Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Season is over, but the Memories Great

Well we wish the season could go on for a few more games, but we'll have to settle for 2nd place in the regular season play. There were many great moments in 2008 and we'll look forward to 2009 for even more. The Players, Coaches, Fans, and Owners have all contributed to exciting baseball in Fulton. If you would like to express your thoughts, this is the place to do it. Boilerstoker and I wish all the players success in their future with baseball and hope to see a few next year. Congrats to the Oilers and the Pirates on their play Playoff run so far, good luck in the 3rd Round.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On to Post Season Play

The standings for the season have finally been decided and the Railroaders take the 2 seat for the Playoffs. What a ride! It came down to the last day of the seasonal play to get there, too. Congrats to the team for a great finish and fine win against the Bobcats. Now the guys have 2 days to rest up and get ready for the tough Post Season Playoff series in round 2 with either the Oilers or Firebirds (I stand corrected from my first posting when I thought it was UC or Marion we would face). Both these teams will mean business when go at it on Monday the round 1, single game elimination in Owensboro. Then on Tuesday, the winner will be hosting the Railroaders for the first game in the best of 3 games, round 2. The second game, and third if necessary, will be played in Fulton at the Yard.

The Railroaders are a little thin in the ranks going into the Playoffs, but their spirit is strong and you can see it in their eyes as they played on Saturday. And as Boilerstoker pointed out, had we not won the game, the Oilers would have taken the 2nd seed by their sweeping of the Hounds in Union City on the same night. I must admit I was a Greyhound fan for a while, hoping they would take out the Oilers for at least one game to ensure our 2nd place position. But our players knew if they won, there would be nothing the Oilers could do to stop them from securing the 2nd top standing for 2008’s regular season. They did just that and I’m extremely proud of everyone of them. I believe in the upcoming Playoffs they have a lot more to show us too. Go get’em Railroaders!

BTW, Marlene is as tickled as can be and is wondering if any of the players don't have a girl friend.