Friday, July 17, 2015

Home stretch run begins with Hoppers

Heading into the final season stretch with 4 games left, the 22-14 Railroaders find themselves wedged between the 1st place Bombers and 3rd place Miners. The Post-Season Playoff seeding is becoming clearer with each game played.

The 24-12 Bombers are trying to hold on with a 2 game lead, and have 4 games remaining to play. Should the Railroaders catch and tie the records with the Bombers, the Railroaders would win the first seed. How? The first tiebreaker would be best head-to-head record, and after last night’s Railroader defeat of the Bombers that stands and ends at 5-5. The second tiebreaker is total runs scored between the two teams, the Railroaders with 53 to the Bombers 43 runs. 

The 20-15 Miners aren’t out of the mix either. They are only 1½ games behind the Railroaders and have their best chance in taking the 2nd seed from the Railroaders.  If these two tie in the standings, the Miners win out with a better 6-4 record against the Railroaders.  With 5 games left the Miners have a long shot to catch the Bombers, and the teams meet tonight for the first of two games remaining together.

For the Railroaders to take the regular season pennant the task is simple, keep winning and hope the Bombers drop 2 or more games of 4 remaining.  The Railroaders play a doubleheader tonight with the 14-20 Hoppers who still have 6 games left to play. The Railroaders will finish their final two games at home on Monday against the Oilers and Tuesday with the Hoppers one more time. Then everyone head to the Post-Season Playoff Championship rounds.

The Railroader bats have been hot lately in winning 6 of their last 7 games, the only loss coming from final inning errors on the defense.  If the boys can play well in the field, the Railroaders have a reasonable chance (with help) to take 1st seed.  Focus on that and we at least should secure the 2nd seed soon.

First game tonight is at 5 pm, each game scheduled for 7 innings.  It will be hot both on and off the field.  See you at the Yard or online Teamline.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Must win scenario

With the loss to the Miners last night, the Railroaders must win their final 5 games to even have a chance at the regular season title. The quest begins tonight in Dubois County as they play the #1 Bombers who they trail by 3 games. They would also need help from Miners, Oilers and Hoppers to take out the Bombers a couple of games in order to tie up the first spot in the standings.  Should all this occur, the Railroaders and Bombers would also be tied Head-to-Head, and a tie breaking game might occur (the OVL will have to make that call.

Meanwhile, the Miners victory over the Railroaders last night has them in good position only a game behind the Railroaders and could to unseat Fulton's 2nd place standing.  Should the two teams tie for 2nd, the Miners would take the second seed with a now 6-4 record head-to-head with the Railroaders. So the Railroaders must win to keep ahead of the Miners if they want to secure 2nd place.

After tonight's most important game in Dubois, the Railroaders will have 4 games left, 3 with the Hoppers (2 on Friday and one next Tuesday), and one game with the Oilers on Monday.  For now, we wait for the results in today contest.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pennant Race heats up with the Hoppers

The Railroaders are firing up to make their sprint in the final quarter of the season winning two straight games over the Miners and Bombers.  The victory over DC last night moved Fulton into second place and picked up a game on the Bombers who are now 2½ games in the lead.  The Miners, who were idle Saturday, take the third spot now just a ½ game behind the Railroaders.  The Railroaders will see the Bombers and Miners just one more time each at their houses before post season playoffs begin. 

With 9 games left in the regular season, there are still plenty of games remaining for the Railroaders to move ahead on.  Tonight the race for season pennant continues at the Yard with Hoptown Hoppers coming to town.  The fourth place Hoppers split a doubleheader with the fifth place Oilers last night.  Hoptown is 8 games out of first and 5½ games behind the Railroaders, but they should not be taken lightly. 

The Railroaders and Hoppers have met for 6 games so far with the Railroaders winning 4 of them.  That trend will need to continue tonight.  The four remaining games the Railroaders have with the Hopper will be played at the Yard also.  After tonight’s game the next meeting between the two will be this coming Friday with a doubleheader in Fulton.

The Miners will be playing the Bombers tonight also.  We’ll be keeping an eye on that outcome.  Tonight’s league results will certainly affect the positioning for the current top 3 teams in the OVL. 

We need to keep the heat on and the steam pressure high to finish off the season.  Come on out to the Yard for some Sunday night baseball with the Railroaders.  Should be another great game.  See you there or on TeamLine.