Friday, July 25, 2008

Railroader and Bobcat matchup report

Here are some numbers to help size up the contest between the Railroaders (47 games) and the Bobcats (45 games). Pretty even in the pitching department with ERA's, 3.45 Cats and 3.38 Railroaders. The only noteworthy difference would be they've walked 53 more batters than we have with 2 less games played about a 100 less batters faced. In every other pitching category we are pretty much even.

At the plate there are a couple of differences worth mention. We have 261 RBI's to their 141, a difference of 120. (with of course 2 more games played). We have 113 more runs scored and 114 more walks. Team batting averages are Cats .240 and Railroaders .254. They do steal a few more bases than we do. Other than these, both teams again look much the same.

So, I think is boils down to who's more fired up and in-tune for playing. The Bobcats have been scrappy of late and have won 5 in a row including a game against the Pirates and a 2 game sweep of the Greyhounds in the dog pound. I guess that answers where they're at, playing for pride and being successful. On the otherhand, we have the Railroaders, and until last night I was a bit concerned for they well being in the standing. But the train has been put back on the track by one shift crack of the bat in the bottom a 9th inning comeback by Hunter Dawson who more than paid for 2 errors he was charged with during the game. Hunter displayed what the 2008 Railroader team is all about, pick it up, keep it cool and get the job done! That moment in the Yard will be one that everyone there will always remember. So if you want to see some that action, get out there tonight and Saturday for some more. Because the Train is rolling and the steam pressure is up. Go Railroaders!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 nd place

new season, everybody will be 0-0. First team to 2 wins will be champs. Good Luck to all teams, congrats to the RR's. keep playing good ball,
Rattler, outta here

Time to settle down and play ball

Certainly fate played a roll in keeping us in the race for 2nd seed. We can’t count on the Oilers and Hounds to lose again to help us retain our position. We’re hurt and have several players out now for the season, but there are still quality players within the roster and it’s time to step up. Our defense has improved and can even the game when our pitching goes sour, but the bats must come alive if we are to secure that 2nd position. Clutch hits are what I’m talking about. I’ve seen every player in the current starting line-up do it before and know they can do it again. The Railroaders are due. It’s time to turn this train around and get back on the winning track.

Just a note on the umps; it is what it is and I think both sides received the same treatment. More over, the fans are frustrated with losing and I’m sure the players are even more so. Let’s pick up our Spirits, get back on the field and in the stands, let’s finish the season in grand style. We can overcome bad calls.

The race for second is as tight as it can be and we're not out of it by a long shot. I've foregone shaving today for a game face tonight. I think even Marlene is letting her arm pits grow out. If we can't scare the Pirates, nobody can!

Monday, July 21, 2008

1 win away until new champs

Everyone needs to congratulate the Tradewater Pirates on their regular season title. They are the outright champs for the 2008 season. Now the battle for 2nd is on, a 3 way race. The Pirates have wrapped it up but can spoil Fultons chances for 2nd in the league. We gotta get out there and kick some butt.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 3 way battle for 2nd seed.

With a magic number of 1, it seems apparent that the Pirates will take the season pennant. The 2nd place position is still far from being decided, but we will know by this time next week who will play who in the Post Season Playoffs. The Railroaders, Hounds and Oilers are now going to fight it out for that 2nd seat. The Pirates will have some say in it too as they come into Fulton on Wednesday for 2 games and test the Railroaders' ability to come back and make a play for it. While we scrap with the Bucs, the Greyhounds will be in Bobcat country for 2 and the Oilers will be hosting the Firebirds for 2 days of doubleheaders. The Railroaders end the regular season on Friday and Saturday with the Bobcats in our Yard, as the Oilers and Hounds close it out in Owensboro.

So the question is, which of the 3 teams bidding for 2nd seed are hungry enough to take it? I’m sure each one of them will be thinking about it over the next 3 days as the Kitty League All Stars go and face the CICL in Huntingburg. I like and choose to believe the Railroaders have it in themselves to make it happen. It comes down holding our position by winning against the league leader Pirates, beating the Bobcats, and possibly taking out the Oilers in a make-up game yet to be played. What’s it going to be, Railroaders? It’s up to the team to get their act together, plus the fans continued support. I’ll be there, good or bad, and I hope the players and fans are too.