Friday, June 15, 2012

1st Quarter Analysis

I believe the Railroaders are the most dangerous team in the OVL and I’ll tell you why, Offense! To date, of the 7 games they’ve lost, only one has been for over 2 runs.  Even in the June 9th loss to the Bobcats, they were trailing 2-10 and came back in the last inning to close it up with 6 more runs. Through the first quarter of the season, the Railroaders out hit and scored more total runs than any other team. The Opponents' combined pitching just against the Railroaders in 11 games is a 5.35 ERA. Only the Railroaders' team pitching ERA has been in doubt, but it has improved from a high of 9.64 to 5.79, and continues to get better. The field defense is improving too, reducing an error rate of 1.8 per game for the first 6, down to 1.2 over the last 5 games. You have to like the Offense, look at the following numbers:

There are 29 games left to play. I believe the Railroader Offense will dominate the season in the OVL. The Railroaders can blowout a game at anytime and the bats will only get better as the season grows older, and I think the other teams know that too. A good 4 or 5 game winning streak will propel the Railroaders into first place. I feel they are about to pick up the pace in the race for the season pennant. I can see it in their eyes when they take to field. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Basement Battle Tonight

The Railroaders and Oilers go at it again tonight at the Yard to see who will remain last in the standings.  Big game for the Railroaders as it's their first chance to move up. The long game and trip in Owensboro resulted in a big win over the Oilers. Let's get out to the Yard tonight and cheer them on to another one against Owensboro.  TeamLine will be up and running if you can't make.  Go Railroaders, keep the steam pressure up and the train moving.

Analysis of Teams
Both the Oilers and Railroaders have completed 9 games with 3-6 records.  

  • Oilers' team batting average is .207.  They have produced 63 hits, 10 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 homeruns..  They have walked 51 times and struckout 73 in 375 plate appearances. They have scored 40 runs with 28 RBI's.
  • Railroaders' team batting average is .311.  They have 107 hits, 13 doubles, 0 triples, and 9 homeruns.  They have 57 walks and struckout 83 times in 415 plate appearances. They've totaled 82 runs with 68 RBI's.
  • Oilers' team pitching ERA is 3.92, allowing 84 hits facing 402 batters and allowed 57 runs to score.
  • Railroaders' team pitching ERA is 5.93, allowing 90 hits to 394 batters faced and allowed 69 runs to score.
Should be an interesting game!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, we can do it

The 2-6 Railroaders will try again on Monday to reverse their course as they host the Hoptown Hoppers at the Yard.  The Hoppers are 5-2 and appear to playing excellent ball in their first season in the OVL. Although Fulton’s frustrations are running high with both the fans and players, there is still plenty of baseball left to play. The team has the talent and is close to bringing it together. The offensive is above average and the pitching is improving. Brighter days are ahead.