Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hoppers at the Yard tonight

The 5-6 Railroaders will play 6-5 Hoppers tonight in hopes of evening up Fulton season record to .500.  The two teams have met twice already with each winning a game each.  The Railroaders look good again last night, and appear to be getting their act together as a team.

The Railroaders have played the Hoppers tough in the past.  Last year the Roaders were the only team the Hoppers found hard to control.  This year shouldn't be any different.  The Hoppers, currently in 4th place, are only one game back of the leading Pirates and one game ahead of the 5th place Railroaders.

Time to fire up the engine and get it on the field.  Let's come away with a win and move up!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Time to shoot down the Bombers

Another close one last night, and almost had them Bombers totally in our sights.  We have failed 3 times now in taking these guys down.  Tonight at the Yards let's get the job done!

Two nights ago we saw the Railroaders go to afterburners and wipe out the Pirates.  Think we might see that again with the Bombers?  We saw in the game on Wednesday a team that played and executed better than any team I can remember seeing at the Yard.  Let's get it done again tonight.  One quarter of the season is left, three quarters to go.  Time to "Fire it Up" guys!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Battle with Pirates at the Yard

We almost had them ole' Pirates last night, but fell on our own sword last night!  It was a night of "fighting" but not quite the type or ending we needed.  Tonight is a chance to even the score, or should I say take the score.  The Pirates are in 1st place in the standings and we're 2 1/2 games back in 5th place.  Let's get the win and gain a game.  It's time to get the bats going and the defense to tighten up.  It's going to be a "hot" one tonight on the field.  Let's stick to baseball and let our skill do our talking.  We got the talent, let's use it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chance to move up in the standings

The win last night over the Bobcats moved the Railroaders into 4th in the standings and 2 games back from the leading Bombers who lost to the Pirates.  The Railroaders are heading to Owensboro tonight to make up a rain out from last Thursday.  The Oilers are 1.5 game out of first.  A Fulton win tonight would move us into the 3rd position.

A timely win, should it occur, as the Railroaders will take on the 2nd place Pirates on the Tuesday night in Madisonville and on Wednesday back in Fulton.

The first place Bombers will play the hopping mad 5th place Hoppers tonight in Hoptown for a make up game.  The Pirates and Bobcats are idle for the evening.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Oilers and Bombers face off for 2 games, as well as the Hoppers and Bobcats battle for two games. I have good idea the standings will look much different after the next 3 days!U

UPDATE: ,Game to tonight in Owensboro has been rained out. To be played this Sunday.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rain ending, Bobcats & Railroaders next

The Bobcats are in town and so it the rain, but the field is covered and we wait for play.  Hopefully we'll get started by 8 pm, maybe even less.  So standby as the Railroaders and Bobcats intend to play this game.  TeamLine will be online if the game is played.