Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Time of Reckoning

Six games left, and 4 over the next three nights at home with the Pirates. They are 2 games back in 3rd and want more. It’s time to play our best ball of the season and take the Bucs to task. Let us not forget the Hounds trailing only 1 game in 2nd, they are going up against the Bulls for 4 games (the Bulls have given the Dogs a hard time this year also). Our destiny is in our own hands now. To be the champs of the regular season, we will have to show that we are over the next few days. There are also 2 games with the Bobcats to make up, but first the Pirates. Let’s give 110% and push the engine over max, and secure the pennant. We can do it, I feel it in my bones. We need all the Fan support to give their all, too. The 2009 Railroader Team Picture. with signatures, went into the “time capsule” this week. Let’s make sure people 50 years from now look at it and say, “Those guys brought Fulton a double title in 2009!” Fire it up, boys!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don’t take the Cats for Granted.

After 43 games completed, we have a slim one game lead over the Hounds. Now it’s time to face off with Bobcats for 3 games in Marion. The Greyhounds must go and fight with the 3rd place Pirates and I’m sure there’s going to be fireworks between those two teams as they play to gain ground over each other and us, before the season closes. As long as we keep our train on the winning track, we need not be concerned. Let us focus on the Cats, they are by no means a sure thing for us. Even though they are currently in last place and they're cuddly and cute, they can scratch deeply. As there is with every team, there is always something to play for. For the Bobcats, they are fighting for 2 things in my humble opinion:

  1. The first thing is to get out of the basement in the standings, which they are nearly about to do. The Cats currently are only a half game behind the Oilers, depending on the results of their Sunday makeup game with the Pirates in Tradewater.

  2. Second, they’d love to be the spoilers for the teams at the top. They just beat the Hounds 2 of 3 in Marion, and with good fan support. And let’s face it; the Hounds are nothing to sneeze at. The Railroaders are going to play in a hostile environment at Marion. So focus and sound baseball playing is called upon to take care of business there.

The Bobcats have been hot since the 1st of July, with a winning record of 8-6. They have improved in every area and won’t go down easily. Let’s be on our toes when we go there. They would just love to knock us out as they did with the Hounds. We have taken them 5 of the 7 games we’ve played thus far. Let’s work hard to take the last 3 as well.

After that, we’re back home with the Pirates. Regardless of the outcome between the Bucs and the Hounds (while we play the Cats), our final battles with Tradewater will determined our fate in the standings. The Post Season Playoffs begin next week, let’s secure the pennant this week, take a couple of days rest, and play to get a second title in 2009. Fire it up, boys!