be tired and the fans will also be tired. But the players have to reach down and grab some..... and do it for the fans. The fans that have been there all season to root, and cheer them on. Never,not one time have I heard a boo from the crowd. Not even when the hated greyhounds were in town. We are a town with class and appreciation for our team,no matter what the outcome over the next 3 days. Attendance is very key to our success. We need fans out there,to be tuned into every pitch. Every pitch over the next 3 days is important. Greyhounds better watch out, we are coming.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

11 Games to go

Something makes me think the Firebirds are headed our way. I remember those dirty little birds and what they did to us in the second game of season. Well that was 38 games and a long time ago, we’re a much better team now for sure. The Birds may be in last place, but they won’t be a push over. I know they’d love to spoil Lohaus Field with their droppings. We’ll just have to get our weapons out and blast them, wherever they land!

Using my calculator, I see we have 55% of our remaining season games this weekend. three doubleheaders on tap and a weather forecast appearing great for baseball, only a few morning showers on Friday to settle the dust. Lohaus Field will be a nice place to be and the Firebirds fly in first on Friday evening at 5 pm. The slippery Oilers slide in on Saturday and stay thru Sunday. Time to get ready for some Baseball! These next 3 days are going to be rough but satisfying, reminds me of Boot Camp. Didn’t think I had it in me to get thru it, but I did. Learned I had more in me than I thought and I don’t mean BS either. So let’s get to it and go for first!

Chasing the dogs again . . .

Them doggies chewed us up some last night. The only difference between the teams was our players seemed somewhat indecisive, especially in the first part of the game. Maybe they were thinking about the arduous weekend ahead or the upcoming All Star game, who knows. I would like to address the weekend ahead, 6 games in 3 days. I know it will be rough, but if you love the game this will only be an opportunity to really show your toughness as a team, assuming you have it and I believe you do. The reward for playing as a complete team is very gratifying. As for the All Start game and who’s going or not . . . in my opinion it’s a more a game for individuals than team. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Railroaders team that counts and we are still in great position to take first in the standings. We do that; we’ll have them doggies in our house for the playoffs. Yes, I think we’ll see the Greyhounds again, and we all would rather see it on our turf that theirs. Time to suck it up and get the job done.

One comment on Union City and Elam Stadium, I think it’s a cheap shot by the press box to play sounds up to the moment the visiting pitcher is in his windup. It doesn’t happen when their pitcher is on the mound. You may think this is petty, but it certainly isn’t well mannered. Says a lot about the supporting cast for the Greyhounds. By the way Greyhound players, good game last night!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

32 runs 32 hits

Oh lordy. Unbelievable. Of all the games to miss, I picked a bad one to miss. I looked at the stats and still can't figure it out. First place in the standings was a fight. Game 3 tonight at U.C. I hope it is not a 4 hour game tonight, I gotta be at work at 11:00pm. Well back and forth we go like hoghead said, If we get a win tonight,we go up 1.5 games and have a day off before playing 6 games in 3 days. Oh my. I don't think anyone is happy about that. The strong shall overcome.

And the Battle for first continues . . .

What a contrast from Monday’s game to Tuesday! A pitcher's duel the first night and hits galore the second. Wished I’d made it to the park, but got lost driving to the park and ended up umpiring at a little league game. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my mask while operating a vehicle. What a show it must have been from both teams. I’m so proud of the Railroaders for not resting on a 6-0 lead and good thing too. Those Hounds just don’t quite, do they? The game appeared to have everything and I see it lasted almost 4 hours too. A combined 32 hits total, 4 homeruns including a grand slam by Cory Hodskins (not Cory White) and a 3 run homer by Zak Shy, 21 men walked, 5 hit by pitch, and more. With a final 19-13, I’m wonder if that isn’t a league record for most runs scored in a game at 32. I need to try harder to get to the games when I’m called upon to serve, I always seems to miss being a part of the best ones!

The Railroaders head back to U.C. tonight for the final series and regular season game with the Greyhounds. Our record thus far against the Hounds is 4-5, what a race this is turning out to be!

We all also pray and wish for a speeding recovery for Greyhound short stop Ross Muirhead who was injured on the first at bat of the game. A bunt attempt fowled off into his face and he had to be taken to Jackson for treatment. Hang in there Ross!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

time to kick it up a notch

Now is the time for the RR to turn up the heat on U.C. The RR trail the dawgs by .5 game and need to win tonight and tomorrow night to solidify our Kit League standing, which is in 2nd place now. We need to finish U.C. off and then we have 3 DH's back2back2back starting Friday night. Attendance is encouraged, besides you get 2 games for the price of 1. And if you attend all 3 days well then you get( oh well you get the point). Come out tonight and support your soon to be number 1 RR.

#!?* Errors and Men LOB! (better?)

I must have been dizzy. Our own mistakes were our demise last night in the first game, however, two games to go and home tonight. Pretty even stats between the teams, only 4 hits each, a difference of only 3 men left on base, strikeouts close, but not with the errors! We must have caught the bug the Hounds had the night before against the Oilers. We had them in the first inning with a first pitch hit and their only game error, and failed to cash in a run. A man on third with 2 outs, should have got him in, then the hounds would have been dizzy. Thanks to Cory for completing the game, I know it was tough, but you saved precious time for the bullpen, they will need everyone over the next week. Let’s pick up our game a notch and get back to doing what needs done, go after them doggies tonight!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Neck & Neck

What an upcoming week of baseball ahead! We begin tonight with a 3 game series in 3 nights against those Greyhounds. Tonight and Wednesday in Union City, Tuesday at Fulton. Followed by this weekend’s doubleheaders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6 games in 3 days! I’ve been contacted to standby to pitch if needed and I’m ready to go.

Getting on with the matter at hand, the Greyhounds. This is an important series for the Railroaders. The teams have fought back and forth for first over the last month, and now it is time to put those puppies in their place. 2 of the 3 games will be in the dog pound. Yes, land of the “Throw it in the dirt” mob. I have to laugh every time I hear those mutts bark, knowing how proud they are of their oversized oral abilities. But they need to compensate for their players. Did you know that Greyhounds don’t bark? It’s true! So the non-playing mongrels of the pack have to produce all the noise. Reminds me of a few penned up dogs that live down the street from me.

I hope every Railroader Fan that’s able attends as many of the games as they can. There is going to be some exciting baseball this week. We have 14 games left now in the regular season and 9 of them will be played in the next 7 days. These games will tell the tale! It’s going to be a tough haul for the Railroaders, but their engine is ready and up to the task. I’m looking forward to watching them take their rightful place.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

back where we belong

The RR are back where they belong. In 1st place. U.C. lost to the hapless Oilers, and our win against the Bulls, put us back in 1st place. I was at the U.C. game and they were pathetic. From the leadoff batter all the way to the announcer. He's a real winner. Terrible he is. The only bright spot for the dawgs was Rafael Hill. The 2nd year centerfielder was 3 for 4 and scored the only run for them. Now we go back to U.C. to try to tame the dawgs, maybe they will play like they did tonight and not do anything. If you go to the game tomorrow night in U.C. and you see the fan that talks bad to the umps then holler "theres no crying in baseball" and maybe he will keep his trap shut. He finally left in the 6th inning. We need some fan support tomorrow night and the whole next week. Go RR

Time to pour on the steam!

With 2 weeks left in the regular season, it’s time to evaluate our position before the playoffs begin. The Greyhounds are 23-13 with 15 games left, we are 23-12 with 16 left (a PPD with Owensboro is the difference). Over the next 8 days, we have 9 games to play (possibly 10 if the PPD is played). Tomorrow, Monday, we begin a final 3 game series with the Greyhounds before the playoffs. We are 3-5 against the Greyhounds thus far in the season. Assuming there was a tie for first between the two teams, we need all 3 games of our next series to ensure home field advantage for the playoffs. If we get 2 of the 3 and tie, I’m not sure what the tiebreaker would be. Perhaps one of our readers can enlighten us.

At any rate, the schedule over the next 8 days is heavy. A final game with the Bulls’ series tonight, then to Union City on Monday, back home Tuesday with Greyhounds following us, and then back to U.C. Wednesday to finish off with the hounds. Friday begins a grueling weekend home stand with a doubleheader facing the Firebirds, then Saturday against the Oilers and again on Sunday with another doubleheader. Tough schedule guys, but I know they’re up to the task! Playing as a team is more important now than ever, and that includes the Fans as well as the Players. Let’s all focus and support each other, and I’m sure we can get that first seed position for the playoffs. We can do this!


Are the greyhounds hot or what? Holy cow they are smokin' hot. I hope we can run down the dawgs in the standings and in the next 3 games we play them. We must,I repeat,we must defeat the dawgs in all 3 games next week or we may be kissing a championship goodbye. They are playing some dawgon good ball right now. It is now a 2 team race. Who will fold first? Stay tuned RR fans.