Saturday, August 18, 2007

Coach and Manager Brian Hicks leaving Railroaders

The Railroaders will surely miss Coach Hicks. He's successful 2 years at Fulton (record 62-43) have helped the team make great strides and lead the Railroaders to a championship year. His tenure has set the standard for future Railroader teams. I for one wish him and his family "God's speed" as they relocate to Mississippi. It is also nice to know that Brian will continue to assist in scouting players for the Railroaders.

Thanks Brian, for a job well done!

UPDATE AUG. 21: Proud to see David Estes move up to manage/coach for the 2008 Railroaders! And he's already started working on the next season's team.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Final Season Blog Entry

The 2007 season is over, and I for one have enjoyed every moment. I would like to personally thank all the Railroader players & coaches, fans, and owners for a great season of baseball. There are game memories galore to remember with pleasure. We would like to hear from you too, our loyal readers. We hope you have enjoyed the season and all that it stands for, good wholesome fun!

This final blog entry also serves as a place for everyone to express they appreciation to the Railroaders and their organization. For content purposes, all posted comments will be reviewed before posting. “Thank You” to all who have supported this effort in 2007!

Playoffs end with a derail …but what a ride!

Well, with too much pressure in the engine we derailed the train and we came up just short of the station. Still a great regular season, and post-season playoffs have given everyone lots to cheer and feel good about. So hold your heads high, boys! Regular season Champs is pretty good in my book and you’re still #1 in my book. Those Greyhounds ran hard in post season, but we kept it neck and neck the whole way, hats off to them. We both got our glory, which seems appropriate for the 2 top teams. I’m sure next season the excitement will be back and so will the Railroaders and Greyhounds. The drama is over for now, but next year will be here before we know it.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

First and foremost

Congratulations to the U.C. Greyhounds on winning the Kit League Championship. It was a hard fought victory but they pulled it out in the end. Congratulations to the Fulton Railroaders on their fine season. 32-18 regular season and a 3-4 postseason is not too bad of a deal. We would have like to have a championship but will settle for 2nd place. The RRs will be back next year but unfortunately I will not. Picking up the family and heading off to greener pastures. Mcminnville, be exact. I will miss the excitement of being at the ballpark and the thrill of baseball season. But thanks to a fantastic webmaster I can keep up with the RRs next season and every season thereafter. I will be in Oregon but my hometeam and town is still here in Fulton. Go RRs.

Signing off,

Post Season Drama . . Down to the Wire . . .

We don’t have the Superbowl in our area, but the closest thing to it will happen at Lohaus Field tonight! Just as in the regular season race for the KIT league pennant, the first post-season playoff race is neck and neck with one game to go. The Railroader players and fans were stoked up last night and evened up the final best of 3 series at 1 with the Greyhounds. Our pitching and defense didn’t require me to climb “Little Monster” to stop opposing homeruns, so I was able to enjoy the game from under the grandstand. That bases loaded 1-2-3 doubleplay in the 7th was great to stop the Hounds from their last biggest threat of the game. And our one well-placed homerun shot by Zak in the 1st earned the game winning RBI and forced the dogs to chase us all night.

One more game, and boy will it be a good one! The hounds are running and the train is smokin’, let’s keep the boiler hot and throw the throttle wide open. The final stretch is before us and we’re almost there. You don’t want to miss this one!

A word on sportsmanship; cheering your players on is proper and important to the players. Yelling at the opponents’ players is rude and uncalled for. As Railroaders, we should strive not to lower ourselves to that level, even though it is tempting at times when hearing it being done to our players. We can win without it, maybe they think they can’t.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Corey White and the fans of the greyhounds.

Does anyone know what happened with Corey? He was in civilian attire at the game tonight. Not in the dugout like the rest of the players. Did he quit? Did he give up and call it a season? Why was he out celebrating with the players, if he is not a player anymore? Someone fill me in. Also I want to make a comment about the U.C. fans. Rude, inconsiderate bunch of winers. They complained and belly-ached the whole time. They sounded like a bunch of 3 year olds. Waaa Waaa all they do is cry. When we were batting they were making rude comments, and while we were pitching, throw it in the dirt, sounded like preshool kids out there. All the fans should be courteous enough and give us as much respect as we give them. We let them play their home game in our stadium. We could have dug out the bylaws and probably forced a forfeit, but we wanted to win out right,and have no questions about what if? Instead of being rude they should be thanking us for giving them a chance to win. I am wondering what happens tomorrow when we win, will they admit we are the better team? I dont think so. I am done!

Enough of that stuff!

Doc said to keep the bandages on, but I’m up for tonight’s action, unshaven and geared up to go! Lohaus will be fired up with players and fans for some real ball this time. Our adjustments have been made and now’s the time to pour it on. The steam pressure is up and we’re ready to Rock and Roll. If we start to run out of fuel, the plan is to take away the Hounds’ bats and use them for firing the boiler. Okay, just got the green light and we’re pulling out of the station heading for the ballpark. Let’s move it, Railroaders!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wow! . .what are they feeding those 2 Hounds?

Well everyone is feeling a little beat up after that first game with the Greyhounds. Those two big dogs they have sure did blast over our defensives; we’ll have to adjust quickly to that! Guess they figured since they were acting as home team for the game, they could have their way with "Little Monster" and did at our expense. Think I might climb up there tomorrow night with my glove and put a stop to that! The pitching was good too, but Drew Robertson must have the secret after getting all 3 of our hits in the game. He was only a triple away from batting the cycle.

Saturday we’re the Home Team! The shackles placed on the Press Box will have been removed and the Railroaders will fire it up to tie the series and give us one more day of baseball on Sunday. I think the boys are trying to set us up for more thrill and chills. Are you ready?

A few words on comments: we’re releasing the shackles on the moderation of comments, also. I agree with the posted comment “No more trash talking, just play ball! It just makes UC want to beat us more!” Personally, I thought Fans on both sides behaved very well tonight, and let’s face it, there was some pretty good baseball playing out there. The points on differences between the Fans has been made and taken to heart. Let’s focus on the game now and get the job done.

And then there were 2 . .

With the help of all hands, the last Bull finally got loaded aboard and the train is taking them back to Sikeston. They turned out to be a tough bunch to handle at times, but they’ll be safely bedded down for the off season. I’m sure they’ll be ready to run strong again next year, as well as the Oilers who ended their playoffs last night losing to the Greyhounds. Now the stage is set.

What a weekend ahead! I see the Greyhounds have requested Fulton’s assistance in using Lohaus Field for hosting Friday’s game. Seems they previously scheduled some puppy training at Elam Stadium on that date and need a place for the Hounds to play. I have conferred with the Railroader owners and can find no reason not to allow the dogs to play here. Why not! After all, they are our closest neighbors in the league and the second best team in the season. They can be the home team for Friday, too.

As for the Greyhound players themselves, they are a tough lot for sure. But I believe in the Railroaders ability to get the Hounds under control and put away. The fans? Well I hope the behavior in the stands is one of mutual respect. These 2 teams have worked hard to get where they are. It’s going to be a great contest and win or lose, there is going to be some fun baseball to close out the year. Let’s all meet out at the ballpark and cheer the Railroaders to victory!

Moderation turned on

Due to some comments getting a bit outrageous, moderation of comments is now in force. Submitted comments will be approved before being posted on the blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kit League website

I have been visiting the kit league website for the past 5 days and not once have I seen a congratulations to the RR, or 2007 Kit League pennant winners. Any regards toward the RR? none, I don't know about the other RR fans but it bothers me. The Kit League webmaster???? The same one that does the U.C. website. Oh yes they are one person. I have already written and given them a piece of my mind so anyone else wanna do the same. Here is the address (

Road trip to battle the Bulls

Sorry I was late getting back from Sikeston. I had no trouble hopping a train up there, but ended up in cattle car on the way back. Need I say more? Great game against the Bulls last night to start off the playoffs. I didn’t panic when we fell behind first or again later in the game, the guys just kept at it and it paid off again. The Bulls bats were pretty hot at times, but 13 strikeouts by Craycraft when we needed them limited the scoring to 2. After walking the first Bull in the 9th with our 3 run lead, I did get a bit concerned, but Chris’ one, two, three strikeouts on the next 3 would be hitters eased my anxiety a little with each swing and miss of the bat. Pitching was pretty good on both sides, but the Railroaders made the most of what they got and stopped several attempts by the Bulls to run rampant around the bases.

We’re not through with Bulls yet! Remember that cattle car? Yea, they have followed me into town and intend on coming to Lohaus Field tonight for some grazing, snorting, and mischief on the ball field. We are going to need everyone out there tonight to help put the Bulls back onto the train and send them home to Sikeston.

Tuesday scores

The RR won game 1 of the best of 3. 5-2 a complete game for Chris Craycraft, 13 strikeouts.
U.C won their game 1 1-0
details to follow later on website

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Playoff Drama has begun . . .

They removed my IV and released me from the hospital after 2 days of recovery, only to find we’re headed for more adventure in Sikeston tonight! Round one of post season play is completed and the picture is pretty interesting and familiar. The Bulls and Oilers have come back to haunt their opponents from last week. Have no fear Railroader fans, but have faith that our boys are ready for the task at hand. I’ve pull pulled out the ole Crystal Ball and see lots of action ahead with the Railroaders getting it together for some great play. Can’t see anything on the Hounds yet, but something tells me the Oilers are greasing themselves up for a game.

We say farewell to the Firebirds and Pirates for the 2007 season and look forward to playing with them next year. It was a good time engaging the Pirates and I really didn’t mind being taken prisoner, you didn’t torture me as bad as I lead on. Heck, I’ve been run over by several trains and survived those! To Firebirds who handed us a 23-3 loss in the second game of the season, well ……. fun game for you, huh? Great job to the KREI guys and gals, as well as Rick the voice of the Pirates. You really helped keep up the spirit of game and the season with your broadcast and I enjoyed every moment.

Down to 4 teams now. Remember this Railroaders, they can’t take away your season pennant for best season record. Now fire up the boiler the way you’ve learned to, and full steam ahead to Sikeston.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Season's Drama is Over!

Wow! What a way to finish, down to the wire. It was truly a game and moment to remember. The Railroaders took this year’s largest crowd of fans on an electrifying and emotional roller coaster ride, one most fans wanted off of after 9 innings. But no! The boys gave us one more loop before taking possession of the pennant. Although a few fans knew and didn’t talk of it, the Greyhounds were at Oilers and had beaten them twice in a doubleheader which forced us into a must win situation to take first place in regular season play. The Bulls did not go easily in the good night, and showed they are a force to be dealt with. The thrills had many fans going behind the grandstand in fear of watching. I know I buried my face in the dirt under the grandstand where I was required to watch from.

While every player deserves credit for a great game and season, there are two I would like to point out from last night’s game. First Allen Bolden, who didn’t even get a hit on the evening, but his run scored in the bottom of 8th was the saving grace of the game. After walking, stealing second, and sneaking over to 3rd while the Bulls wandered back to their positions, Allen took home on a wild pitch that gave us our 5th run. All this with 1 out, the Railroaders failing to get a single hit or another man on in the inning. That run prevented us from losing the game in the 9th after the Bulls scored 3 to tie us. Good job Allen, it was a thing to behold!

Secondly, Cory Hoskins, who has my vote for game MVP. Cory was 3 for 5 which included a double and bunt single to produce the game winning RBI. He stole 1 base, scored 2 runs and executed his play when it was needed the most. We’ve had some trouble this season in bunting, but Cory got it prefect in the last play of the game. A moment everyone present will remember all their lifes.

One more thing, I commend Arron Varnum for picking himself back up after his error in the 9th. His composure in the 10th inning after such an event is noteworthy, something we all should remember. If you make a mistake, get back up and go on. Thanks Railroaders for a Great Season!

Now on to the PLAYOFFS . . . to be continued.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

walkoff suicide squeeze

Betcha never heard of that before. And if you missed the game then shame on you. It was a thriller,I dont have any fingernails left. It was all in hand until the top of the 9th and the bulls got 3 runs off of Aaron Varnum. His error didn't help either. But all is forgiven. I am sure he is more upset with himself than we are. But he came back in the 10th and shut em down. Then with runners on 1st and 3rd with one out Corey Hodskins layed down a suicide squeeze and the runner on third was running with the pitch and scored easily. I don't know who the last pitcher for Sikeston was but he wasn't much of a hurler. Anyways he took the loss and the RR are the 2007 Kit League pennant champions. Playoffs right around the corner. The fan support for the season was great, and we had a fantastic crowd tonight. See you Wednesday night. Go RR

And the drama continues . . .

Who left the gate open and let the cattle out? Ooops, It might have been me when I left the field after throwing out the first pitch. Having thrown my pitch into the dirt, Mr. Hicks told me “Thanks, but no thanks” then he directed me to watch the game from under the grandstand. Oh well. Those darn Bulls ran all over the place, made a mess out of our evening of baseball. But we’re back at it again tonight and need to get the herd gathered up and put away.

And so where do we stand? The Hounds and Oilers didn’t get a game in Friday because of a rainout and no score after 5 innings, so they a playing a double header tonight. If they beat the Oilers in both those games, we’re in trouble. It’s a mute point though if we win tonight. We do that, the pennant is ours, guys! Yea, it’s true we can’t end up less than a tie with Greyhounds, but that means a sudden death face off with the dogs on Sunday in the dog pound to determine first seed for the playoffs. Tonight is Fan appreciation night at Lohaus. What better way to end the season as it begun, with a win and an added first place KIT League pennant. We do have several boys from Texas, let’s all saddle up and get this job done!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Game!

The Bulls really charged into Fulton with that early 7-0 lead. It took the Railroaders by surprise but they quickly recovered and answered back in find fashion. Scoring constantly through the remainder of game and tighten up defense. That final out catch by Craycraft was a thing to behold. I could go on and on about all the great plays tonight, but I need to get my beauty sleep for my appearance at the game tomorrow night. Hope to see every out at the field to watch the Railroaders go for First. One more win, guys, let's corral those Bulls and bring it home! . . . And thanks go to Oilers also.

Bring on the Bulls . . .

Tonight the Bulls run into Fulton and we begin the final 3 games of the regular season with them. The Greyhounds, who remain one behind us, beat the Bulls twice the last 2 nights so I’m sure they will want to take it out on us. We can’t let them do that. With the Hounds so close, we need to keep the steam pressure up and the throttle wide open to finish first. The dogs are running to Owensboro for their final 3 and the Oilers, who I think will slip the canines up with a couple of losses. The race for first seed has narrowed to two, them and us. The Greyhounds continue to chase us from behind by 1 game. With 2 wins and 1 Greyhound loss, we’ve got it!

I want to see everyone out at Lohaus Field in support of the Railroaders. Especially tomorrow night when I’ll be there with Hoghead’s Honeys to throw out the first pitch. Maybe they’ll let me finish the game and get our first place victory. Wish I could wear my matador suit for the Bulls, but I have to return it to the rental place before 4 pm on Friday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bad way to win

The incident at tonight's game is very unfortunate and not a good way to win a game. We pray the best for Hunter Nolen and his recovery. The Pirates should not let one man destroy their season or the team. We enjoy your play and hope to see you in the playoffs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A chance to strut your stuff

I was honored to receive a call from the Railroaders front office and extended an invitation to throw out the first pitch this Friday at home against the Bulls. I got so choked up I had to drink some drano to clear my throat! I’ve also been allowed escort by a couple of the Railroaders’ Sweeties, as a man of my stature requires a little dressing up. I’ve been told to breakout my uniform for the occasion, so I’ll have to return the matador suit I purchased to confront the Bulls with. But I look forward to finally getting the opportunity to hit the field ready to play, or as close to it as I can.

For the time being, we need to confront and take 2 games from the Pirates tonight and tomorrow. The Greyhounds will be tangling with the Bulls in Sikeston at the same time. The Bulls come here on Thursday for our final 3 game, 3 night series before the playoffs. The Hounds will still be on the road and headed for Owensboro who are still in the hunt for a 1st or 2nd seed, as are the Pirates. Time to push for the finish line, no holding back or slowing down now. See you on Friday!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Defense, Defense, Defense

Despite the RR going 4-2 over the weekend, their defense was spectacular. Coach Hicks sure does know how to change around the positions,when needed. Everywhere the ball was hit was a RR. Except for the one that landed on top of the police station. Wimsatt got all of that one. The only bad pitch that John threw in the whole game. We must have hit all we could in the first game because we didnt hit much in the 2nd. But you can't say enough about our DEFENSE. Making running grabs, diving stops, diving catches. WOW.
Unfortunately I have a prior engagement and will not be able to attend the season finale on Saturday. But I enjoyed the season and look forward to the playoffs. Attention to any team that may enter Lohaus field for the playoffs, You guys are in trouble.

All Star break . . . the weekend is over

The 3 doubleheaders weekend are over. We went into it a ½ game behind the Greyhounds and come out 1 game ahead. Thank you’s go out to the Firebirds for beating the hounds 2 of 3, we’re glad you enjoyed your stay in Union City, sorry you didn’t find easy pick’ins in Fulton. I’ve looked over the stats for the Railroaders over this weekend’s 4-2 set for games and one interesting number standouts. 5 homeruns: an increase of 38% over our total going into the weekend, from 13 to 18. Also 5 doubles included in the 36 total hits. What the stats don’t show is the high caliber of defensive play witnessed by cheering fans over the three days. If the guys keep this up, the dogs are going to have hard time catching us.

Good luck to the All Stars and their game today. Tomorrow the Railroaders assault the Pirates in their port. Only 2 days of battling there and we want the wins! Thursday begins our last 3 home games and the regular season. It’s the Bulls coming back to town and will try to chase us around. See you at the ballpark this week!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rollin' along

Despite losing the 2nd game last night we still have the lead in the standings. We only had 4 hits total in both games but the hits counted. A 3 run shot by C3 in the first game and a solo shot by Zakdaddy in the 2nd. The Oilers came out smokin in the 2nd game from the first pitch. A solo HR about 340 ft. from the plate, that must have been the 96 mph pitch Cory said he was gonna show everyone. Hey take my advice it is only a good pitch if it is a strike. He had a ice pack on after the 3rd inning, I hope he is o.k.
All right RR fans games 3 and 4 today starting at 5pm. Come out and enjoy the games. As we play to maintain a slim lead in the standings. Go RR

Ahead by a game

Those Oilers may be short on the roster, but sure play hard! Would have been nice to have beaten them both games, but there’s 2 more today and our chance to keep everyone else chasing us! Yes, that’s correct, the Railroaders are a full game ahead in first. The Firebirds flew from Fulton to Union City on Saturday and soiled the Greyhounds in a close game. The Birds will stay in UC again today for a doubleheader while the Railroaders face off with the Oilers again for the last of our 3 weekend doubleheaders. We’re 3 or 4 after the first two this weekend and the guys are playing good ball. I have full confidence they will continue their winning ways today. The second game last night was a bit disappointing, but it’s behind us. Seven games left in the regular season and two of them tonight. Let’s keep the boiler pressure up and the train steaming toward first place!

NOTE: Although the KIT League site list a double loss for us last night, it is incorrect. Confusion may have occurred because in our first game with the Oilers, we were the visiting team. The game was a make up for a rainout in Owensboro, allowing them to have the home team spot for the game. So the box score page for the game is correct showing us as the visitors. The Railroaders site is correct.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

F is for Fantastic

Fantastic is for the fans and for the play of our RR last night. We cruised to a 4-0 win in the first game behind C3 and got a great job fielding all around. Flyin Brian must have talked to them and told them it was now or never boys, Put up or shut up. Well we shut the birds up. I think they were in shock especially after the 1st game. The 2nd game was a little closer but we still managed to get the win. With Michael Lucas having early inning trouble the defense once again came through. Shannon Anderson came up with some spectacular running catches and Allen Bolden was all over Center Field. Tyler Rehmel was a perfect fill in for Kevin at short, He chased balls to foul territory in left and made some plays in short right field. Like Harry Carey said, holy cow. Well the Oilers are here tonight and tomorrow for 4 games. Fans we are in 1st place once again. It is a seesaw battle for 1st and #1 seed in the playoffs which mean whomever we play will be in our house. OH YEAH. I am excited. Come on out to the games tonight and support and watch your #1 RR.

2 wins down, 4 to go . .

With one doubleheader complete and the next today, the Railroaders find themselves back a neck ahead of the Greyhounds. The doggies lost they’re second game on Friday to the Pirates by a close 1-0 score. I think those Pirates are getting ready for us next week, but back to the task at hand. Our guys looked great out there last night as they chased the Firebirds off towards Union City for a doubleheader tonight with the Hounds. I hope they found what they are looking for at the dog pound. The Railroaders now have the Oilers for 4 games to finish the weekend of doubleheaders before the All-Star break.. The Oilers were rained out of their 2 games Friday night and I hope a little rusty for tonight. Our guys, on the other hand, looked great last night. Some superb fielding in both games and I really liked the play in the outfield tracking down those deep fly balls and grabs on the run. And Rehmel playing shortstop was a thing of beauty to see, catching pop outs even in foul territory! What’s with that? The infield was tough all around the bases, stopping hard grounders and making close plays. Every Railroader player and fan was loving baseball last night! Let’s continue tonight and press on to that first seed position for the playoffs!

Of note is Rehmel at short stop for Gillespie who was out from hurting himself in the last Greyhound game. Due to that, Hicks is taking Kyle Bondy to the All-Star game in place of Kevin. We haven’t seen the last of Kevin, just ensuring he’s around for the season’s end and playoffs

Friday, July 20, 2007

Are you ready for some baseball?

I feel like Hank Williams Jr. but during baseball season. 6 games in 3 days oh man. You might want to bring your beds with you and just camp out tonight and tomorrow night. The players will be tired and the fans will also be tired. But the players have to reach down and grab some..... and do it for the fans. The fans that have been there all season to root, and cheer them on. Never,not one time have I heard a boo from the crowd. Not even when the hated greyhounds were in town. We are a town with class and appreciation for our team,no matter what the outcome over the next 3 days. Attendance is very key to our success. We need fans out there,to be tuned into every pitch. Every pitch over the next 3 days is important. Greyhounds better watch out, we are coming.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

11 Games to go

Something makes me think the Firebirds are headed our way. I remember those dirty little birds and what they did to us in the second game of season. Well that was 38 games and a long time ago, we’re a much better team now for sure. The Birds may be in last place, but they won’t be a push over. I know they’d love to spoil Lohaus Field with their droppings. We’ll just have to get our weapons out and blast them, wherever they land!

Using my calculator, I see we have 55% of our remaining season games this weekend. three doubleheaders on tap and a weather forecast appearing great for baseball, only a few morning showers on Friday to settle the dust. Lohaus Field will be a nice place to be and the Firebirds fly in first on Friday evening at 5 pm. The slippery Oilers slide in on Saturday and stay thru Sunday. Time to get ready for some Baseball! These next 3 days are going to be rough but satisfying, reminds me of Boot Camp. Didn’t think I had it in me to get thru it, but I did. Learned I had more in me than I thought and I don’t mean BS either. So let’s get to it and go for first!

Chasing the dogs again . . .

Them doggies chewed us up some last night. The only difference between the teams was our players seemed somewhat indecisive, especially in the first part of the game. Maybe they were thinking about the arduous weekend ahead or the upcoming All Star game, who knows. I would like to address the weekend ahead, 6 games in 3 days. I know it will be rough, but if you love the game this will only be an opportunity to really show your toughness as a team, assuming you have it and I believe you do. The reward for playing as a complete team is very gratifying. As for the All Start game and who’s going or not . . . in my opinion it’s a more a game for individuals than team. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Railroaders team that counts and we are still in great position to take first in the standings. We do that; we’ll have them doggies in our house for the playoffs. Yes, I think we’ll see the Greyhounds again, and we all would rather see it on our turf that theirs. Time to suck it up and get the job done.

One comment on Union City and Elam Stadium, I think it’s a cheap shot by the press box to play sounds up to the moment the visiting pitcher is in his windup. It doesn’t happen when their pitcher is on the mound. You may think this is petty, but it certainly isn’t well mannered. Says a lot about the supporting cast for the Greyhounds. By the way Greyhound players, good game last night!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

32 runs 32 hits

Oh lordy. Unbelievable. Of all the games to miss, I picked a bad one to miss. I looked at the stats and still can't figure it out. First place in the standings was a fight. Game 3 tonight at U.C. I hope it is not a 4 hour game tonight, I gotta be at work at 11:00pm. Well back and forth we go like hoghead said, If we get a win tonight,we go up 1.5 games and have a day off before playing 6 games in 3 days. Oh my. I don't think anyone is happy about that. The strong shall overcome.

And the Battle for first continues . . .

What a contrast from Monday’s game to Tuesday! A pitcher's duel the first night and hits galore the second. Wished I’d made it to the park, but got lost driving to the park and ended up umpiring at a little league game. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my mask while operating a vehicle. What a show it must have been from both teams. I’m so proud of the Railroaders for not resting on a 6-0 lead and good thing too. Those Hounds just don’t quite, do they? The game appeared to have everything and I see it lasted almost 4 hours too. A combined 32 hits total, 4 homeruns including a grand slam by Cory Hodskins (not Cory White) and a 3 run homer by Zak Shy, 21 men walked, 5 hit by pitch, and more. With a final 19-13, I’m wonder if that isn’t a league record for most runs scored in a game at 32. I need to try harder to get to the games when I’m called upon to serve, I always seems to miss being a part of the best ones!

The Railroaders head back to U.C. tonight for the final series and regular season game with the Greyhounds. Our record thus far against the Hounds is 4-5, what a race this is turning out to be!

We all also pray and wish for a speeding recovery for Greyhound short stop Ross Muirhead who was injured on the first at bat of the game. A bunt attempt fowled off into his face and he had to be taken to Jackson for treatment. Hang in there Ross!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

time to kick it up a notch

Now is the time for the RR to turn up the heat on U.C. The RR trail the dawgs by .5 game and need to win tonight and tomorrow night to solidify our Kit League standing, which is in 2nd place now. We need to finish U.C. off and then we have 3 DH's back2back2back starting Friday night. Attendance is encouraged, besides you get 2 games for the price of 1. And if you attend all 3 days well then you get( oh well you get the point). Come out tonight and support your soon to be number 1 RR.

#!?* Errors and Men LOB! (better?)

I must have been dizzy. Our own mistakes were our demise last night in the first game, however, two games to go and home tonight. Pretty even stats between the teams, only 4 hits each, a difference of only 3 men left on base, strikeouts close, but not with the errors! We must have caught the bug the Hounds had the night before against the Oilers. We had them in the first inning with a first pitch hit and their only game error, and failed to cash in a run. A man on third with 2 outs, should have got him in, then the hounds would have been dizzy. Thanks to Cory for completing the game, I know it was tough, but you saved precious time for the bullpen, they will need everyone over the next week. Let’s pick up our game a notch and get back to doing what needs done, go after them doggies tonight!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Neck & Neck

What an upcoming week of baseball ahead! We begin tonight with a 3 game series in 3 nights against those Greyhounds. Tonight and Wednesday in Union City, Tuesday at Fulton. Followed by this weekend’s doubleheaders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6 games in 3 days! I’ve been contacted to standby to pitch if needed and I’m ready to go.

Getting on with the matter at hand, the Greyhounds. This is an important series for the Railroaders. The teams have fought back and forth for first over the last month, and now it is time to put those puppies in their place. 2 of the 3 games will be in the dog pound. Yes, land of the “Throw it in the dirt” mob. I have to laugh every time I hear those mutts bark, knowing how proud they are of their oversized oral abilities. But they need to compensate for their players. Did you know that Greyhounds don’t bark? It’s true! So the non-playing mongrels of the pack have to produce all the noise. Reminds me of a few penned up dogs that live down the street from me.

I hope every Railroader Fan that’s able attends as many of the games as they can. There is going to be some exciting baseball this week. We have 14 games left now in the regular season and 9 of them will be played in the next 7 days. These games will tell the tale! It’s going to be a tough haul for the Railroaders, but their engine is ready and up to the task. I’m looking forward to watching them take their rightful place.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

back where we belong

The RR are back where they belong. In 1st place. U.C. lost to the hapless Oilers, and our win against the Bulls, put us back in 1st place. I was at the U.C. game and they were pathetic. From the leadoff batter all the way to the announcer. He's a real winner. Terrible he is. The only bright spot for the dawgs was Rafael Hill. The 2nd year centerfielder was 3 for 4 and scored the only run for them. Now we go back to U.C. to try to tame the dawgs, maybe they will play like they did tonight and not do anything. If you go to the game tomorrow night in U.C. and you see the fan that talks bad to the umps then holler "theres no crying in baseball" and maybe he will keep his trap shut. He finally left in the 6th inning. We need some fan support tomorrow night and the whole next week. Go RR

Time to pour on the steam!

With 2 weeks left in the regular season, it’s time to evaluate our position before the playoffs begin. The Greyhounds are 23-13 with 15 games left, we are 23-12 with 16 left (a PPD with Owensboro is the difference). Over the next 8 days, we have 9 games to play (possibly 10 if the PPD is played). Tomorrow, Monday, we begin a final 3 game series with the Greyhounds before the playoffs. We are 3-5 against the Greyhounds thus far in the season. Assuming there was a tie for first between the two teams, we need all 3 games of our next series to ensure home field advantage for the playoffs. If we get 2 of the 3 and tie, I’m not sure what the tiebreaker would be. Perhaps one of our readers can enlighten us.

At any rate, the schedule over the next 8 days is heavy. A final game with the Bulls’ series tonight, then to Union City on Monday, back home Tuesday with Greyhounds following us, and then back to U.C. Wednesday to finish off with the hounds. Friday begins a grueling weekend home stand with a doubleheader facing the Firebirds, then Saturday against the Oilers and again on Sunday with another doubleheader. Tough schedule guys, but I know they’re up to the task! Playing as a team is more important now than ever, and that includes the Fans as well as the Players. Let’s all focus and support each other, and I’m sure we can get that first seed position for the playoffs. We can do this!


Are the greyhounds hot or what? Holy cow they are smokin' hot. I hope we can run down the dawgs in the standings and in the next 3 games we play them. We must,I repeat,we must defeat the dawgs in all 3 games next week or we may be kissing a championship goodbye. They are playing some dawgon good ball right now. It is now a 2 team race. Who will fold first? Stay tuned RR fans.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

50 percent

Ok well half of my prediction was true. We got by the Bucs,but the hounds took the brooms to the Bulls. Sikeston gave them a run but fell short in 10 innings. Now we travel to Bull territory for 2 games and they will be ready. We are 3-2 against the Bulls this year. We swept a dh from them earlier but got smashed the next day by a score of 10-0. Hopefully we will have that on our minds.Then we tread back to familiar surroundings. Yes U.C., A 3 game series with a home game sandwiched in between.Do you realize that in the next 9 days our guys play 10 games with 2 doubleheaders. Then the all-star game. How are the all-stars selected?,does anyone know. attendence is looking good.

Victory over the Pirates

I want to commend everyone for getting to their battle stations so quickly , and secondly for the performance of their duties. The Bucs did indeed storm Lohaus Field last night to only have their “secret weapon” blow up in their face. That, couple with Railroaders’ battle readiness, sent the Wogs home with their own black powder stains. A commendation for John Selb who spared the bullpen and took on the duty of bomb tossing to silenced Pirate cannons, allowing only a couple of small arms fire. Great defense with codo’s for the fielding efforts, loved them doubleplays and better yet the dagger throw by Trent Bierman made to take out that long legged speed demon! Good clubbing with the bats, had those Bucs down and crawling through out the battle. We’ll be planning some more for them in the near future with an assault on their home port, just to put them in their place. I’m sure the Wogs will still be squirming when we get there.

FOR NOW: The Hounds are still running just ahead of the train and about to get run over. The Roaders are headed to cattle land first for Saturday and Sunday games with the Bulls. And Bulls have just been beat up 3 times by the Hounds. If there’s anything left in them, they are sure to try and take it out on the Railroaders. Be careful up there, Guys. We need to use these games to prepare for next week and the Greyhounds. Go to it now, and do what has to be done.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh man. After we put up that big 7 spot on the pirates I knew we were gonna cruise to an easy victory. Not last night maybe they were upset about the night before. If I recall correctly, there were several "calls" that went against them. There was a call at 3rd base on a steal and the runner made it by 10 ft. but was called out. Several times their manager came out to argue something. Anyway they could have felt"train robbed".But my gosh to get outscored 15-1 in the next 7 innings. And to make matters worse U.C. won and is in first place. Maybe we needed to get smacked around a little bit, to wake up and realize the title ain't gonna be ours without a fight. Remember U.C. was denied the championship last year as well. I predict we jump back into 1st place tonight. Tonight I am the Bulls biggest fan. Then we can tame the Bulls tomorrow night.

Attention ALL Railroader Shellbacks!

ALL HANDS ON DECK! The General Alarm has been sounded and we need all RR Fans to man their battle stations at Lohaus Field tonight. We have one more home fight with the Pirates and need everyone in place to win this battle. As you can see I'm not looking my best, but I'll be there wounded and hurt, but able to support the effort. I except all of you to be there also!

Down, but not out . . .

Well the Bucs came ashore with knives in their teeth and clubs blazing when the Roaders fired a salvo in the 2nd inning and blasted 7 runs into the charging mob. After that, 3 Pirate runs got thru in the 3rd and we could only muster a popgun to add 1 more in the same inning. That was it! We ran out of ammo and the attack continued with Pirate after Pirate coming thru our defenses until a merciful 9th innings came behind 3 hours of fighting pitch to pitch. The Bucs did get their hands on me as soon as I arrived at the park, and beat me for the entire game. But I’m not finished yet and will be back with more bandages on Friday night for our third encounter. So standby, we’re going to counter attack!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

yes sireee

The gang is back in town and running over all the opposition. But you could tell that big Zakdaddy doesn't play the field much, bless his heart, he comitted 2 errors, although neither one hurt us. The train is a rollin and a rockin. I heard a train whistle about 20 minutes before the game started. It must have been hoghead getting off. I love how he makes his entrances. He is a loyal supporter. Well back at it tonight guys. Game 2 of 3,and a .5 game lead. U.C. is running all over the bulls and there is nothing Sikeston can do about it. They may squeak out a win but it will be tough. U.C. is hungry for 1st place. Yesterdays attendence was low but with good reason, The untimely passing of a young lady. May God bless her family. Tonight back to work. Until tomorrow RR fans.

To all Pirates wherever ye may be . . Warning!

It appears the Bucs slipped on their own greasy plank last night as they stormed off their ship into the port at Lohaus Field. After their only successful late battle 2 run canon shot, the Railroaders continued to pick off the Pirates one by one until none were left to depart their ship. Overall great game for the Railroaders! Although a couple of errors and 10 men were left on base, they shored up the damage and sustained their composure taking advantage of the mistakes committed by the Bucs. Exchanging blow for blow with 8 hits each, the difference was clutch heads-up and aggressive play. While the 3 runs in the 2nd were enough to win the game, the added runs only stamped the fact the Railroaders are playing great ball. They are facing each game individually and adjusting to the situation at hand. The Railroaders only loss the 3 of last 7 games by 4 runs total, always keeping the games close. I believe they are ready to jump on any adversary at any given time in a game, and are doing it more and more. Sure makes for some exciting baseball!

Well, the Pirates are setting up for another assault tonight on Lohaus Field and have vowed to take no prisoners, except me. I know they want me in their bullpen or maybe just to torture me. Little do they know I’ve been beat up before and laughed in the face of danger. No one can hurt me more than what I’ve already done to myself. I’m ready, the Railroaders are ready, and the Crew in the grandstand is ready, “Bring it on, Bucs!”

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Pirates are coming, the Pirates are coming!

I found a larger model of the crystal ball on eBay, and for a great price too. The picture is so much better and this one doesn’t need batteries, plugs right into the wall. As you can see the Pirates are headed our way and will be in town trying to pillage and plunder Lohaus Field on Wednesday through Friday nights this week. The Railroaders will need all hands on deck to battle the 3rd place Bucs, and that includes all our Fans as well. The players are coming home from a 3-3 road trip, with the 7th rained out. That’s two days off and the crew should be well rested for the home stand. The Pirates are 3-3 in their last 6 games also, losing twice to the Greyhounds who are nipping at our heals a half game behind us. Make no mistake, the Pirates are bloodthirsty too. Remember the last time they were here, we took 2 of 3 close games and the loss by 4 runs. They are 4 games behind us and intend to close that gap, I’m sure. And don’t forget they tried to take me prisoner last time, but I’m ready for them this time and well as the Railroaders are.

We have to play our best ball now through the rest of the season. There are 19 games left in the regular season, and the race is close. Now is the time to gain ground and finish first. The playoffs are ahead of us and we want to have a first seed position and host the games at home. All the Fans need to get out and support the team; they will play better if we do.

day off after going 3-3

The RR are back at it again tomorrow night. We will be playing the Tradewater Pirates. The RR are 4-1 against the bucs this year. Outscoring them 21-15 along the way. If you guys haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, now is the time. The RR are in first place by the slimmest of margins,and need to win 90% of their games in order to hold off a charging greyhound team. The dawgs ain't gonna roll over. Remember they finished in 2nd place last year too. They are going for 1st place this year just like we are. We need to take care of business against the Pirates and put them further in our rear view. I think the other teams are pretty much out of the race now. 3 teams is all it is about. Also remember just because you finish first doesn't mean that you are champions. We have playoffs this year. Now is the time to step it up, change gears, whatever we have to do to get er done. Your attendence is appreciated.

Monday, July 9, 2007

RR are in trouble?

Well we are still in first place,thanks to U.C. losing. We played a heck of a game,being held to only 1 run was tough. We held them to 2 runs but 2 runs should win a game with good pitching and defense. That is exactly what they got. That is what we got but it just wasn't enough, we needed a little offense too. That is what we didn't get. Well they say good pitching beats good hitting,and that is what happened. We need to get them tonight,We need to destroy them. We will worry about what U.C. is doing no more. This is a two team race. Last time I checked a locomotive could beat a greyhound.

Go Railroaders

Close but no cigar

The Railroaders weren't able to get the first win against the Oilers in a close and low scoring game, 2-1. Makes us 3-3 on the road trip with a final game tonight with the Oilers. Greyhounds split their double header with the Firebirds keeping them just a 1/2 game behind us. The Pirates won both their doubleheader games over the Bulls. One more game in Owensboro tonight, let get the win guys. We face the Priates at home in Lohaus Field on Wednesday, the first of 3 night of baseball against them. The Pirates have moved into 3rd place now, 4 games behind us. We'll need top play now to keep the race going our way. See you at the park!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back on top with a game lead

Looks like we’ve got the engine finally up to speed and gaining momentum heading for Owensboro. I was concerned we had a small steam leak until the sixth inning last night when the guys really got into sync. Our 12 hits included 5 doubles, 2 each from Cory Hoskins (3 for 5, with 2 scores) and Allen Bolden (2 for 4 with 1 score and 2 RBIs), and the 5th from Tyler Owen (3 for 5 with 1 score and 1 RBI). Shy and Craycraft also picked up an RBI each. The bats were hot and when we needed them. The Firebirds just didn't want to let go, but couldn't keep pace.

What a job Michael Lucas did pitching the complete game, I’m sure the bullpen appreciated the break after the workout they got the night before. He only got one strikeout, but how appropriate it came as the last out for the game. Michael was backed up with some pretty darn good defense too. Although we did get pegged for 2 errors, they did turn 2 double plays and the errors didn’t stop the train from powering pass and maintaining the lead.

We're 3 for 5 in the current road trip with 2 to go. Now on to Owensboro and the Oilers. The boys are back home Wednesday night to face the Pirates for three games straight. I’m looking forward to that!

1st place again

Ok before anything is said about the wizard. Yeah I know he comitted 2 errors,so he is having a bad run of luck. Maybe I jinxed him. We are in 1st place once again thanx to the U.C. loss to Tradewater. Man it feels good. Maybe now we can stay there. We travel to Owensboro tomorrow and Monday and should pick up 2 wins. We are 4-1 against them this year, 3-0 at Owensboro. Looks like Zakdaddy pulled through again, and Allen Bolden came through with a couple RBIs. T.O had another big game and so did Corey Hodskins. Wow another complete game from our starting pitcher. I bet we have more complete games than any other team. Someone check that for me. Until Tomorrow night RR fans.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

what a game

We did it. It took 14 long innings but we did it. First things first. Game #1 unbelievable. Corey White threw an outstanding game but only to end up losing. Farmington has nothing to lose, they are gonna be out for blood against everyone. They are the 2005 Kit league champs and havent done anything since. So why would they not try to win? Game 2. Well we rebounded and won but jeez it took alot out of us. I will be surprised if either team scores today. Game could be won on a error or wild pitch, or walk or, oh never mind. Good luck RR and lets give U.C. a little run for their money at the top of the standings.

Got a Firebird by the tail, its plain to see . . .

What a crazy time it was last night. Someone needs to find some salt to put on those birds’ tail or something. It was like two prizefighters going after each other exchanging blow for blow. We may have drop the first game but stayed with them in the second for 14 innings to pull out a win. Good thing too, the Greyhounds shut out the Pirates in both their games and now share first place with us in the standings. I knew the Birds were not going to be a push over, and in last place one might think so. We’ve got one more to go with them tonight in Farmington and we need to win it! Then we’ve got the Oilers on Sunday and Monday in Owensboro, they will be bloodthirsty too.

I sure hope the Railroaders had a good night’s sleep after wrestling with the Birds till midnight. 21 innings in 7 hours, that’s a rough day of work. I’m sure they’ll be ready to play hard again tonight. I'll stand by with my cell in hand, ready to go if needed . . . hope coach Hicks has my cell number. Go to it, Guys!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

fireworks display

I heard the fireworks display was pretty good at U.C. on Wednesday night. I'm not talking about the game. Well we had a chance to put the Greyhounds in our rearview but failed in our attempt. Once again leaving guys on base was our downfall,plus not capitalizing on their mistakes. We left the bases loaded in the 2nd inning. Guys I tell you what. Why don't we let the other teams worry about U.C. and all we have to do is beat everyone else. Farmington desite their record maybe doing better against them than we are. I know Tradewater does. If we can get someone else to beat the greyhounds, then we can sail to 1st place at year end. I'm not taking anything away from our RR but we must not have had a dawg on the tracks last night. Regroup and let's dominate Farmington in all 3 games. I am not talking about beating them I am talking, Dominating them. Come back to face Tradewater next week with a 5 game winning streak.Oh yeah sounds good.

You win some, you lose some

It seems we just about ran out of steam before getting to the top of the uphill grade, but we got there and still in first place by 1 game. So what if the Hounds split the 2 games series with us, we’ll see them again for 3 more games in a couple of weeks. They maintain their edge on us in our season series with a 4-3 record; however, we learned valuable lessons from the two encounters. If we don’t take advantage of their mistakes and score, we won’t beat them. Okay, we had a bad game (1 out of the last 4). Leaving 13 men on base is not good and always seems to be our downfall in losing matches. Five of the stranded guys were in the first 2 innings when the dogs seemed to be slow getting started. That was the game killer, at the beginning. Lesson 2 learned; a weak early cycle in the game is difficult to overcome, especially if the team is the Greyhounds.

So on to Farmington, with a pit stop to take on more water and fuel for a better head of steam. Be careful and don’t get burnt by the last place Firebirds. They have nothing to lose and can be a lot of trouble if you turn your back on them. Time to go to work, guys!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

dawg meat

Well I was at the game and I apologize for any remarks I made towards" The wiz" Kevin Gillespie,maybe it was too early to say anything about his fielding. You are right he is no ozzie smith,that error was uncalled for. It just ran right up his arm and there you have it. The error cost us but thankfully did not cost us the game. With Boldens speed we ran over the dawgs. Tonight is game 2 at 6:05. If you are not too busy from the 4th, please come out and support your local team. Unfortunately I cannot attend I will be out of town. That is why I went to last nights game. RR are looking good and geling at the right time. I am starting to get used to saying sweep,and of course I don't mind.

A Great 4-2 taming of the Hounds

I see the guys have done a bit of reading and studying, and it showed last night! The Railroaders turned the tables using aggressive play and shear determination to tie down 10 Greyhounds on base, and used the pack’s own tactics to out score Union City in the dog pound. In their haste to run past Fulton, the Greyhounds tripped over they own legs and the Railroaders made them pay dearly. Great heads-ups play, guys! One more game to go with them tonight, and it won’t be any easier. I’m sure the hounds and their fans will want to make this ground back up, they’ll be “biting” mad. A win tonight gets you over the uphill grade with a running start towards Farmington. Go get ‘em, Railroaders!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

go for 2

Well today is the big day.The RR go to the dawgpound and try to put a muzzle on the greyhounds. With 1st place on the line,we can not afford to let our guard down.The RR are hot but so are the dawgs. RISP and LOB that is what we need to work on. We are kicking butt everywhere else.I believe that the Championship is ours for the taking,If we can keep everyone healthy,And keep "flyin Brian" Hicks happy, we will be just fine. I like Brian but the least I see of him during the games, the better.What do you guys think of "the wizard" Kevin Gillespie? He is eating everything up out there, and if one does get away from him, he thinks before he throws and sits on it.Excellent playing from him.His O aint too shabby either.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Looking ahead at the Dog Pound

On Hoghead’s approved reading list, I strongly recommend the Railroader players and fans read this book in preparation for the upcoming 2 games in Union City. I have read this book several times in order to master the concepts it describes. I’ve found it very helpful when doing business in Greyhound land. Here are a few tips:

a) First approach a Greyhound gently with the back of your glove extended for him to smell. This will let him know you’re friendly. You can then place a lease around his neck and lead him about under complete control.

b) In potty training the dogs, remember to stick their nose in any mess they make on the field. Every mistake they commit, make them pay dearly.

c) For fetching lessons, you must drive the ball in open gaps making them run hard and fast.

A few more words for the players. The Greyhounds are 10-3 at home, a tough place to play. That’s okay because you play well on the road at 8-4. The Railroaders are 2-3 against the dogs with 5 more games to go. This is a chance to go 4-3 on them. Time to pour on the stream for an uphill grade. Play as you’ve been doing and you’ll overcome any problems occurring during the games. Remember, Union City pampers their pooches. Take advantage and unsettle them, their weakness will show.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pirates trying to take prisoners

I went to park ready to play but the Pirates Shanghai'ed me and were going to force me to pitch for them in the 2nd game on Saturday night. Thankfully Pirates coach Mantooth released me after using 5 of his own and in time to escape the crowd leaving the stadium. Rattler’s correct, the Railroaders showed what it is all about in winning both games in the doubleheader. The Team continues to respond when needed and showing more assertiveness as each game occurs. June is over and half way through the season with 25 games to go, the guys are chugging along great. The Greyhounds are only a game behind nipping at our heels after soundly beating the Bulls twice in the same night of play. Our next 2 games are in Union City on Tuesday and Wednesday and it promises to be intense. Right now the 2 top teams are ahead of the pack with 4 games separating the 1st and 3rd place teams. The Railroaders are getting stronger every game and must use everything to defeat the Greyhounds in the upcoming contests. Again, if needed, I’m ready to play. But at the rate they are going I’ll probably only get to watch.


The RR are HOT. After getting pounded by Sikeston 2 nights removed, the RR displayed what first place is all about.Trailing in both games we kicked some Pirates booties enroute to a dh sweep.Zacdaddy continued his torrid pace by getting on base everytime except for one,including a nice wraparound slide at home plate on one play. Maybe our lead off batter finally got demoted,because he did not play at all in the first game.But come out in the 2nd game and singled. Maybe that is what he needed to get out of his little "funk" he was in. What can you say about Drew Robertson? He had 5 RBI's coming into Sats. 2nd game and had 5 RBI's alone in the game. Brian Hicks returned to coach for the first time since the untimely passing of his father.Nice crowd for the dh. I was watching from afar and got several foul balls on the tracks.Almost got hit by a train,once.I guess that is how the Pirates felt too. Well tomorrow is a game against the Chicago Wildcats. Good luck RR.

Friday, June 29, 2007

After further review . . .

After looking over the box scores and summary of (click on the title above) last night’s game, I found myself perplexed over how we could send one of our best pitchers, Cory White, to battle the bulls and lose so badly. I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the 3rd inning as Cory walked 2 and hit another 2 with pitches. Then it occurred to me something I’d heard (from reliable sources) from the night before when we won 2 games easily over the Bulls. This is not an excuse for not scoring runs, but probably a factor in our pitching. It seems the pitcher’s mound at VFW Memorial Stadium is not in very good shape. I was told that several of the Bull’s pitchers in the doubleheader on Wednesday actually hurt themselves during warm-ups. Now Cory, who pitches complete games, is 4-0 going into the game and throws 90+ mph fastballs, doesn’t make it through 3 innings of play. What’s wrong with that picture? John Sciba didn’t fair any better, and Arron Varnum only had to clear a couple of guys to end the game in a mercy killing. Gosh, I hope none of guys are hurt! One thing for certain, something really changed overnight (like the weather threatening our game tonight). Now I’m not saying the Bulls didn’t play well in the stampede over the Railroaders, but their pitcher must have studied that mound well and knew how to use it.

I’d be interested in hearing some of our guys give their observations on this. Meanwhile, my doctor has cleared me to play if called up. Don’t worry about the patch over my eye; Doc says it’ll be all right in a couple days. Besides, I never use that eye. I assure you I'm ready to play Pirates tomorrow night.

a bunch of bull@%#!

well I dont know where to start. Unbelievable is a good word. I cannot believe the RR were, beaten,drug through the mud,whipped or whatever you wanna say about it,as bad as they were. I dont know about you but that had to be the worst played game since our 23-2 debacle we got from Farmington. Well tonight is a different game, different opponent, different location. We play Tradewater tonight at Lohaus field. We have beaten them 2 of 3 this year already. Time to get back on track(no pun intended) and whip some Pirates booty. Hopefully we will have a big turnout for both games against the pirates and again on Sunday against the Wildcats of Chicago. I know I will be there. Maybe you all can join in on the fun.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bulls must have been mad

I didn't realize that the Running of the Bulls was being held in Sikeston tonight. Never made it to VFW Memorial Field. As soon as I got out of the car, the cows ran all over me. I see the Railroaders didn't fair well either in the park, 10 to 0, oh my. Well, back home to face the Pirates tomorrow.....


I dont know about all the other RR fans but I am a happy son of a gun today. Our team went in to Sikeston and bullhandled the Bulls. But there is one problem, was the score 5-0 or 6-0 in the second game. I know maybe it doesnt matter but which is it? The website has both.Either way, the RR are in 1st place by a full 2 games and need to keep streaking. We are on a roll right now. It seems to me that when our main guys aren't hitting the ball, our other guys take over. Which is what is supposed to happen. I think our leadoff batter has struggled as of late but some of the other guys have stepped it up. Good job guys. Zacdaddy had a fantastic 2 games yesterday. I see here on the stats he ended up going 3-3 and walking 5 times in both games.Our guys are geling at the right time and we have one more to go in Sikeston before coming home. You know if we keep winning we will not have to worry about who is in 2nd place. Let them all fight for 2nd. We will take first.

Tale of Two Games . . .

Well I got suited up and waited for the phone to ring, hoping the Railroaders would call upon me to help defeat the 2nd place Bulls . . . and the call never came. Darn, I was looking good too. From what it looks like, they didn’t need my help. Our guys just manhandled the Bulls and drove run after run across the plate in both games last night. At the same time they held the wild beasts to 1 run and 4 hits for 14 innings of play in the doubleheader at Sikeston. Two complete games of pitching by Chris Craycraft and John Selb chalking up 17 strikeouts total, allowing only 1 run and 4 hits and walking 7. Pretty good night’s work, I’d say . . so they really didn’t need me to clean up for them. And what about them Railroaders . . .Error Free baseball, it must have been fun to do that! And the offense. . . as aggressive as they should always be. getting 14 runs across the plate. The only down side would perhaps be the total of 20 men left on base. Thankfully, the Bulls were really stuck in the mud. I wouldn’t count on that tonight though. I heard after both the games, the Bulls had to execute extra running up and down the field. I’m sure they won’t want to repeat that again.

The Guys are playing well and appear to be getting better. I’ll probably have to hang my uniform back up for now. Since they can’t use me on the field, I’ll give my advice to them here: We’re 3 games away from Mid-point of the season. We have a 2 game lead in first place over the Greyhounds. It is time to widen the gap as much as possible and go into the second half of the season with the other teams chasing us. The Oilers did that very thing over the last good third of last year’s season. It’s much harder to play catch-up. You’re playing well, stay focused and you’ll win. And watch out for the Bulls’ horns tonight and see you Friday night at home.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


well we got a good win last night against the dawgs,6-1. We are playing in Sikeston against the bulls tomorrow night in a double header. Friday we play here against the Tradewater pirates and should be able to get easy wins. Lets hpe they will be easy. If not easy just a win would be nice. They were in 1st place earlier this year. First things first. The 2nd place bulls. I smell VICTORY.

From a Dog fight to a Bull fight

Time to consult the crystal ball again for the upcoming road games. I see an intense fight ahead as our Railroaders take on the raging Bulls in Sikeston. It’s a battle for first place in the standings with the Bulls in second just a game behind us. The first 2 of 3 games are a doubleheader on Wednesday. While our guys took Tuesday off, the Bulls have had 2 days off. Sikeston has been playing tough of late; winning 4 of their last 5 games played (they are actually 4 of 6 when you include a “forfeit” of one game they were late getting to). The Railroaders have a 1-1 record so far this season with the Bulls; a first game a loss of 2-4 and a 7-0 win in the second. I see no reason the Railroaders can’t take down Bulls in all 3 of the upcoming games. Attention to detail and clutch hits when we need them are keys to success I think. Let’s maintain the lead as the midpoint of the season approaches.

Now that's more like it...

What a pleasant night at the ole’ ballpark last night. The Railroaders were focused and the play showed it, something they lacked the night before. All areas of the team contributed to a solid win against a good team (the very one we have trouble with). Pitching was sturdy; Corey Brown tossed 129 pitches in 7 1/3 innings striking out 9. He threw 3 strikes for every 2 balls and allow only 1 earned run. Arron Varnum came in to finish off throwing 16 strikes, 5 balls and striking out 3.

Defense came through when needed. They kept 11 men on base from scoring, turned a nice double play, and the 2 errors did not result in runs scored. The extra field practice paid off (I noticed when I arrived at the park).

The bats will alive producing hits when we needed them. The 9 hits came from 6 players, with Drew Robertson, Kyle Bondy and Kevin Gillespie getting 2 hits each. There were still 7 men left on base but another 6 got across for a good win. Proud of them boys, I am. And they whipped them Hounds too. Great job! Now on to Sikeston, who by the way is one game behind us in second place. You know what do guys, . . . go do it!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A word about Stats

The stats are now updated with what the Railroaders have on file. Please see the website homepage or stats page for issues/problems concering this subject. I'm a little dismayed over the fact that some of the KIT league teams do not keep stats in the manner the KIT League has outlined. Because of these teams (and you can figure who they are by looking on the stats page at the bottom) we are not able to see a complete picture of the players preformance. Maybe next year they can get their *$%# together.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

still in first place

Despite losing tonight and ending our 4 game winning streak, we are still in 1st place. I dont understand how we can have the opposing team have 5 errors and we still lose by 3 runs. I know we left 12 or 13 runners on base. With bases loaded in the 8th,Jeff Reinke struck out on a very questionable call. The whole game was questionable, with alot of "blown"calls. Several were against us some were for us.We had a couple of killer errors. I say killer because after the error in the 4th inning the next batter tattooed the pitch over the fire department for a 3 run homerun. Errors kill you guys. Alright tomorrow is another day and hopefully get back in the win column.


Our 1st place RR are looking good and feeling good. The way we have been winning lately has been awesome. We have been behind and made comebacks,we have been ahead and lost the lead and overcome. There is nothing that this team cannot do. Our pitching has been great,hitting has been great, but I am not too sure at our fielding. Since I havent seen the stats for the last 5 games, I am not sure if we have given away our runs or they have earned them. Either way the RR's are hot and I dont believe that the greyhounds can cool us off.

Looking forward to tonight

I’m so anxious about tonight’s game, thought I’d break out the ole’ crystal ball to see what might be in store. I see after the morning rainstorms have past, the afternoon drying of Lohaus field produces prefect conditions for an evening of baseball. The game view is a bit unclear though. Seems the combat between the Railroaders and Greyhounds is producing a big cloud. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the dust to settle at the park tonight to know for sure.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looking Good . . .

I've got all my yard work done, fixed the car, and found my Goodyear sunglasses. I'm ready for Sunday's game! Looking over the season at this point, I find it interesting our record is better on the road than at home. We're 6-3 away and 5-4 at home. Now that's not much of a different I know, but it does say the Railroaders play as well in the role of the visiting team as they do at home. Very positive, I think.

Does anyone know who is scheduled to pitch on Sunday? Not that it really matters, my confidence in our battery is much stronger now and they have proved themselves. What can I say . . . the whole team appears to be in sync. We're ready for the Hounds!

I also join the others here with thoughts and prayers for Brian and his family during this difficult time. May God be with you.

How sweep it is

Oh yeah just when we need some big wins we are getting them. The RR pulled out a 3 game sweep of the Oilers last night. That means the rest of the league had better watch out. We are hot. Can you feel the heat? I have a feeling we will all feel it Sunday,probably mid 90s. Oh yeah the dawgs are coming to town also. They are probably feeling a little "beaten" right now. They are on a streak, a losing streak. Man I love baseball season.

Friday, June 22, 2007

4 Straight Wins on the Road, 4 of 5 for the trip

If all this winning by the Railroaders continues, I may have to get a facelift to help my smile. I knew a 4 of 5 successful road trip was possible and the guys have proven me correct. We’re rollin’ now for sure. The next big test will come on Sunday when we face our nemesis Greyhounds at Lohaus Field. The Hounds have lost 3 straight now after losing tonight to the last place Firebirds. Whether they lose or win tomorrow against the Firebirds, you can bet they’ll be pumped up for play us on Sunday. We should be careful and not get big heads (except me, I can’t help it). Four straight wins now, and on the road. I'd say that's pretty darn good baseball playin'. Great job guys. Now let's bring some of that home with you for the fans. And Fans, let all get out to the park on Sunday and help these guys get a win over the dogs.

oh my we did it. twice....

well well well what can I say. I am a loyal RR supporter but they surprised even me last night, with a double header sweep of last years champs in O town. A solid performance in game 1 and a come from behind victory in game 2. We can actually break out the brooms tonight and hopefully cruise to a series sweep. Our next game off is Saturday and hopefully we can continue to dominate the league when we host UC. I will be there, hopefully see hoghead and all the other RR supporters. Spread the word people. Fulton has a 1st place team and we should be proud. Invite all your friends and family.

Finally I would like to send all my prayers and thoughts out to Brian Hicks and his family.

Back on the Track (appended)

Very nice to see strong pitching and coming from behind to win. We are now at 3-1 on the road trip with 1 game to go on Saturday. Keep it up, guys! We've got a lead and let's stay there! I'm looking forward to Sunday's game against Union City, who by the way lost 8-1 Thursday night, beaten by Farmington (the last place team).

I stand corrected, game 3 with the Oilers is today, Friday. Good, now we can finish off the road trip while we're still steaming down the track fast and furious. Plus, with the "hex" broken (we won game 1 last night after a day off) the guys can reflect properly on Saturday the issue of pinning up the Hounds on Sunday. With a win tonight, Tradewater beating Sikeston, and a Union City loss, We'll come home with a half game first place lead in the standings. Let's keep it going, I can see it clearly!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

News of Concern

We have been informed manager Brian Hicks received a call from his mother that his father had been in an automobile accident this morning. Brian and his wife, Emily, are in the process of going to Houston, Mississippi. At this point we don't know any other details or how long Brian will be away. With Brian going to Mississippi, the injuries must not be minor. Be sure to keep Brian's family in your thoughts and prayers.

David Estes will be in charge of the team until Brian returns.

double header

well tonight is a doubleheader against last years kit league champions the Owensboro Oilers.We are 0-4 coming off of a day off. Like I said before what is going on during our days off? Well no better time than the present to turn it around. Might as well start with the defending champs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

another day off

Oh no we are off today play 2 games tomorrow and off on Friday. Please let us try to change and win some for the fans after a day off.Come back to Fulton with a 4 game winning streak. I am sure hogheads crystal ball is probably smokin right now.

One & One thus far with Three to go

Back where we started on the road trip, tied for first position with 4 other teams in the league. Batteries seem to be holding up well in the crystal ball, and I do believe I see our team coming together. The players do have today off and I know Rattle is concerned about their play after such an event. But consider this . . . it’s the Oilers the Railroaders play tomorrow in a doubleheader in Owensboro, and I recall last year we went there and swept a 3 game series with them. The 2006 Oilers were the best in the league, and we were the only team having a better season record against them. I know don’t think the 2007 Oilers are the same caliber as last year. I know they have an entirely new set of players (their coach said so when they played us here the first week). If we can get good pitching and the bats of late, we’ll do just fine. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Come on guys, one for two with three go. Get us 3 more road wins and come home 11-7. The Hounds will be waiting too….

beat the oilers

Well we accomplished what I thought we would. We defeated the Firebirds. They deserve a better record than what they have because they have beaten us twice.If I remember correctly it was by a score of 23-2. Wow I hate bringing up the past but the truth hurts.I believe that was a record for most runs scored in the Kit League. Oh well back to tomorrows action. We are playing the Owensboro Oilers tomorrow night in Owensboro.We have only played them twice thus far, but they are last years champs.We gotta go to the big O and show them that we want what they've got. The championship. We must play better, we must pitch better. We can't leave a whole season worth of guys on base. Guys lets go kick some Owensboro booty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Try, try again

I guess Rattler is a little upset, huh... Well I got me some new batteries for my crystal ball and things are starting to appear. I see a very well played game today and several nice hits by the Railroaders. But it won't give me the game score....keeps showing a message to "reset". I guess that's what the players need to do. I said in an earlier posting that they should come back winning 4 0f 5 on this road trip. So...let's get going Railroaders.

BTW, the webmaster for the Railroader's site contacted me to say he'll be out of town tonight. So, when and if anyone get's the score, please post it here under comments so everyone will know it as soon as possible. Thanks.


I told you so

I told you that when we had a day off what usually happens. I didnt even have to look on the website. I guess our boys just had a "hangover" from the previous day. It is obvious that we had a great game, leading 2-0 in the bottom of the 8th. I know what it was. We thought it was gonna be another rainout. That is why we didnt recover from giving up 3 runs. I predict tonight we torch the firebirds,if we dont we may wind up being closer to the cellar in the standings. We dont want to go there.Cmon boys lets bust some heads out there tonight.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lazy day off

I hope the railroaders enjoy their day off. But not too much, because the last couple times they have followed a day off with a loss. I dont know if they are out partying allnight or what but they sure dont have much in them. Guys if you are reading this,please chill with the late night antics and lets bring a championship to all of your fans.

Railroaders and the Future

I picked up a crystal ball at a yard sale this weekend. The guy said it would help me predict the future for the Railroaders. But I can’t get the darn thing to work, maybe it needs new batteries. As for as the Railroaders are concerned, seeing the team’s intensity of play against the Greyhounds on Saturday, I see a healthy trend towards better play in the future. The upcoming road games will really build their character as a club. They’ll be in hostile territory for 5 games before returning home. Zero mistakes should be the goal, and when they do come, just shake it off and do better. I do want to note a couple of items:

1) The Fans at last Saturday’s game were very supportive and it translated into the dugout. Both dugouts for that matter, the dogs were a little surprised, believe me.*
2) The players should never let down their guard in the game. Do that with the quality display Saturday, the pennant is ours.

The players need to realize the fans are behind them and take that pride with them, then these upcoming road games will be fun to win. With a 5-way tie for first in the league, it’s like a new season. There are 37 (corrected) more games left. It’s time to pick up the game and return home with at least 4 wins. We need to face the Greyhounds next Sunday at home with grim determination and overcome this “myth” of Union City dominating us.

Meanwhile . . , I’ll see if I can figure out where the batteries go in this thing, so we can get a more clear picture of what is in store. I would welcome you're "insights" on the subject, especially if you have magic mirror of something.


*footnote: One of dog’s late game strikeout victims, threw his bat so hard into the dugout I thought the back wall fell out. Ground crews should check on that, please.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Great Win, tight score, we'll take it!

What a night, it put a smile on my face . . . well as much of one as I can muster. It was pleasant to see the bats come alive and run production improve. I expected and got no less than a superb pitching performance from Cory White . . , or was it Cory Brown? No, Cory White, . .Heck, I’m colorblind anyway. And what a treat from Tyler Rehmel, who was batting only .193 going into tonight’s game. His grand slam in the first inning made me want my nacho right then and there. Those Hounds wouldn’t quit though. They played hard and scared me several times. Even our own players were affecting my nerves. We miss one opportunity in the 6th with Tanner Hall on first when a pass ball should have gotten him to second. Hey Guys, you snooze, you lose! Make no mistake, we dodged one tonight. All and all the team play pretty good tonight, but we should have and could have poured it on thicker if we’d been a little more attentive. The Greyhounds will be back, and we’d better be ready for them!


well we squeaked one out tonight against the greyhounds, 7-6. Corey White pitched the whole game. The RR fans were getting a little nervous toward the end but we prevailed.Although we almost threw the game away several times. Someone tell me what the heck was Gillespie thinking when he threw that ball in the dawgs dugout anyway? Also there was this greyhound fan(jerk) that I wish I could have muzzled right there on the spot. Zak daddy did it for me in the bottom of the 8th when he smacked the first pitch over the right field wall.I hope the fan drove back to U.C. safely. By the way I didnt see Hoghead there.

rattler strikes

well, last nights game wasn't something to write home about. Getting beat 11-3 and the night before 10-1. For all you math whizzes out there we have been outscored 21-4 in 2 games. SAD. May the railroaders have no mercy on the Greyhounds tonight.


It must be Love

Did you know “Fan” comes from “Fanatic”? Well I must be one, cause I still love my Fulton Railroaders even though we allowed ourselves to get bitten again last night. I don’t know what they put in the dog biscuits in Union City, but whatever it is, they’ve got some pretty tough pooches over there. Those Greyhounds chewed the Railroaders up with a 11-3 mauling, the second time in as many nights. I’m still trying to understand what happened after we got an early 3-2 lead after three innings. Oh wait . ., pitching! All I can say is, it looks as though the train is pulling in for water instead of rolling down the track with a full head of steam; we’re certainly in need of something or someone. Well . . , we’re sending one of our best pitchers to the mound tonight for a 3rd try to tame the dogs, at home. Cory White is 2-0 thus far this season, and throws a strong game with an ERA of 1.93. Nice fast ball too! I won’t say much about our offense. We did score 3 runs, which is good enough to win a game, but hard to overcome when so many hits and runs are allowed from the mound. I’m ready though, got me some cool Goodyear sunglasses. I’ll be able to hide easy in the crowd which I’m sure will have several dog fans seated around. I think all the Railroader fans should come out and help stare down the Hounds. It’s our chance to get even in the standings with Union City before we hit the road next week for 4 away games.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ready for the Friday’s Game in Union City

All fixed up, ready to go. Just put some antibiotic cream on the dog bites, bandages to keep the dirt out and I’m geared up for baseball with same group of canines that mauled us last night. You know, they had one real mean one who wasn’t even on the field. He was tied up in the bleacher seats. Just sat there barking and growling for better than half the game. He settled down after awhile, maybe cause he realized it was wasted energy for a cause already won, OR he left. I’m sure he’ll be parked in the stands at home tonight. So win or lose, there’s sure to be a lot of excitement in the ol’ ballpark tonight, AND tomorrow when the Railroaders return home for 3rd game against Greyhounds.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a pack of wild dogs!

Just when I got myself back into shape, I find myself bleeding again after getting beat badly by a pack of dogs. The Greyhounds were ready and just too much for the Railroaders to handle on Thursday night in Lohaus Field. They scored a total of 10 runs in all but 3 innings, pouring it on like doggy dodo (I know, cause I stepped in several as I left the game). We did get a solo homerun by Kyle Bondy to prevent a shutout. Wish we'd had our 8 men left on base out there. But now that the Railroaders have dusted off the daze from their day off, they should be ready to get back on track. Now that our records are tied, the Railroaders face the Greyhounds again on Friday night and will have to do it in Union City's dog pound. I guess it's only fair to give them a chance by evening the records. I hope I heal up again soon!

Tonight's game and KIT Website

I finally got the bleeding to stop and good thing too. Tonight's game at home against Union City will require all the blood I have left. I'm still a little nervous about it, our players have had a day off and the last 2 losses came after days off. But I'm sure coach Brian has them in tow though, and I'm looking forward to watching the Greyhounds attempt to race around the track and not get hit by a freight train. The hounds loss their last outing against the Oilers, I'm sure they're looking for a win in Fulton. There may be more in Lohaus Field than they think. If the Railroaders are rolling, the game may just turn out to be a dog training session. Let's see if they can fetch a ball okay!

BTW: Is there something wrong with my browser? I keep going to the KIT League website and there's nothing in the information section but a white screen. The "standings" section has some info, but grossly out of date. Someone must be asleep at the wheel or my computer is broken. Not sure what going on with the other teams' websites either, although I do enjoy the Tradewater Pirates' site. If anyone knows what's going on, let's hear it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Fulton Railroaders' 2007 Baseball Season

Well we're finally heading down the tracks on this 2007 season of Railroaders baseball. After the first 10 games with a record of 6-4, the team seems to be coming together and finding their ability to win. Excluding Game 2’s disastrous loss, the only real issue we appear to have is run production. Too many guys left on base…enough to have directly contributed to 3 of the 4 losses.

Pitching is been pretty good with a total team ERA of 3.96. As I looked over my score cards of the first 10 games, I was glad to see all the practice I had with the Pitchers has paid off some. They have only hit 17 batters thus far.., I just wish I'd thought about using a helmet like the real batters do! Looking further at my scores cards, I see they have thrown 1,196 pitches by my count and 736 of them have been strikes, better than 60%. I also find they are striking out 18% of their batters. All in all, I feel good about our pitching and believe they are settling in.

There are some nice batting averages in the line-up for first 10 games. Reinke and Owen over .300, with Gilliespie and Bolden over .400! Everyone seems to be on the "up-swing", so to speak. 4 homeruns by 4 players, 82 hits total, 34 RBI's and those 90 marooned "left on base" guys. It's like a flood gate about to burst! If we break that open, the Railroaders are going to be hard to beat.

Tied now with Tradewater Pirates in the league lead, but we’ve yet to face Union City. We had a hard time with them last year, the only team we didn't have a better one on one record with. And that includes the 2006 Kit League champion Oilers. After facing the other 4 teams this year, none have a series record better than us. Just as it was at the end of last year. Thursday night we'll begin to see if the Railroaders will turn that around and include the Greyhounds in with the rest of them.….

Care to post your thoughts? Use the "comments" link below.