Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting ready for the Baseball

One week to go and lots of work left to do at the Yard before the first pitch of season.  Now that I’ve gained back some weight from my harrowing 9 months of swimming, I think a little stadium work with Boilerstoker is befitting the situation.  Probably a good thing they haven’t started cooking up Railroader Dogs yet.

The players begin to arrive in just a couple days, as well as Coach Destrade who knows what it’s like to be in a tough situation.  I’m sure he’ll have the team whipped into shape before next Friday’s game.  Along with our 2011 veteran players, I know we’re in for an exciting season of ball playing.  Several Florida boys coming to play this year, they should be conditioned well for the heat to come. 

Friday’s opening season game with the reborn Hoptown Hoppers should be fun.  The Hoppers played for 28 of the 31 active seasons of the old KITTY League that ended in 1955.  Can hardly wait to see how they fair in the OVL.  Saturday’s game should be even better with the Oilers coming to town.  We know they’ll be pumped up. 

Although a few things are yet to be done at the Yard, the field is looking really good.   Thanks to Cubby and Richey, the playing surface is beautiful.  They even managed to run off the stray dogs that deposited some unwanted piles in the Press Box.  I thought it was just some leftover Railroader Dogs from last year and it’s a good thing they were disposed of, I am back on a diet for now.  Hope to see everyone at the Yard, baseball is just around the corner.