Friday, July 22, 2016

Fan Appreciation Night at the Yard

We have finally arrived at the last regular 2016 ballgame in the Yard tonight. The always tough and 1st place Hoptown Hoppers will be playing our Railroaders for the 7th time this year. The Railroaders have only beat the Hoppers once out of six tries and a win tonight would make our final home even sweeter.

Although our season record is less than we’d hope for, there are still the post-season playoffs to look forward to. The Railroaders will play the Round One single game elimination on Monday and on the road. Where that will be is still to be determined, mostly likely in Owensboro or Dubois County. We’ll just have to wait and see how the final standings fall out.

A victory in Round One will send us on into a best-of- three game series Round Two. The first game in that round would be on the road as well with the second game at home. That would be next Wednesday if the Railroaders can put us in the position.

For now though it’s the Hoppers and Railroaders tonight. Fan Appreciation night with “specials” for everyone. Come on out and enjoy a final regular season game of baseball and support the Railroaders as they play to press forward in the season. The final regular season game will be on the road to Muhlenberg tomorrow, so you don’t want to miss tonight at the Yard!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Battle for 5th place at the UTM (not the Yard)

UPDATE: The game has been moved to UTM in Martin TN due to a rained out Yard just before game time at 5 pm. The game can be heard online at West Kentucky Star at

TeamLine will not be online tonight

With 4 games remaining in the season, the Railroaders will be playing to help secure 5th place in the standings. Either Fulton or Paducah will take this spot when the dusk clears, the loser will drop to the 6th seed for the post-season playoffs beginning next Monday. Who’s it going to be?

The doubleheader with the Chiefs at the Yard today will help determine who might get the higher seed. The Railroaders and Chiefs have met 5 times already with the Railroaders winning 3 and the Chiefs taking the other 2 games. The Railroaders will need to win at least one of the games for a tie breaker should both teams end up with the same record in the standings.

Besides the 2 games today with the Chiefs, the Railroaders have a game with the Hoppers on Friday here in Fulton and one in Muhlenberg with the Stallions on Saturday.

After today, the Chiefs will have 4 games remaining. They will play the Bombers on Thursday in Paducah, the Oilers on Friday in Owensboro, Hoppers on Saturday in Paducah and finish off the season on Sunday in Muhlenberg against the Stallions.

It has been a tough season for both teams, so anything can happen. I’m putting my money on the Railroaders though. I believe we can take 3 or the 4 remaining games, maybe even all 4 if the Hoppers (who have now secured #1 seed) decide to rest their starters. The Chiefs have a harder road to travel playing both the Oilers and Bombers who are still trying to improve their standings.

One thing is sure; it’s going to be a hot one on the field today, but the grandstand will be cooler with the fans going. Hope to see you at Yard, 5 pm first game start.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Oilers and Railroaders meet for 7th time

The Oilers return to the Yard tonight for the final meeting between the two teams in the regular season. The Oilers, currently 4th in the standings, have a 19-14 record and are 7 ½ games ahead of our 5th place Railroaders who have with their 13-23 record. The teams have met six times so far with both teams tied with 3-3 records against each other.

Although highly unlikely, mathematically the Railroaders could end up in a tie with the Oilers for 4th place. The Railroaders would have to win out on the rest of the season and the Oilers would have to lose all their remaining games. With that being said, the tiebreaker for 4th place would be the head-to-head season record between the teams. The game tonight will determine that fate.

Even under the improbable scenario explained above, we should be playing for pride at this point in the season. Let’s beat the Oilers one more time and keep the hope alive for a Round One Home game next Monday!

There are 3 more days worth of regular season home games to play; tonight with the Oilers, Wednesday a doubleheader with the Chiefs, and finally on Friday with the 1st place Hoppers. Our current homestanding record is 10-8 compared to our 3-15 road record.  Let’s keep our home record on the positive side and finish off the season on an upbeat note!