Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oilers sliding into Fulton

The Railroaders' win last night puts them into position tonight to tie up second place in the standings if they can beat the Oilers who lost on Friday.  The Oilers are playing pretty good ball and will be tough to take down.  The Railroaders are improving each game and are beginning to look like a team with a mission.  We need to keep the errors down and get the bats going better.  Hopefully the ran will stay away long enough to get the game in.  It should be a great night for baseball at the Yard.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Railroaders vs Bombers at the Yard

The 1-1 Railroaders will be looking for their first Home Win tonight against the 0-2 Bombers who’ll be trying to find their first win in 2014.  The Railroaders will finally have their full roster tonight and with one win under the belt we’ll see if the momentum will carry on.  I’m sure the Bombers would love to spoil things so it should be a good game. 

Looking at the early standings, and considering several games rained out, it is somewhat clear how the rankings are shaping up.  The 4-0 Hoppers seems to have their act together, as usual, and have the early lead.  I’m sure their strategy is to jump out early, get a 4+ lead over the second place team and stay there.  Its something they have done well every year since joining the OVL two years ago.

The Railroaders usually start slow losing too many games early on and come on strong before mid-season.  This year’s 1-1 start is the best since 2010 while in the old KIT league.  A stronger start this year should put us in a better position to catch and over take the Hoppers before regular season ends.

The 2-1 Oilers are certainly proving to be what is expected, a tough team to beat.  The Railroaders take on the Oilers this Saturday at the Yard, the next home game.  The two teams have a doubleheader next Thursday in Owensboro to make up the rainout from Monday.

The 0-2 Bombers and 0-3 Miners are struggling some getting out of the gate.  I’m sure they’ll find themselves soon, and when they do the pressure will be on for every team. Yes, its still early and anything can happen.  I just hope to see more lead changes this year than previous ones.