Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Have Returned

I'm back and ready for baseball. During the off season I thought I'd give myself break by working on the Orient Express as a waiter in the dinning car. I meet many interesting people during my time and ready considered taking on the job permanently, but Boilerstokers call and said I've better return before the first game of 2010. So, I my said farewells to all my favorite customers and hitched a ride back to States aboard the Slow Boat to China.

After arriving home, I discover that many changes in the League have taken place. Only 5 teams this year and some inter-league play to occur with a league group from the Nashville area. Sounds good to me, the Railroaders can hold their own against anyone from any where. I also see that Farmington as a new team, the Browns! My, my, it just keeps getting better and better.

The Railroader roster of players look very good too. My independent research show we can look forward to great pitching and offense. Only a few days left until the opening season game at home with the ole' Oilers. I can hardly wait to get the Yard and enjoy all the action and FOOD! See you at the ballpark.