Friday, May 2, 2008

Hardballer might get a date.

Yea Hardballer, I do have a sister, her name is Marlene. She’s very interested in being a part of the Railroaders organization, too. She’s designed a batgirl uniform but it unsure if the team would be interested. Now if you have any pull with the front office, maybe she might go out with you just to get her foot in the door. But let me warn you, her nose runs a lot and she never wipes it. So you’ll want to bring plenty tissue with you if get a date, I’m sure it would get messy if you get the chance to kiss her. Let me know, I’ll pass your phone number along to her if you’d like!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Only 29 Days To Go

Less than 30 days from the first pitch of 2008. I’ve decided not to shave until opening night at home against the Firebirds. I figure I won’t even need to cut the beard off; I’ll just let the Birds pluck it clean and use the hair to build nests in the visitor’s dugout. After all, they’ll be at the “Yard” for 3 straight nights and we want them to be comfortable in there, Lord knows they won’t be out on the field! I wonder if the Railroader’s might consider having Fried Chicken in the concession stand one night in honor of the Birds visit. I know I’d enjoy munching on the bones the Fans discard beneath the grandstand. Anyway, just a thought.

Still no word from my agent on any signing offers from the Railroaders front office. Maybe with my beard growing out they’ll re-consider giving me a chance. If not, I’ll still enjoy the opening weekend at home and 5 nights of baseball in a roll. Following the weekend action with the Firebirds, the Oilers are in town for 2 nights. Wonder how slick they’ll try and be!

Oh yea . . .Hi, Mom and Dad!