Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I'm not trying to hitch a ride"

Having been mistaken for a hobo hopping a train, the Yard Master told me I needed to shave and forget about becoming a Railroader. Sure enough, Manager Estes has refilled the roster, and one of them is Hodskins from last year’s team. I suppose with Cory back on the team, there’s no need for me to keep the facial hair, Lord knows I can’t compete with him. Well it’s great to see him with the 2008 Railroaders, his skills will definitely make the team even better.

Estes has also signed what appears to be a great outfielder from Springfield College in Illinois by the name of Kurt Dudley. Another strong lefthander like myself. David added another guy from Union University, Kevin Kirksey is a big boy at 6’4” and 215 lbs, and plays first, third, or pitches. All these guys were recruited in month of May by Estes to fill 3 vacated spots. The 22 man roster is now ready!
With only 10 days left before opening night, it’s looking slim I’ll get any chance to make the team. But I’ll remain a free agent and perhaps help Marlene get the batgirl job. . . wonder where she put the garden shears?