Friday, June 26, 2009

We’ve taken the first battle!

Marlene, Boilerstoker and I are reporting that it was a close battle our first night of fighting in Tradewater. We were successful though and scrapped by with a one to nothing victory over the Pirates. Marlene kept the Pirates occupied with her sexy smile, while Boilerstoker turned up the heat and stream to make it uncomfortable. With the Railroaders doing the rest of the fighting, all I had to do was chow down on the Bucs’ supplies and break wind for our sails to propel us home.

We’ve overtaken the Buc in the standing now, and with 2 more nights of the same results we’ll have more ground to stand on. Let’s keep the pressure on! My spy sources tell me the Oilers aren’t fairing well in Marion, so look out, here we go!

UPDATE: Well, the battles fought in Marion and Sikeston were a bit different from ours. Apparently the Dogs and Cats had bigger cannons than the Bulls and Oilers. With Owensboro dropping their game, we now hold an even position with them in the standings. Holding the high ground can be tough, we're a marked band of brothers now. No time to rest, let's get back in there and give no quarter!

The Bucs take the second battle. UPDATE (Saturday, June 27): Darn that double cannon shot in the 8th. Another close one but the Bucs fought their way back and beat us. We did a fine job in the 9th to get back 1 of the runs, but we'll have to do better tomorrow night. Let's just ignore the clammering of the Pirates and get the best of 3 over these guys.

Railroaders win the 3rd battle. UPDATE (Sunday, June 28): The Bucs had a false sense of security with an early volley, but the scrapping Railroaders fought back and pounded out a 9-4 win. We did it, the best of 3 in our last trip to Tradewater. The next time we see them, it will be on our ground.

Now it's time to face off with the Oilers, tied with us at the top. We need everyone out at the Yard on Monday and Tuesday to support the Railroaders as they go for control in the standings.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poor driving will get you every time.

Well it wasn’t pretty for the Hounds tonight, but they didn’t run into our train. Instead, they ran off into a ditch, smashed up their front and couldn’t pull the bus out in 9 innings to overtake us. We’ll take it! The Railroaders had me a bit concerned with an error on the very first play of the game. But they buckled down and finally got the defense working to help Tyler Farley hold the dogs to 2 runs. We were fortunate the bus, which was clearly aimed at us, didn’t plow us under and went off the road instead. We’ll see the Greyhounds 3 more times before the season is over, so they’ll have some time to fix it.

Now we’re off to Tradewater for 3 games. The Pirates loss tonight and slip back to 2nd place with us a ½ game behind in 3rd. The Oilers victory over the Pirates put them back into 1st, just one game ahead of us. So let’s gets some wins over Tradewater, because the Oilers are headed to Fulton on Monday and Tuesday for 2 games. It’s time to MOVE guys! Mid-season is approaching and it’s our chance to take control.

Run over by a Bus!

Did anyone get the number of the bus that ran the Railroaders and me down last night? I'm sure none of us excepted such a smashing loss to the dogs last night, but it happened none the less. I believe the game was even uglier than me! Well, we've just got to get back up off the blacktop and go again tonight. New day, new ballgame. The standings don't chance much, we're still in 3rd, a game and a half behind the now league leading Pirates who beat the Oilers on Wednesday night. The Dogs move up a little and are biting at our heels again. So let's fire up the engine and get back on the track. I know this bus can't survive a collision with a train.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain on Our Parade, will you!

Another night, another road trip to Owensboro, and still we couldn't get a break from the rain and lightning. You think the Oilers had it planned that way? Meanwhile, the rest of the league got to play their 2 game series with interesting results. With both the Cats and Dogs, and the Bucs and Bulls split their series causing the League standings to stay the same. In fact, the top 3 teams are in the same position they were before the weather fouled things up on Sunday. The Railroaders remain in 3rd place just 1 game behind the leading Oilers with the Bucs wedged between us by a half a game. Oh, what could have been had we'd been allowed to play the Oilers in the 3 games, now postponed.

Well onward and upward I always say. We face the Hounds now beginning on Wednesday, at home in the Yard. While the the Bulls go off to Marion for a couple with the Bobcats, the 2nd place Bucs head to rainy Owensboro for 2 games. I wonder what kind of weather the Oilers have planned to maintain their position. Not a problem for us though. Let's get pumped back up and take these 2 games with the Greyhounds. Wins will ensure that we move up in the standings and really put the pressure on the remaining leader.

So Boilerstoker and I are headed by to the yard for Wednesday's outing. We did decided to leave our rain gear for Bucs fans to use, and as a reminder to the Oilers "We'll be Back!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Win!

You just can’t ask for more excitement than last night’s game against the Bobcats. All the drama of baseball you can imagine was present in the come-from-behind, extra innings game. In the first 2 games on the series, we pretty much had the Cats pinned up, but last night they got out and took over our early lead. Even after tying them up again, twice, they jumped back out each time and it looked to be a late night with extra innings. Finally, in the bottom of the 11th, Zach Getsee, who hadn’t had a hit all night, put an end to the chase with a base clearing double and bases loaded, scoring 3 RBIs while we were trailing by 2, and gave us a 1 run victory and 3 game sweep of the Bobcats. The crowd went wild . . . I thought the bleachers and grandstand were going to come apart.

With our win and the Pirates falling to the Greyhounds, the race tightens between the top 3 clubs with only 1 game separating the teams. The Oilers won their 3rd straight over the Bulls and move into 1st. The Pirates are a half game back in 2nd and the Railroaders in the mix one game out in 3rd place.

Now that we are fired up and the engine has a full head of steam, the Railroaders are headed to Owensboro to take on the 1st place Oilers who have won 5 straight. There’s one game on Sunday and a doubleheader on Monday. Head to head with the league leader, this is our chance to move forward again in the standings. The Pirates, who dropped 2 or their 3 games with the Greyhounds, will be going up against the Bulls who lost all 3 games they just completed with the Oilers.

As we approach the mid season point this coming week, we have a great opportunity to gain control of the race. The Greyhounds will be coming to town on Wednesday and Thursday for 2 games in our house. It’s time for us to make a statement!!!