Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shifting into high gear

We are in a groove now! Winning the doubleheader in Owensboro and the Hounds falling to the Cats puts us right we want with 9 games left. No letting up now, we need to maintain or even extend our 1 game lead over Union City. The Railroaders face off with the Oilers again for 2 more game on Friday and Saturday nights. Let’s keep the pressure on and finish this race strong. It’s in our control, so let’s control it! Great job on the short road trip. Only 3 more regular season road games to go, with Cats in Marion. We finish off the season at home with the Pirates by next week’s end.

There's still pently of race left. Our pace is good and strong. As long as we focus and continue to play well, we'll do just fine. We need all the Railroader Fans out this weekend and next to cheer the guys on as they head for the finish line!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving on to the Final Stretch

Look who’s coming to town on Tuesday! The Bucs will be making their first appearance in the Yard this season. They’ll be here for 2 nights and 2 games. Time to get get dressed and ready for a couple of battles.

After our encounters with the Bulls we remain in second place, one and a half games back behind the Hounds who picked up the half game taking the Oilers 3 of 4 over the weekend. The third place Pirates beat the Oilers on Tuesday and they are two games behind us. So here’s our chance to put some more distance between us on Tuesday and on Wednesday. We’ll need the wins also to keep pace with the Dogs if we’re to have a chance to overtake them. We have 12 games left in the regular season and the Dogs have 11. There’s enough time and play left to get the job done, but we have to be in our top form for now on. The Pirates are the best base running team in the league, but we are second. Let’s be on our toes and play error free baseball and get the bats going. We have the best starting pitching in the league with a 6 game winner and two 5 game winners. Our Team ERA is 2.58, just behind the Dogs at 2.35 and much better than every other team. So let’s get ready for some hard playing over the next 2 weeks and secure a solid position for the playoffs. The pennant is still well within reach!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give me a break!

You know, sometimes in baseball there are disappointments. Then there are those times when something is not only a disappointment but there’s a gut feeling that something wrong is going on. It seemed that way in the Railroaders’ unfortunate demise on Saturday in Sikeston. The sorely needed light rain was just what VFW Memorial Field needed, and it helped keep the players and fans cooled off. It seems everyone benefited from the moisture for 3 full innings as the ballgame continued to be played. Of course, the ultimate benefactor was the Bulls pitcher, who finally got into trouble in the 8th inning. His hot arm was cooling down, he allowed a hit, walked a batter, hit a third and loaded the bases with nobody out. What would you do?

We know what he choose, and it wasn’t to continue a battle he thought he was about to lose. Call it what you will, but be careful never to do the same. One thing we learned for sure, we know he can’t throw a spitball.

Another thing we learned tonight, we’re never out of a game. The Railroaders did what they had to and were positioned to gain the lead. They did not lose the game at the final score, it was taken from them. And the departure antics by the Railroaders after the game had been called; they delighted the young and old alike, and eased the anger of the injustice served to Fulton.

One more game with the Bulls, let’s finish the job and get ready for the Pirates. The Dogs lost they game, the standing remain the same. Fire up the engine!