Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Season Ends Quietly

Well it's not what we'd hoped for, but still a great summer of baseball at the Yard. Including our one Playoff game at home, the Railroaders were 21-6 at Home, so the fans got to be a part of some great victories in 2010. We took it down to wire in the Regular Season, forcing a tie breaking game with Pirates. There were, more than I can recall, many "come from behind" wins in the last inning of games. Great base running and lots of stolen bases. Even a few "blow outs" in our favor.

I for one enjoyed the season and want to thank all the Players, Coaches, Owners and Fans for helping make this another winning season for Fulton. I wish all the players the best of luck in their careers goals, and hope to see a few back next year!

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Time to win at Home

We've been down below and picked ourselves up, and there's no better time than now to do it again. It's time to reached deep, pull out these next 2 playoff games and get back into the Playoff winning picture. The one run losses hurt, but I know you can turn it around. Just a few more days and the season will be completely over, let's end it on a high note!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Nooooooo!

We got there first but couldn't stop the Pirates from derailing us at the very end. Still, all and all a great game. It's really not that big of a mess and we'll have it cleaned up and ready to roll before the first Post Season Playoff game. We'll be in Owensboro on time Wednesday and begin the run again for the second title. I have feeling we'll get another crack at the Bucs in the near future.
I must say, Cody Gibson did a fine job on the mound for 9 innings, even if he did leave the game tied. It took the Pirates throwing 4 pitchers at us to hold us up from scoring. Gibson hung in there a long time and I applaud the effort.
Now on to post season play. It would have been nice to have had a chance to win the Playoffs at home, but you know, it may be even sweeter to do it in Tradewater!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another shot at it

We're on a recon mission and things are going
to be different this time around!

More Baseball to play

After 5 games in 3 days, we ran the train hard, blew a few leaks in the engine, loss pressure and couldn't get across the finish line early liked we wanted. No time to fret about it though, let's get it fixed and get rollin' again. Two more games to win for the season crown and I know it can be done. It's a little extra work, so what?. Our guys are up to the task, and they have more than enough talent and soul to get the job done. It will just make the victory taste that much sweeter.

Let's hit the road again and take two games for the title. Remember, it's not over yet! Our road record has improved over the last weeks and I like our chances. Time to get up and GO!