Saturday, July 7, 2007

what a game

We did it. It took 14 long innings but we did it. First things first. Game #1 unbelievable. Corey White threw an outstanding game but only to end up losing. Farmington has nothing to lose, they are gonna be out for blood against everyone. They are the 2005 Kit league champs and havent done anything since. So why would they not try to win? Game 2. Well we rebounded and won but jeez it took alot out of us. I will be surprised if either team scores today. Game could be won on a error or wild pitch, or walk or, oh never mind. Good luck RR and lets give U.C. a little run for their money at the top of the standings.

Got a Firebird by the tail, its plain to see . . .

What a crazy time it was last night. Someone needs to find some salt to put on those birds’ tail or something. It was like two prizefighters going after each other exchanging blow for blow. We may have drop the first game but stayed with them in the second for 14 innings to pull out a win. Good thing too, the Greyhounds shut out the Pirates in both their games and now share first place with us in the standings. I knew the Birds were not going to be a push over, and in last place one might think so. We’ve got one more to go with them tonight in Farmington and we need to win it! Then we’ve got the Oilers on Sunday and Monday in Owensboro, they will be bloodthirsty too.

I sure hope the Railroaders had a good night’s sleep after wrestling with the Birds till midnight. 21 innings in 7 hours, that’s a rough day of work. I’m sure they’ll be ready to play hard again tonight. I'll stand by with my cell in hand, ready to go if needed . . . hope coach Hicks has my cell number. Go to it, Guys!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

fireworks display

I heard the fireworks display was pretty good at U.C. on Wednesday night. I'm not talking about the game. Well we had a chance to put the Greyhounds in our rearview but failed in our attempt. Once again leaving guys on base was our downfall,plus not capitalizing on their mistakes. We left the bases loaded in the 2nd inning. Guys I tell you what. Why don't we let the other teams worry about U.C. and all we have to do is beat everyone else. Farmington desite their record maybe doing better against them than we are. I know Tradewater does. If we can get someone else to beat the greyhounds, then we can sail to 1st place at year end. I'm not taking anything away from our RR but we must not have had a dawg on the tracks last night. Regroup and let's dominate Farmington in all 3 games. I am not talking about beating them I am talking, Dominating them. Come back to face Tradewater next week with a 5 game winning streak.Oh yeah sounds good.

You win some, you lose some

It seems we just about ran out of steam before getting to the top of the uphill grade, but we got there and still in first place by 1 game. So what if the Hounds split the 2 games series with us, we’ll see them again for 3 more games in a couple of weeks. They maintain their edge on us in our season series with a 4-3 record; however, we learned valuable lessons from the two encounters. If we don’t take advantage of their mistakes and score, we won’t beat them. Okay, we had a bad game (1 out of the last 4). Leaving 13 men on base is not good and always seems to be our downfall in losing matches. Five of the stranded guys were in the first 2 innings when the dogs seemed to be slow getting started. That was the game killer, at the beginning. Lesson 2 learned; a weak early cycle in the game is difficult to overcome, especially if the team is the Greyhounds.

So on to Farmington, with a pit stop to take on more water and fuel for a better head of steam. Be careful and don’t get burnt by the last place Firebirds. They have nothing to lose and can be a lot of trouble if you turn your back on them. Time to go to work, guys!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

dawg meat

Well I was at the game and I apologize for any remarks I made towards" The wiz" Kevin Gillespie,maybe it was too early to say anything about his fielding. You are right he is no ozzie smith,that error was uncalled for. It just ran right up his arm and there you have it. The error cost us but thankfully did not cost us the game. With Boldens speed we ran over the dawgs. Tonight is game 2 at 6:05. If you are not too busy from the 4th, please come out and support your local team. Unfortunately I cannot attend I will be out of town. That is why I went to last nights game. RR are looking good and geling at the right time. I am starting to get used to saying sweep,and of course I don't mind.

A Great 4-2 taming of the Hounds

I see the guys have done a bit of reading and studying, and it showed last night! The Railroaders turned the tables using aggressive play and shear determination to tie down 10 Greyhounds on base, and used the pack’s own tactics to out score Union City in the dog pound. In their haste to run past Fulton, the Greyhounds tripped over they own legs and the Railroaders made them pay dearly. Great heads-ups play, guys! One more game to go with them tonight, and it won’t be any easier. I’m sure the hounds and their fans will want to make this ground back up, they’ll be “biting” mad. A win tonight gets you over the uphill grade with a running start towards Farmington. Go get ‘em, Railroaders!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

go for 2

Well today is the big day.The RR go to the dawgpound and try to put a muzzle on the greyhounds. With 1st place on the line,we can not afford to let our guard down.The RR are hot but so are the dawgs. RISP and LOB that is what we need to work on. We are kicking butt everywhere else.I believe that the Championship is ours for the taking,If we can keep everyone healthy,And keep "flyin Brian" Hicks happy, we will be just fine. I like Brian but the least I see of him during the games, the better.What do you guys think of "the wizard" Kevin Gillespie? He is eating everything up out there, and if one does get away from him, he thinks before he throws and sits on it.Excellent playing from him.His O aint too shabby either.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Looking ahead at the Dog Pound

On Hoghead’s approved reading list, I strongly recommend the Railroader players and fans read this book in preparation for the upcoming 2 games in Union City. I have read this book several times in order to master the concepts it describes. I’ve found it very helpful when doing business in Greyhound land. Here are a few tips:

a) First approach a Greyhound gently with the back of your glove extended for him to smell. This will let him know you’re friendly. You can then place a lease around his neck and lead him about under complete control.

b) In potty training the dogs, remember to stick their nose in any mess they make on the field. Every mistake they commit, make them pay dearly.

c) For fetching lessons, you must drive the ball in open gaps making them run hard and fast.

A few more words for the players. The Greyhounds are 10-3 at home, a tough place to play. That’s okay because you play well on the road at 8-4. The Railroaders are 2-3 against the dogs with 5 more games to go. This is a chance to go 4-3 on them. Time to pour on the stream for an uphill grade. Play as you’ve been doing and you’ll overcome any problems occurring during the games. Remember, Union City pampers their pooches. Take advantage and unsettle them, their weakness will show.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pirates trying to take prisoners

I went to park ready to play but the Pirates Shanghai'ed me and were going to force me to pitch for them in the 2nd game on Saturday night. Thankfully Pirates coach Mantooth released me after using 5 of his own and in time to escape the crowd leaving the stadium. Rattler’s correct, the Railroaders showed what it is all about in winning both games in the doubleheader. The Team continues to respond when needed and showing more assertiveness as each game occurs. June is over and half way through the season with 25 games to go, the guys are chugging along great. The Greyhounds are only a game behind nipping at our heels after soundly beating the Bulls twice in the same night of play. Our next 2 games are in Union City on Tuesday and Wednesday and it promises to be intense. Right now the 2 top teams are ahead of the pack with 4 games separating the 1st and 3rd place teams. The Railroaders are getting stronger every game and must use everything to defeat the Greyhounds in the upcoming contests. Again, if needed, I’m ready to play. But at the rate they are going I’ll probably only get to watch.


The RR are HOT. After getting pounded by Sikeston 2 nights removed, the RR displayed what first place is all about.Trailing in both games we kicked some Pirates booties enroute to a dh sweep.Zacdaddy continued his torrid pace by getting on base everytime except for one,including a nice wraparound slide at home plate on one play. Maybe our lead off batter finally got demoted,because he did not play at all in the first game.But come out in the 2nd game and singled. Maybe that is what he needed to get out of his little "funk" he was in. What can you say about Drew Robertson? He had 5 RBI's coming into Sats. 2nd game and had 5 RBI's alone in the game. Brian Hicks returned to coach for the first time since the untimely passing of his father.Nice crowd for the dh. I was watching from afar and got several foul balls on the tracks.Almost got hit by a train,once.I guess that is how the Pirates felt too. Well tomorrow is a game against the Chicago Wildcats. Good luck RR.