Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 2009 Season comes to an end.

We may not have completed the season the way we wanted, but there was still a lot of great baseball played. All the players, families, fans, and owners got to enjoy some grand action over the last two months. Time to look forward to next season and more Railroaders baseball. I for one would like to thank all the players and owners for their time and effort to bring good baseball to Fulton. Now it’s time for the off-season and the players are off to their college endeavors, good luck in the years to come!

If you’d like to post your comments about the season, this is the place to do it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's next?

We finished the season in 3rd. We also finished with a win. Is this the turnaround we've looked for over the 5 straight losses that preceded it? If so, then we've got a good shot doing something exciting in the playoffs. Last year the Pirates won the season pennant and congrats to them again. In the 2008 post season play, the 3rd place Oilers marched through with 5 straight wins to take the playoff title. And by the way, they won their last regular season game also.

Are we ready to play or just want to go home? I'm ready to hang in there and have to believe the players are too. We've got the talent and whatever happened over the course of 5 losses is behind us. It's gone. There's a clean slate in front of us. The first task is to take care of business and put the Bobcats down. The Greyhounds are waiting on the side lines for the winner. Expect the Hounds to send a couple of Fans over just for good measure, it's in their character. Our Fans will be in the Yard also. Pay no mind to fans who doubt, just show them what you're really made off. Win or lose, I'm proud of all our guys. The league's season has been competitive throughout and the guys hung in there the whole way. Every team went through their own slumps and came out of it. Now is our turn to get the train going again. Fire it up?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Season pennant out of reach, but there's more . .

We were unable to maintain our speed and sprung several leaks in the engine that resulted in the loss of steam pressure. One leak even got Boilerstoker in the face and now he’s nursing a bad burn. There’s no time to lick our wounds though. The second seed in the standings is still available should the Greyhounds fall to the well playing Pirates. Our task is to fix the leaks in the engine and head to Marion on Monday to take on the Bobcats for the final games of the regular season. Then we have the Post Season Playoff series, a chance for us to grab the second title offered by the Kitty League. Let’s pick up our stuff and finish the race strong. We're going to erase the 5 game losing streak with a double win over the Cats. So break out the bubble gum, patch up the holes and fire it up!