Monday, February 22, 2010

Small World! -baseball 2-20-10

Hey Hoghead -I bet you are enjoying the offseason in some exotic place ,I been stuck in all this snow and had to head south this weekend-got as far a Jackson Tenn and found some Baseball games ,course had to sneak in and look what I found Former Railroader coaches and players! What a small world! I could not believe it.

Pictured left to right--Ace Williams,former Railroader and present assistant @Harris Stowe

David Estes-former Railroader assistant coach and Head Coach,Present Head coach @Harris Stowe.

Terry Davis- former Railroader Head Coach, Present St Catherine assistant,and Head JV coach

Bryan Allen- former Railroader assistant and present St. Catherine assistant

Philip Dean-2009 Railroader,Alan Stoupa-2009 Railroader Justin Witt-2009 Railroader

and all starting Seniors @ St Catherine! Awsome to see all these guys agin they will always be Railroaders!! Also checked out 4 future Railroaders playing for Freed- Hardeman under former Greyhound coach Johnathon Estes. Great day for baseball and old friends!