Friday, June 27, 2014

UPDATE: Rainout for Mid-Season battle with the Miners

Here we go again, another rainout. Replay is TBA.
Halfway through the regular season, the Railroaders find themselves 2 games under .500 and two straight losses. With 20 games to go, now is the time to turn around with a win against the Miners.  Madisonville is coming in fresh off a second victory over the first place Hoppers (a team the Railroaders have failed to beat so far).  Against the Railroaders the Miners are 0-5 on the year, the question is; will it be 0-6 after tonight? 

Errors and unearned runs have cost the Railroaders 3 games.  Getting this under control is the most important factor at this juncture.  The pitching is good as are the bats, a clean defense will go a long way in advancing Fulton in the standings.  There is still plenty of baseball left to get well, and mid-season the best time to begin.  There are lots of home games for the Railroaders in the second half, so we need everyone out to Yard to cheer the boys on. 

Tonight is Parkway Regional Hospital Night with a silent auction for players’ jerseys, baseballs and bats.  Proceeds to benefit cancer research.  Can’t make it the game?  Listen online TeamLine and those at home can call in to make bids.  Phone numbers will be given out over TeamLine tonight for calling in bids.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Air Raid Alert at the Yard tonight

Our guns are rested and ready for action!
The Railroaders will take on the Bombers tonight.  The last meeting between the teams last Friday in Fulton ended after 4 innings with a “no game” because of lightning and weather conditions.  That shouldn’t be a problem today. 

The Bombers come to town after losing their last 3 games, while the Railroaders have put together a 3 game winning streak.  A wounded animal is dangerous and so will the Bombers as they’ll be trying hard to turn it around with a losing record at mid season. 

The Railroader are back to an even record at 9-9 with two games left before they hit the halfway season point.  They are also 5 ½ games behind the leading Hoppers and trailing the second place Oilers by 4 games.  It’s time to climb up the latter, and a continued winning streak will surely help.

The Bombers and Railroaders have met 4 times so far, with the Bombers winning 3 of games.  Time to start turning that around too.  We’ll meet up them again on July 5 for a doubleheader in Fulton. 

Every win counts big now.  “Fire it up” and come out to the Yard or join us on TeamLine. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Oilers and Railroaders go at it in the Yard

The second place Oilers took down the Hoppers last night in Hopkinsville to pull with a game of the OVL leader.  The Railroaders swept over the Miners in two games to move into third place and now trail the Hoppers by 5 1/2 games. 

Tonight's contest in Fulton means a lot for both the Railroaders and Oilers as the mid-season point is fast approaching.  The Railroaders (8-9) need the game to get back to .500 with more aspiration toward gaining ground on both the Oilers and Hoppers (who are idle tonight).   The Oilers (13-5) and have beaten the Hoppers twice in four meeting between the two teams.  Owensboro eyes are focused on taking Hoptown out and a currently on a 3 game winning streak..

The Railroaders have played the Oilers 4 times thus far in the season, splitting the wins and losses 2-2..  With to straight wins at the moment, the Railroaders should be able to beat the Oilers at home.  Looking at the numbers, errors will be the difference in the game.  The Railroaders will need to play a clean ballgame, and be aggressive both at the plate and on base.  Should be great game, so come on out to the Yard or join us on TeamLine.