Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final Comments for 2014

Well the season is over and although it didn’t turn out quite the way we were hoping, it was still a great season.  The Railroaders finished the regular season play in second place, their 5th year in a row to do so.  As usual Fulton was slow getting started then moved up quickly and became a force to be reckoned with.  The players gave the fans some thrilling games to watch and developed lasting friendships.  They will be missed and we hope to see them again in the future.

The owners, management, and fans say “Thank you” to all 2014 Railroader players and wish them the very best in their education and baseball endeavors.  We hope they enjoy some time off now before going back to school and it’s well deserved.

For those who wish to express their thoughts on the 2014 season, this is the place to do it.  Leave your comments here, and thanks again to the fans and everyone involved in bringing baseball to Fulton.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Powering Up for Round 2 amd Game 2 with Hoppers

The Railroaders find themselves in a familiar position with their backs against the wall after losing an extra innings close game in Hoptown last night.  Trailing 1-0 in the best of three series creates a must win tonight in Fulton if the Railroaders want to continue on the playoffs.  Will we see the Railroaders again on Saturday?  You’ll have to come to the Yard tonight or listen online to find out.

Fulton achieved the second seed and home field advantage in round 2, and now is the time to use it.  You can be sure the Hoppers will bring fans, so we need everyone who is able to come out and support the Railroaders as they attempt to carry on.  Against the Hoppers, Hoptown considers the Railroaders the underdog in spite of Fulton’s second place standing.  The Hoppers do have a much better head-to-head record with the Railroaders, but last year proved they could do it when they were down by a game in the championship series and came back to win two games in Hoptown to win the title.  There’s no reason Fulton can’t do it at the Yard and advance on to the championship round in 2014.

Do or die time now.  Let’s get this engine fired up and roll over the Hoppers tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enough Hoppers to shake a stick at!

Three, maybe four, games left to play with the Hoppers and all in a row.  Tonight we complete the regular 2014 season play with Hoptown in Fulton.  The game to decide who is the second place and third place teams in the standings. 

The standings determine the seeding for post-season playoffs and the number 2 and 3 teams will meet again tomorrow, Thursday to begin round 2 of the playoffs (round 1 a single game tonight in Dubois, Bombers playing Miners).  Round 2 is different, it will be the best of 3 games, the winner here will play in the final third round for the playoff championship.

The Railroaders and Hoppers will meet tomorrow no question about it, but the question is where?  If the Railroader win tonight they will travel to Hoptown on Thursday for one game, then return to Fulton on Friday for game two and in Fulton on Saturday is a third game is necessary.  If the Hoppers win tonight, the Railroaders will host the Hoppers in Fulton tomorrow, then travel on Friday to Hoptown. 

So what’s it to be?  The Railroaders will need all the support they can muster at the Yard tonight.  Hoptown will bring plenty of their own.  This will be the biggest game so far on the year as the Hoppers and Railroaders battle for position.  Hoppers are rested….Railroaders are warmed up and ready.  See you at the Yard or on TeamLine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time Machine to Hammer the Hoppers

Because of the ruling from the OVL, the Railroaders have actually traveled back in time the same moment they were before the erased Hoppers forfeits on Saturday and Sunday.  The Railroaders back then still needed to beat the Hoppers on Sunday and take one or both their Miners games, depending upon what would have happen on Saturday in Dubois County.  The ruled tie ballgame actually helped the Railroaders by creating a half loss for the Hoppers that required the Railroaders to only win one game against the Miners and still has a shot at second seed Hoptown.  That win came for the Railroaders on Monday downing the Miners 10-4 in Fulton. 

The OVL ruling slightly altered the time line and only delayed the game we must play.  The Hoppers may feel vindicated by the ruling, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Railroaders still stand in their way for second place.  It’s up to the Railroaders to still take the Hoppers on and win, not only the final game of the season but also in the Playoffs which begin for Fulton on Thursday.  In total, the Railroaders will battle with Hoppers for the next three to four days to see who will continue on to the final Championship Round in post season playoffs.

Now should the Hoppers decline to come and play Fulton on Wednesday, that’s okay I suppose.  Maybe they just want to give us second standing.  But on second thought, I doubt it!

Let’s keep the pressure up and get the train moving down the tracks.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hoppers one more time; BUT NOT TONIGHT

UPDATE:  Due to the bawl last night in Dubois County, the Hoppers do not have enough players to play the Railroaders.  Fifteen Hopper players were rejected and suspended for the next scheduled game by OVL rule.  That game was the Railroaders tonight.  A forfeit win for Fulton will be recorded by the close of other OVL action tonight.
The Railroaders have it in they own hand now to take second place.  Fulton finds itself wedged between the angry Hoppers and Bombers, the three teams only separated by 1 ½ games in the middle of the standings.  With three Railroader games left, Fulton must win tonight over the Hoppers and take one of the two games remaining with the Miners in order to secure a second seen for Post Season Play.

Although the outcome of last night’s game in Dubois is under investigation and review by the OVL, the Railroaders still can ensure a second place standing by winning all three of their games left.  Bottom line here is “Just win Baby” and take it.

Tonight’s Hoppers game and Monday’s with the Miners are the final two home games for Fulton in the regular season.  At this point Fulton will see at least one home post season game, when and who are still to be determined.  Monday’s game is also Fan Appreciation Night with give-a-aways and more fun.  Don’t miss tonight or Monday at the Yard, the Railroaders need your support. 

Fire up it and let’s get the train a rollin’ 

Friday, July 18, 2014

More Hoppers happening tonight

Four games left!  Two games each with the Hoppers and Miners, starting tonight at the Yard with Hoptown returning again for the Railroaders to try and beat the bunnies down a little.  Eight times the Railroaders have had to mix it up with Hoptown, and only once has Fulton controlled them enough to get a win.  The Hoppers are 1 ½ games in front of the Railroaders and in the second seed spot.  We must face off with them tonight and Sunday to complete the season series.  Besides Fulton, Hoptown has one other game to play against the fourth place Bombers who have their own desires of over taking the Railroaders only 2 games ahead them.

The solution and plan is simple; finish out the final four games with victories and the Railroaders take the second seed in the standings regardless the outcome between the Bombers and Hoppers.  That means Fulton must take out the Hoppers tonight and Sunday at home, then beat the Miners on Monday in Fulton and in Madisonville on Tuesday.

Tall order?  I don’t think so.  If the Railroaders can get and maintain focus on the game, Fulton has a great chance to advance into second place to finish the regular season.  We’ll need all hands out to the Yard tonight, Sunday and Monday to help get it done.  Let’s get the boiler pressure up even higher and get it done!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meeting with the Miners

After last night’s loss to the Hoppers, the Railroader move on to face off with the Miners tonight at the Yard.  The Railroaders remain in third place and still a game and a half ahead of the Bombers who fell to the Oilers on Wednesday.  Fulton’s slim chance at first place is gone now, but second seed is not out of the question.  The Oilers and Hoppers play a twin bill tonight as the Railroaders try to get back on the winning track against the Miners.

I’m now considering a new career as an umpire.  I know I couldn’t do worse than what we saw last night at the Yard.  I’ve seen strange games and poor calls before, but never one where a runner was clearly tagged out in a run down between third and home that was missed by 2 officials on the field.  The same umpire who couldn’t wait out a rain delay in an earlier game because he had to work the next morning.  My understanding is Fulton couldn’t secure any other umpires for the game and had to use these blind mice.  Should the situation occur again I hope my training has me ready to take over, although I'm not sure I could take the abuse.

Oh well, on to the next game tonight.  The Railroaders have 5 games left, 3 with the Miners and 2 more with the Hoppers.  Let us finish the season with WINS, and hope for a little help from the Oilers and Bombers to also take down the Hoppers a little.  The Railroaders are now 3 games behind Hoptown with Friday and Sunday games against them that we should take.  First the Miners who have failed to beat the Railroaders this season.  Let’s keep that way! 

Fire up the engine and let’s get going!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Climbing up in the Standings

Good win last night against the Bombers, now on to the Hoppers tonight.  The Railroaders have six games remaining in the regular season, three each with the Hoppers and Miners.  Every game left except next Tuesday will be played in the Yard at home.  Tomorrow it’s the Miners, Friday and Sunday the Hoppers will return (Saturday is off).  Final Home game is Monday with the Miners.

Fulton’s record with Hoptown this year is a miserable 1-6 head-to-head.  The Hoppers are in second in the standings, two games in front of the Railroaders.  Now is the time for the Railroaders to get their wins and move up the latter.  After beginning the season with 11 straight wins, the Hoppers record of 9-14 only show they are only human like the rest of us.  Their three remaining games with the Railroaders are at the Yard, an advantage the Railroaders must use in every game. 

The Railroaders looked sharp last night and appear focused on game.  They have won 8 of their last 9 games and playing well together.  Fulton can look forward to a strong finish on the regular season, and the Railroaders should have a full head of steam for the Post Season Playoffs next week.  Tomorrow the Miners, but that’s for another day.

See you tonight at the Yard on online with TeamLine.  Fire it up! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Battle with Bombers tonight

The final season series game between the Railroaders and Bombers occurs tonight at the Yard.  Both teams have met 9 times over the last month and a half with the Bombers taking 5 wins to the Railroaders 4 victories.  Fulton has a chance to even the series just as they have with the Oilers.

Another big point for tonight lies in the standings.  The Railroaders and Bombers are neck-to-neck in third and fourth place with only a half game separation.  With only 7 games left, Fulton needs every win to move ahead towards overtaking the second place Hoppers.  There also remains an outside chance to catch the Oilers, but it would require a collapse by Owensboro who has only 5 games remaining to play.

There will be plenty of homes game for the Railroaders over the next week.  Tonight through Friday, Saturday off, Sunday and Monday at home, then closing on the road next Tuesday.  The only teams left for the Railroaders (after Bombers tonight) will be the Hoppers for 3 games (Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday) and the Miners (Thursday, Monday & away on Tuesday). 

It all starts tonight at the Yard, and it will be a big night for Fans as well.  Parkway Regional Hospital will be hosting a silent action for the benefit of Relay for Life and cancer research.  The Railroaders will be wearing special jerseys with their number.  These jerseys will be auctioned during the game along with signed baseballs and pink bats.  Fans at home listening to TeamLine will be able to call in their bids.  Phone numbers will be given out over the webcast and posted online.

Don’t miss the excitement of Railroaders baseball as the final week of the 2014 regular season begins.  Post Season Player series are currently scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 23 next week.  See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Final Stretch Rundown

Another tough loss to Hoptown last night, but not all is lost.  The Railroaders have 9 games left in the regular season with 7 of those games at home in the Yard beginning tonight with the Miners.  The next 11 days will see the end of the season play and the Post Season Playoffs will begin the day after on July 23rd.  So the action over the next week and a half will be heating up at the Yard.

Fulton’s 15-16 record and fourth place standing is not entirely hopeless.  The Railroaders are 6 ½ games out of first and only a half game behind the third place Bombers.  Fulton’s 9 remaining games breakout like this:

  • 4 games vs Miners – 3 @ home, 1 away
  • 1 game vs Oilers – away
  • 1 game vs Bombers - @ home
  • 3 games vs Hoppers- all @ home
The Railroaders best chance is to take over the Hoppers 2nd place position.  Fulton is currently 4 games behind Hoptown.  The first task is to move past the Bombers in 3rd and just a half game ahead of the Railroaders.  To achieve a 1st place seed will require winning 7 of 9 games left, and the Oilers must fall flat and loss all their final 8 games remaining.  Not likely!  Of course the Hoppers and Bombers have their own designs and desires to take out the Oilers.

Bottom line here is the Railroaders need to fire the engine up with a good head of steam and get going now!  One win at time is must at this point.  Post Season play is just around the corner and a higher seed is the goal.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weather Permitting

Fulton is ready if rain keeps heading southeast, Madisonville should be good if field conditions are good.
A big game scheduled tonight at the Yard with the first place Oilers flowing into Fulton for a match up against the fourth place Railroaders.  Owensboro leads the season series 5-3 with Fulton, and the Railroaders are 7 games behind the Oilers.  The Hoppers and Bombers are wedged between in 2nd and 3rd with the Railroaders trailing the Bombers by a half game.  The Bombers are scheduled to play the last place Miners in Madisonville tonight.

With only 12 games left in the regular season, each game is more important now than ever.  The Railroaders must get wins and move up in the standings with time running out.  Post-season playoff positioning is the issue here if the Railroaders want to play at home more during playoffs than travel.  I know what the Fans want, and I’m pretty sure the players feel the same way.

After both league ballgames were rained out last night, the question remains one of weather and whether or not we’ll see action this evening.  I’ve just been to the Yard and the field looks ready to play in spite of early morning thunderstorms.  The colder front, behind that which pasted through a few hours ago, is in the northwest and moving southeast.  I think there may be a good chance we will be spared the heaviest of the rain later today, and if only light rain falls our way we should be ready for tonight’s contest.  But of course, one can never completely predict Mother Nature, and we'll learn more this the afternoon as game time gets closer.  The good Lord willing though, we'll have a great ballgame in the Yard tonight.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bombers in town for a Doubleheader

Which engine will it take to get us wins?
The DC Bombers are flying high and landing in Fulton today after a comeback win over the Hoppers last night in extra innings.  Are the Railroaders ready for a doubleheader with the squadron from Dubois County?  Are there enough good parts to put the train to back together?   We’ll see this afternoon at 5 pm when the first of two 7 innings games begin.

On the year so far the Bombers have a 5-1 record on the Railroaders and seem to own Fulton.  The Railroaders need to build up a big head of stream and get going down the tracks to beat the Bombers.  There are 15 games left to finish the season and fifth place is not where we want to be.  As an anonymous comment on yesterday’s blog entry states, “these guys need some Soul and not some Sooo.” 

The Railroader Spirit is not dead, but sure seems asleep at the moment.  Well it’s time to wake and play ball.  I know our boys are better than their record.  Let’s turn it around and finish off the season in a strong fashion.  Fire it up and I’ll see you at the Yard or online TeamLine tonight!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Looking for a Revolutionary turnaround

The first place Oilers will counter attack the Yard tonight after beating back the Railroaders last night in Owensboro.  On a 5 games winning streak, the Oilers have bolted past the Hoppers and threaten to drive the Railroaders even further down in the standings.  With only 16 games left in the regular season, the Railroaders can ill afford another battle loss. 

The fireworks will be out tonight after the game, but we need some fireworks of our own in field of play.  There are 11 home games (on 10 days) left over the next 18 days, and it’s time now to get some more in the win column.  We’re looking for some Railroaders action both in the field and the stands.

The weather will be great tonight and tomorrow when the Bombers come for a doubleheader.  If you’re in the area, come on out to the game.  If not, turn-in to Railroaders TeamLine for all the action.  The game tonight starts at 6 pm and the doubleheader tomorrow begins at 5 pm. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“Game On” for tonight with the Miners

After another rainout last night it makes you wonder if someone isn’t performing a rain dance to put a damper on the Railroaders season.  But the forecast for the next week is looking better, and there are plenty of home field games left for the Railroaders to play.  I’ve been out to Yard already today and it’s looking good and ready for play. 

The Hoppers will have to wait for now, and tonight’s contest is with the improving Miners.  Madisonville has struggled more than any other team to start off the season.  However many of their losses have been close games and lost in the final innings.  That has changed over the last few of games and they are coming into Fulton after taking out the Hoppers in their last meeting.

The fourth place Railroaders will have to, and need to, be ready for the Miners.  It’s time for the Railroaders to get serious about playing baseball if they want a chance to improve on the season.  The Railroaders have lost four straight now and can ill afford to make it five.

For the rest of this week, the Railroaders are at home tonight, and on both Friday vs Oilers and Saturday in a doubleheader with the Bombers.  Tomorrow, Thursday, they are on road at Owensboro.  Next week there are just two home games scheduled on Tuesday and Saturday.  The final week of the regular season will see the Railroaders at home for 6 of 7 nights to close out before the post-season playoffs begin. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Head Start Hoppers at the Yard tonight

After starting the season with 11 straight wins, the Hoptown Hoppers (17-7) have dropped 7 of their last 13 games and may be showing signs of faltering in the second half.  The Oilers (17-7) have persisted and have tied up the top position in the standings (technically in first place leading over the Hoppers beating them 3 of 5 games head to head so far).  Interesting to note that the last place Miners (5-19) also handed Hoptown 3 losses, and the Bombers (11-13) account for the seventh Hoppers defeat.

The Railroaders (9-13) have yet to taste victory over the Hoppers in 5 games, and tonight would be a good time to get a win.  With 18 games left in the regular season, it is imperative for the Railroaders to get the engine fixed and break this 4 game losing streak.  We need a complete team effort, that’s Players and Fans!  I believe the Fans are ready and I know the Players have the heart for it too.  Let’s focus on one game at a time. 

There’s still time to turn this season around.  It’s the first of July, and in the next 20 days the Railroaders have 11 games to play at Home in 10 ten days.  It’s going to busy at the Yard beginning tonight.  Let’s fire it up and get our first win over the Hoppers!

Friday, June 27, 2014

UPDATE: Rainout for Mid-Season battle with the Miners

Here we go again, another rainout. Replay is TBA.
Halfway through the regular season, the Railroaders find themselves 2 games under .500 and two straight losses. With 20 games to go, now is the time to turn around with a win against the Miners.  Madisonville is coming in fresh off a second victory over the first place Hoppers (a team the Railroaders have failed to beat so far).  Against the Railroaders the Miners are 0-5 on the year, the question is; will it be 0-6 after tonight? 

Errors and unearned runs have cost the Railroaders 3 games.  Getting this under control is the most important factor at this juncture.  The pitching is good as are the bats, a clean defense will go a long way in advancing Fulton in the standings.  There is still plenty of baseball left to get well, and mid-season the best time to begin.  There are lots of home games for the Railroaders in the second half, so we need everyone out to Yard to cheer the boys on. 

Tonight is Parkway Regional Hospital Night with a silent auction for players’ jerseys, baseballs and bats.  Proceeds to benefit cancer research.  Can’t make it the game?  Listen online TeamLine and those at home can call in to make bids.  Phone numbers will be given out over TeamLine tonight for calling in bids.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Air Raid Alert at the Yard tonight

Our guns are rested and ready for action!
The Railroaders will take on the Bombers tonight.  The last meeting between the teams last Friday in Fulton ended after 4 innings with a “no game” because of lightning and weather conditions.  That shouldn’t be a problem today. 

The Bombers come to town after losing their last 3 games, while the Railroaders have put together a 3 game winning streak.  A wounded animal is dangerous and so will the Bombers as they’ll be trying hard to turn it around with a losing record at mid season. 

The Railroader are back to an even record at 9-9 with two games left before they hit the halfway season point.  They are also 5 ½ games behind the leading Hoppers and trailing the second place Oilers by 4 games.  It’s time to climb up the latter, and a continued winning streak will surely help.

The Bombers and Railroaders have met 4 times so far, with the Bombers winning 3 of games.  Time to start turning that around too.  We’ll meet up them again on July 5 for a doubleheader in Fulton. 

Every win counts big now.  “Fire it up” and come out to the Yard or join us on TeamLine. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Oilers and Railroaders go at it in the Yard

The second place Oilers took down the Hoppers last night in Hopkinsville to pull with a game of the OVL leader.  The Railroaders swept over the Miners in two games to move into third place and now trail the Hoppers by 5 1/2 games. 

Tonight's contest in Fulton means a lot for both the Railroaders and Oilers as the mid-season point is fast approaching.  The Railroaders (8-9) need the game to get back to .500 with more aspiration toward gaining ground on both the Oilers and Hoppers (who are idle tonight).   The Oilers (13-5) and have beaten the Hoppers twice in four meeting between the two teams.  Owensboro eyes are focused on taking Hoptown out and a currently on a 3 game winning streak..

The Railroaders have played the Oilers 4 times thus far in the season, splitting the wins and losses 2-2..  With to straight wins at the moment, the Railroaders should be able to beat the Oilers at home.  Looking at the numbers, errors will be the difference in the game.  The Railroaders will need to play a clean ballgame, and be aggressive both at the plate and on base.  Should be great game, so come on out to the Yard or join us on TeamLine. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hoppers in the Yard tonight

There was no joy at Fulton last night as lightning and confusion surrounded the Yard.  Hopefully tonight game with the Hoppers won’t be a repeat.  The 13-3 Hoppers were soundly beaten last night by the Miners in Madisonville and the Railroaders are looking to hand them a third straight loss. 

Hoptown certainly looks good on paper, but they’ve slipped some as of late.  After wining 11 games in a row to begin the season, they’ve dropped 2 in a row.  Still best in the OVL with only 3 losses, they are now facing teams that appear to be getting their act together, the Railroaders among them.  The Oilers took them down 10-5, the Bombers had them with 5-2 and the Miners won 11-2.  Time for the Railroaders to fire it and tack on another loss for them.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bombers attack at the Yard tonight

The Bomber will be flying high tonight when they come into Fulton after handing the Hoppers their second loss of the season on Thursday.  The Railroaders and Bombers are both battling for the third spot in the standing right now, and the game tonight move one of them down into fourth position. 

The Railroaders are really starting to come together, and now is the time to do it.  Mid-Season is just 6 games away and 5 of those games occur in the next 4 days.  We’ll need to be well above .500 ball by then in order to have a good chance to catch the Hoppers.  Tomorrow the Hoppers will be in Fulton, another important game for the Railroaders.

First the Bombers, tonight, and it looks to be a game too.  A little rain has come through the area, but it should be no problem at game time, starting at 7 pm CDT.  The heat should dry the field out well and the Railroaders will be ready.  Come on out for a great time or join us on TeamLine.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Railroaders and Oilers mix it up at the Yard tonight

The second place Oilers (9-4) are sliding into Fulton tonight for 2 games with the Railroaders.  The Oilers are coming off a fresh defeat at home against first place Hoppers.  Owensboro is playing excellent ball.  The Railroaders split a doubleheader with the Oilers last Thursday in Owensboro, the only two games between them thus far in the season.  Tonight will be a chance for the Railroaders to get back to .500 and gain a half game in the standings.

On paper, the Oilers and Railroaders look evenly matched.  Team pitching ERA for Oilers is 3.13 with the Railroaders at 3.10. Team batting averages around .236, give or take.  Slugging, OBA, walks and strikeouts both offensive and defense are nearly the same.  The only glaring difference beside the 9-4 and 5-7 records is defensive errors.  The Railroaders have committed 23 in 12 games played and the Oilers totaled only 14 in their first 12 games.  A bright spot for Fulton may be that the Oilers had 4 errors last night in their 13th season game against the Hoppers, while the Railroaders were error free last night against the Miners.

The Train is rolling and we’ll need more steam for a double win tonight.  Boilerstoker and I be firing it up for a hot time in the Yard!  Hope to see tonight in Fulton or online with TeamLine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

There was hope in Mudville and there is hope in Fulton

A tough loss to the Hoppers last night after 12 heated innings of play.  Five errors and two unearned runs tipped the scales for Hoptown.   Fulton’s record drops to 4-7 on the season, in 4th place and 7 games behind the leader Hoptown who is 12-1.  What are the players, coaches and fans to do? ....... We get back up and keep going!

Since 2011 when the Railroaders and others moved into the OVL, Fulton’s early season starts have been dismal to say the least.  Through the first 11 games in  4 seasons, including 2014, the Railroaders have had a record of 4-7 in three of the four starts.  And in 2013 they were 5-6 at this mark.  At the completion of the first three seasons, Fulton finished 2nd in the standings and went on to win two OVL post-season playoff titles.

So there is hope at the Yard and it begins tonight.  Although winless Madisonville is coming to town, it won’t be easy.  The wounded Miners for hungry for win and are dangerous having lost several close games they should have won. 

For the Railroaders it’s one game at a time now, and there are plenty of games to play with the rain gone.  There are 8 games over the next 7 days, with 5 days at home in the Yard (including a doubleheader tomorrow with the Oilers). With a total of 29 games left in the season, we can improve our standing a lot in the near term.

Yes, there is hope for Fulton.  What we need now are good bats, error free defense and Fan support!  If you can’t come out to the Yard, you can still cheer online with Teamline.  Time to get this train out of the round house and rolling down the track.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The mighty Hoppers jumping into the Yard.

A Question of Weather and Fortitude
The 2 questions for tonight are; 1) will the the Railroaders hand the Hoppers their first loss, and 2) will the rain leave us alone and the field drys out?  We should know the answer to the second question first over the next few hours.  As for the first question....well, the Railroaders (3-3) are starting to show signs of life now with 2 wins in a row. 

The next big test will come tonight when the Hoptown Hoppers return to the Yard for another game.   The Hoppers beat up the Railroaders at Fulton's season home opener and stomped our boys a second time in Hopkinsville.  The Hoppers are undefeated on the season.  They are playing well and seem to be a well oiled machine.  Their first real sign of weakness came last night against the winless Miners in Madisonville where Hoptown had to struggled in extra innings to finally beat the Miners.

A victory over the Hoppers tonight by the Railroaders would go a long way for Fulton in slowing down Hoptown momentum and get some of their own.  FYI, the Railroaders have the OVL record for most consecutive wins with 12 and was set in 2012.  The Hoppers have 9 in row for the moment.  Time for this to end, as long as the answer to question #2 is yes!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oilers sliding into Fulton

The Railroaders' win last night puts them into position tonight to tie up second place in the standings if they can beat the Oilers who lost on Friday.  The Oilers are playing pretty good ball and will be tough to take down.  The Railroaders are improving each game and are beginning to look like a team with a mission.  We need to keep the errors down and get the bats going better.  Hopefully the ran will stay away long enough to get the game in.  It should be a great night for baseball at the Yard.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Railroaders vs Bombers at the Yard

The 1-1 Railroaders will be looking for their first Home Win tonight against the 0-2 Bombers who’ll be trying to find their first win in 2014.  The Railroaders will finally have their full roster tonight and with one win under the belt we’ll see if the momentum will carry on.  I’m sure the Bombers would love to spoil things so it should be a good game. 

Looking at the early standings, and considering several games rained out, it is somewhat clear how the rankings are shaping up.  The 4-0 Hoppers seems to have their act together, as usual, and have the early lead.  I’m sure their strategy is to jump out early, get a 4+ lead over the second place team and stay there.  Its something they have done well every year since joining the OVL two years ago.

The Railroaders usually start slow losing too many games early on and come on strong before mid-season.  This year’s 1-1 start is the best since 2010 while in the old KIT league.  A stronger start this year should put us in a better position to catch and over take the Hoppers before regular season ends.

The 2-1 Oilers are certainly proving to be what is expected, a tough team to beat.  The Railroaders take on the Oilers this Saturday at the Yard, the next home game.  The two teams have a doubleheader next Thursday in Owensboro to make up the rainout from Monday.

The 0-2 Bombers and 0-3 Miners are struggling some getting out of the gate.  I’m sure they’ll find themselves soon, and when they do the pressure will be on for every team. Yes, its still early and anything can happen.  I just hope to see more lead changes this year than previous ones.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hoppers at the Yard tonight.

Well maybe we'll finally get the Railroaders season started tonight and at the Yard in Fulton.  Our ole' rivals the Hoppers will be here, along with a few of their fans too.  I'm expecting a nice crowd of Railroaders supporters to be there as well.  If you can make it, you can listen online thru TeamLine, AND for the first time streaming video over the Internet if you so choose.  Look for you there or here!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Just too much water!

Having made the trip to DC for nice ballgame, I felt an impulse to do whatever I could to help dry the Bombers field after a downpour of rain (which occurred just as I arrived).  But after I mistakenly took what appeared to be barrels of Quick Dry and opened one up, I realized they contained napalm used by the Bombers.  Even at that, I thought the fire might help dry things up, but to no avail.

So both the Railroaders and Bombers have to wait another day before beginning their 2014 season.  The Bombers will head to Owensboro to play the Oilers who are idle tonight.  The Railroaders will now get to start their season at home after all, and against their nemesis Hoptown Hoppers.  Hope the rain doesn't follow me back to Fulton tomorrow.  Now time to find a train heading south.....  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"All Aboard" for 2014 Railroader Baseball

Just a week away before Opening Night at the Yard for the 2014 Season.  Seems like just yesterday the Railroaders ended the 2013 season with a big victory over the Hoppers in Hopkinsville and took the post season championship.  Next Saturday a new set of Hoppers will come Fulton to face a new Railroader roster that looks pretty good on paper.  I'm looking for this years batch of Railroaders to carry on the momentum from 2013 into 2014.

The Railroaders will actually begin their season on the road Friday night going to Dubois County in Indiana to play the Bombers, another tough team.  I'll hop a train to get there in hopes the Boys can start off with a win. The last 3 seasons the Railroaders haven't seen a victory to begin the season.  Regardless the outcome, I know the guys will be finishing the season strong. This year though, we're looking for a stronger start in the standings to go ago with a great finish.  For 4 Years now, the Railroaders have ended the regular season in 2nd place.  In those 4 Post Season playoff series the Railroaders have won 2 championships.  Let's add a Season Pennant to go with a Post Season title in 2014!

On a few notes about the Yard this year.  The Railroaders Owners have made some improvements to help bring a better summer baseball experience to the fans.  I haven't seen the menu this year yet, but there'll be grilling I'm sure.  A new extension to the concession area promises to improve an already great menu selection. I can hardly wait for the smell of food cooking.  And TeamLine will be back for online audio coverage of home games along with added, optional live video streaming from the press box.

Hopefully everyone who is able will get out to the Yard next Saturday to help the Railroaders kick off the OVL season in Fulton.  See you there!