Saturday, July 30, 2011

Backs against the Wall

Wow, who would have thought the Oilers would rack up 52 runs on the Railroaders in the last 4 games played against them, including 5 homeruns in last night's game! As we managed 18 runs over the course of those 4 games, the Oilers seem to have our number and continued to pound the dickens out of us. There are 2 chances left though for guys to turn it around, and the challenge is great as the team must travel to Owensboro 1 game down to play in hostile territory. Can they pull it off? Can the Railroaders reverse the Oilers momentum? We'll have to wait for the smoke signals tonight to find out.

UPDATE: Smokes signal couldn't get through due to Rain (out). Tomorrow they try again with a doubleheader at 5 pm.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Final Championship Series

It all begins tonight, best of 3 in the final round of Post Season Playoffs. Just us and the Oilers left to compete. I broke out the ole' crystal ball to check and see if anything is revealed. I see a lot of hitting going on, will it be a shootout or a blowout. In the last 3 games with the Oilers of the regular season they totaled up 35 runs on us and won all three. The Railroaders were 6-5 against the Oilers before those last 3 nightmare games. Final season record with the Oilers was 6-8, time to even the score on head-to-head play. Let's get our bats and meet them on the field. It may be the 1st game in the series, but its the last game at the Yard, let's go out get the first win at home tonight!

Last Teamline webcast tonight for 2011. It's been real!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No. 2 Post Season ballgame w/Bobcats

Lots of wood at Marion last night, I could almost hear the cracks of the bats all the way from Fulton. The Railroaders not only hit the ball, they ran the bases and scored more than enough to win 9-3. Tonight the boys are home for #2 with the Cats. Question is, will there be a #3 tomorrow night at the Yard? Either way, I'm pleased we aren't thru with baseball yet. I know the guys must be tired and ready for a break before returning to school. Hopefully there's some thrills left in them for the Fans and even a Post Season Title for those who want it the most.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post Season Playoff Series

We have arrived at the end of the regular season in 2nd place, and now time for Postseason Playoffs. As the #2 seed in Round 1 the Railroaders face the #3 seeded Bobcats. First game is in Marion and the second 2 games in Fulton for the best of 3 series. The Railroaders are planning to provide TeamLine coverage over the Internet for all games played in Fulton, but not the away games.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Finish on the Season

Couldn't be prouder of the Railraoders as they complete their regular season in fine form. Hurt by injuries, hot and tired, the guys continued to battle on the field and conclude with 4 straight wins. Fitting they beat the Bobcats on the final game, reversing the opening night loss to the Cats. Now we wait and see, what will it be? How will it end? Will we play a deciding game with the Oilers or have accept a second place standing? Still plenty of drama to think about.