Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heading down the track

We're no better or worse off after splitting the 2 games with the Cats, mainly due to the Hounds dropping one of their 2 games with the Pirates. The Bulls however, beat the Oilers twice and move up a notch past Owensboro. Looks like the Bulls took their 2 losses to us out on the Oilers, and I'll bet they are waiting for us to come back.

Boilerstoker tells me all the problems with the engine are fixed and we’re ready to roll. Look out Sikeston here we come! Three nights in the Bull Fighting Arena then back home for a couple of games with the Pirates. There are 15 games left in the regular season before the playoffs begin. Every victory now really counts towards winning the pennant and first seed in post-season play. The Bulls are a tough group and even though we beat them twice earlier in the week, it doesn’t mean it will be a cakewalk. So let’s get the train moving, use our power, and pick up some speed. The race is on and there’s no holding back now! Our loss on Thursday was only a minor setback. Let's focus and move on. Let's think "Error Free" and "Bats", we can do this. I feel it in my bones.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The crystal ball tells all . . Cats then Bulls

Excellent two game series with the Bulls and a day off. Not a bad way to start the week. We should be ready for the rest of it now. Let's consider what the situation is now.

The Bobcats are stalking into town tonight and Thursday having just beaten the Pirates 2 of 3 and 2 straight wins. Before the Bucs, the Cats whipped up on the Bulls 2 out of 3 and their wins weren’t close either. They may be 12-20 on the season, but they are no push over. We need to be on our best defensive behavior and generate a lot of offense to take these games. We need wins to keep pace with the Hounds who are hot at the moment (I expect the Oilers and Pirates to throw a little water on them over the next few days). So let’s get out the catnip and put these felines in la-la land.

We head back to Bulls' arena on Friday for a 3 game set. We were successful in handing them earlier this week for 2 games, and they’ll want retribution when we return. So there’s lot of work to do in the remainder of this week. At just 1 game back, we are in great position to grab the lead once the Dogs stumble over their paws and fall. Let’s just KEEP OUR TRAIN ON THE TRACK and we’ll be just fine. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to ROLL!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Time to Weep over UC Sweep

We are finally rid of the Greyhounds for the regular season, and should we meet up with them again in the playoffs it will be a whole new game. It is always a little bitter to lose to the dogs, but that’s behind us now. There is no time or reason for us to lick our wounds other than learning from our mistakes. With 19 games left, there is a lot of baseball yet to play and the outcome has not been determined so far. We’re currently in 2nd place and that’s better than 4 other teams in the league.

Next up over the coming week are 5 games with the Bulls in Sikeston and 2 with the Bobcats in Fulton. We are 8-2 combined so far against these two teams, 3-2 on the Bulls and 5-0 with the Cats. Let’s make the most of the next 8 days. We have a great opportunity to harden our position going into the final stretch. Let’s get the train back on the winning track and we’ll do just fine, trust me. I believe in the Railroaders’ ability to overcome the setbacks, and I believe our players’ talent and passion for the game can get us through. Let’s fired it up and roll down the tracks with a full head of stream!