Saturday, June 6, 2009

Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite

We have no excuse for getting beat by the Hounds last night. There is nothing special about them other than their fans, especially the loud barking mongrel. You can bet they’ll bring all the mutts with them tonight when they come to the Yard for a doubleheader. So let’s get with it Railroaders and Fans, and take these next 2 games from them.

I’ve asked my sister, Marlene, how we can handle these Greyhounds. She has been working as a dog training in the Barnum & Bailey Circus since the end of last season, and has learned how to tame and control every breed of canine. She says first and foremost, we must let them know who’s the master. That starts with controlling their base running and hitting. Second, we must hit the ball in places they aren’t, so they’ll have to chase it. When they don’t catch it, reward them with a treat, a pat on the head and another run on the board for us. Seems simple to me. All we really need to accomplish this is to play good solid and focused baseball. We need timely hits when it counts. The Railroaders have shown they have the right stuff, now it’s time to put it to use and get this train rolling again. The season’s still early, let’s put away these dogs and move on the cats. The Bulls are returning next week too, and they have been hot of late. Then the Oilers come in and they are proving they're a team to beat. So don’t let these puppies run all over us, they are not the team our Railroaders are and it’s time to prove it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dog Trainning Refresher Course

Well, both the Pirates and the Railroaders chased me back into river on Tuesday after the game. It took me 2 days to swim down stream all the way back to Fulton because my raft was mistakenly hauled away as Winter Storm 2009 debris. Seems that neither the Railroaders nor I could get a break in that second battle.

Now it’s time to consider the Greyhounds for the first time this season. Thursday’s game is rained out, so we go to Union City on Friday night to take them on in their season home opener. It would be nice to chalk up another win at their expense. They’ve struggled the first 5 games winning only the first game against the league leading Oilers. We're sure to see their best pitcher in our game. I’m sure they are going to play and run hard on Friday and try to correct their poor start. They’ve also added a few new dogs to the roster. Doesn’t matter though, it will still be the first time the 2009 Railroaders will see them, the a first time for them to see us!!! I have good feeling about the next few days. After Friday’s game, the Hounds will come over to the “Yard” for a doubleheader on Saturday beginning at 5 pm. For sure, those dog loving fans will be here, so we need all hands to come out and cheer our Railroaders on, both in Union City and in Fulton. It’s going to be a great series, as it always is. You don’t want to miss it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hitting the beach at Tradewater

I finally arrived in Tradewater this morning only to find out the Railroaders fought a tough battle last night and won without me. They didn’t bother to wait for me! But I’m here now and ready to infiltrate the Pirates camp before tonight’s final assault on Riverside Park. From what I hear, last evening the fight was to the very end and the Railroaders came out on top. I’ve also seen where all our guys got their bellies full after the game eating up all the Pirates chow. Well I’m hear to tell you, the bucs are planning something for us tonight, not sure what, but they aren’t happy. I’ve been informed by carrier pidgeon that Nick Holmes will lead the charge for the Railroaders and the rest of our crew have a few surprises too. I’ll be here tonight to be a part of all the action. I’ll just have to ditch this disguise before game time or get pounded by the Railroaders myself. We need to get out of here with another win, then jump on my raft and head down stream for a smooth ride home.

Monday, June 1, 2009

From Bulls to Pirates

Sunday’s game was a good second win for us, but had its scary moments in the last third of the game. The guys came through and finally put the Bulls away and sent them packing back to Sikeston to work over the Greyhounds, . . who, by the way, won their first game on Sunday. Good luck Bulls, hope you’re able to toss those hounds about. I’ll say one thing, the Bulls don’t want to quit. And it seems the Railroaders have that same character. After only 3 games, I can see the team really “gellin” now. Some of what manager Terry Davis is doing was puzzling to me at first, but I think I can begin to see a pattern in his maddness. I was glad to see more aggressive base running last night. It seems the team is adding a new phase of the game each night. They keep this up and we’re looking for some good things to happen this season.

For the time being, I’ve headed northeast to Tradewater to see some more for myself. I know its Pirates territory and need to be careful, they can be pretty rough. So I’ve broken out my disguise (once used to spy on them) and will attempt to sneak inside Riverside Park where their base camp lies. So far I’ve not been detected. I’m sure the Railroaders train will be arriving shortly and the guys will be here to back up if caught. The Pirates are 2-1 as we are. Owensboro hold the same record. It’s time to separate the pack and pull the train ahead some. “Two roads wins and home again!” that’s what I say. Then take Wednesday off and do some dog training starting on Thursday. Well, I'm off to paddle upriver to Tradewater, hope I'm going the right way.

More to follow……….

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Lamb Basting of the Bulls

WOW! I thought last night's game would never end. The Railroaders really took it to the Bulls in a very one sided game. Although the Bulls never quit swinging and did get a Grand Slam out of the deal. But the Railroaders were just too much the handle. What a hit fest and base running demonstration it was! And Tim Dunn's pitching was something to behold, made my face hurt everytime Big John behind the plate caught one of his pitches. Only one thing seem to be missing in the show, and that was a lack of any stolen bases. In fact we don't have one yet in the first 2 games. Of course the season is early and there's lot of baseball yet to be played. I can hardly wait for tonight's game. Let's all get out to the Yard tonight and help the Railroaders take the rubber game of the 3 game series against the Bulls.