Saturday, July 16, 2016

Stallions return to the Yard one more time

Let's ride 'em hard again
The Railroaders will face off with the Stallions again tonight for their last meeting in Fulton during the regular season. They will play together again a last time in Muhlenberg one week from today. Five times the two teams have fought each other with the Railroaders winning four of the contests. Hopefully the tread will continue in our favor.

With only 8 regular season games left for Fulton, winning now becomes critical for the 5th place Railroaders. We are only a half game ahead of the 6th place Chiefs and 7 ½ behind the 4th place Oilers. The Oilers have 13 games remaining to play. If we are to catch them we must win and hope the Oilers stumble and fall further.

It seems unlikely we can get into the 4th spot, but the Railroaders have added two new pitchers to help the cause. We can and should at least build some momentum heading into the post-season playoffs. It would still be nice to host a first round home game. So for now all we can do is our best. Let’s finish the regular season on a high note.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Doubleheader with the Oilers

Can we please find some steam to push ahead for a final run?
After another stinging loss on the road last night to the Miners, the Railroaders return to the Yard today for two games against the Owensboro Oilers. The first game will start a 5:00 pm and each game of course will be for 7 innings. The Oilers were rained out last night in Dubois County after only 3 ½ innings with the Bombers.

The question remains, can the Railroaders build some momentum before the post-season playoffs begin on July 25? With just 12 games remaining to play, every win counts towards improving Fulton’s position in the standings which determines playoff seeding. The Railroaders, currently in 5th place, are just a half game ahead of the Paducah Chiefs. If the season ended right now, we would be heading to Dubois County to face off with the Bombers in Round 1 for a single game elimination bout.

To get a home game in Round 1, the Railroaders must sit at least 4th in the standings. A tall order seeing we are 7 1/5 games behind the current 4th place Bombers.

Can it be done? Sure, but the Railroaders must start winning and put a nice string of victories together to do it. Only once this year have the Railroaders won 2 games in row. Not very encouraging to look back at. But that doesn’t mean things can’t turn around. I suppose we’ll see beginning today. A double win against a good team like the Oilers would go a long way to helping our cause.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dry land at the Yard tonight

After being cooped up for nearly a week, the rain appears to have stop and play has resumed. The affect of not stretching our legs surely tainted the Railroaders ability to produce last night in Hoptown, but it’s a new day now and Stallions are heading to town.

While we may be struggling, so are the Stallions. MC dropped their doubleheader with the Miners last night by one run in both games. The Railroaders never really got out of the gate against the Hoppers in a loss I know must have made for a long ride home. Let's remember that negative thoughts won't help our cause.

It is time to pick ourselves back up and go after the Stallions again. Both teams may be at the bottom of the stack, but not out. There are 12 regular season games left to play and a higher standing is still possible. Let’s never give up and finish off the season on a high note. The playoffs are another chance we can look forward too, and anything is possible.

Let’s go Railroaders!