Saturday, June 25, 2011

TeamLine online

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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Race is tightening up

With our Railroaders defeating the 1st place Bobcats last night and the Pirates beating the 2nd place Oilers, and with a fast approaching mid season point; it makes one wonder what is lying ahead. The Railroaders are over .500 in road games (5-4) and only 1-5 at home. Ummm . . I feel a winning streak coming on. The Lord knows, Fulton is do some the great baseball at home in the manner the Railroaders have been playing road games. Tonight seems like a good time to start.

The Bobcats are in town, still ahead in the pack. The Oilers handled them fine and did our Railroaders last night giving them their first back to back losses on the season. Let's tighten this race even more, take them down another notch and hand them a 3rd straight loss. One good thing about being on the bottom in the standings, there's no where to go but up! And this is a great time to start doing it with only 6 games left to the midway point of the season.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Costly error

Darn unearned run ended our chances last night. Let's pick it up and work just a little harder preventing crucial errors when the game is on the line. Good game otherwise, keep up the pressure and good things lay ahead. I'm getting the feeling that the table is slowly turning. The Railroaders play is getting better every game. Pitching has improved, bats and base running are really looking good. We're not at the half season point yet, so pently of ball left to play. Now let's go and get the Bobcats tonight in Marion and again tomorrow at Home. The picture can be a lot different by this time next week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ready to attack again

The Railroaders won the first battle with the Pirates last night. Now its time to hit them again tonight at Tradewater and move us up in the standings. The Bucs and Roaders exchanged equal Hits in the last game, but our guys came out ahead in scoring home shots. Let's keep the pressure up and go right back at 'em, no time to waste. We're getting our rhythm, so go Railroaders, full stream ahead!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One step forward, one step back

After the doubleheader with the Oilers, we're no worse off than we were. The split keeps us at 5 games back of the Bobcats and unfortunately still in 4th place. More road games ahead this week; tonight and tomorrow in Tradewater with the Pirates, then in Marion on Thursday with the Bobcats. We're playing .500 ball on the road so let's see if we can pick it up and gets some wins over the next 3 days. The guys return home on Friday to face the Cats and on Saturday against the Oilers. Sunday is another doubleheader in Owensboro. Time to get on our game and do some advancing in the standing! I'd really rather be breakdancing on the heads of our opponents. Come'on guys I know you can do it!