Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Pirate Joy

Working as a Pirate didn't get the job done last night in Hoptown. The Hoppers will need to be defeated by more than a bunch of guys attacking with muskets and swords. Can someone help me get this hat off my head???

Tonight the Railroaders roll into Hoptown to give it a shot. I'm counting on them to put these Jumpers in their place. They appear to be pretty confident they can handle anyone who comes to their park to play. Even a little "cocky" about it if I say so myself. I heard one Fan say they plan to run the score up on us like they did on Tradewater. 

I know our guys are up to task, though. Time to get serious and focus on the mission at hand. It looks like it's up to the Railroaders to take them down. The other teams just can't seem to find the answer to defeat them.  Our Railroaders match up well against them and we've won 5 of the 7 games we've faced off with them. Let's continue the tread and put them down tonight. Fire it Up!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Battling for the Pirates

We're going to help the Pirates battle the Hoppers in Hoptown tonight!

Hi Guys!

My big brother, Hoghead, called and told me how well the Railroaders have done lately. So I got online to check out the team for 2012, and WOW what a great looking bunch of guys we've got this year, especially Coach Destrade! Is he available?  

The boys sure have been hot over the past week, don't know if I can contribute to cause or not. Seems they are doing pretty good without any encouragement from me, but I'm here if I can help.

Who are these Hoppers, anyway? Seems they've really got it together too. Hope the Railroaders continue to play them well and keep up their winning ways. 

And to make it clear, I have not been down in New Orleans and certainly not on any street corner. I'm not that kind of girl, guys! I like to be treated like a lady, so be nice. I've been trying to break in TV, perhaps on some "reality show", any suggestions? 

I've always been a Railroaders Fan and look forward to seeing more! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oilers in the Yard tonight

The Ole' Oilers are heading in to Fulton tonight to take on our Railroaders. The Oilers have a couple of straight wins under their belt and will surely be looking to extend that trend. The Railroaders have a 9 game winning streak going and will also be looking to continue beating all challengers. Our boys have had a couple of days rest and should be ready to play a good game. It will be another hot one at the Yard, but the fans will be on for the action. Let's go get 'em again, guys!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chasing the Hoppers

Big game tonight with the Hoptown Hoppers. The current 1st place Hoppers (16-7) have won 3 straight games since the last time they lost to our Railroaders. Every OVL team has chased them all season with the Bobcats getting the closest a couple of weeks ago. The Railroaders (13-11) have overtaken everyone else with their 8 game winning streak, but the Hoppers continue to out pace everyone with us right behind them by 3 1/2 games. 

Our head-to-head record with the Hoppers thus far is 4-2 and accounts for the majority of their seven losses.  Their pitching ERA against our offensive is 4.86 and we've held them down with ours at 2.83. Railroader bats against them thru 6 games has been .288 and their's have averaged .244 playing us. We've scored 49 runs and 64 hits on them while they've managed 27 runs and 47 hits. The Hopper batters have walked 7 more times (36-29) than Railroaders batters. Strikeouts and Hit-by-Pitch pretty close with Hoppers/Railroaders at 48/49 and 11/13 respectively. 

All in all, I think Railroaders match up well against the little buggers. We need to keep pressing on and catch these guys, and the first of 4 more regular season games is with them tonight. I'll see you at the Yard!

Fire it Up!