Saturday, June 20, 2015

Big Bomber Battle tonight

The first place Bombers were successful in beating the Railroaders the last time they flew into the Yard this past Monday.  The Railroaders have faced off with the Bombers four times so far with the Railroaders only taking one of the games.  It is time to turn that trend around tonight at the Yard.  At 2 ½ games behind the Bombers, the second place Railroaders have a chance to gain a game with a win this evening.

There was lots of rain yesterday but the field in Fulton should be dry by game time for the showdown.  The Railroaders need to man the fighters early this time and shoot down the DC planes before they extend their lead in the standings.  This will be the third visit to the Yard by the Bombers, and the Railroaders yet to get a win against them in front of the hometown Fans.  We have the Top Guns for the job, we just need to use them and eliminate the errors.

The Bombers may play in the biggest stadium in the OVL, but on the field they are just another team.  Two of the three Railroader losses with the Bombers were by a single run so it should be a close one, however I prefer blasting them out of the sky at the plate for an overwhelming victory.  We can get done and need the help of all hands, both on the field and in the stands.  Let’s man-up and shoot down some Bombers. I’ll see you at the Yard tonight or join us on TeamLine.

Team Stats
Railroaders 15 658 533  .278  .390  .394 148 115 18 3 12 98 74 83 23 25 98
Bombers 16 689 548  .248  .321  .378 136 106 24 2 4 114 87 95 28 26 86
Railroaders 15 8 7 0 609 129 106 18 3 2 69 50 18 109 137.00 41  2.69
Bombers 16 11 5 2 651 141 118 16 4 3 67 64 11 112 143.33 46  2.89

UPDATE 10:45 a.m.:  I've gone to the Yard and it's looking good. The sun is beginning to pop out of the clouds that should be clearing out around noon time.  The Ground Crew is out and working the few remaining wet spots remaining, "Hats off to them."   With the temperature rising, all looks well for tonight's contest . . the game is on!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Railroaders and Oilers once more at the Yard

Both the Railroaders and Oilers are well rested with some time off.  The weather is questionable of course, with the remnants of tropical storm Bill moving moisture up into the Ohio Valley.  But so far all looks well for baseball at the Yard tonight.

The Oilers are coming to the Yard tonight to take on the Railroaders.  The Oilers are riding high after a 14-0 victory over the Hoppers on Monday and breaking an 8 game losing streak.  Owensboro will also be looking to move up out of last place tonight with hopes for the Miners to sweep a doubleheader scheduled today against the 4th place Hoppers.

The 3rd place Railroaders on the other hand having dropped two straight games and are looking to get back on track.  Fulton’s last win was against the Oilers on Saturday this past week.  Fulton will be inclined for the Hoppers to take the doubleheader over the 2nd place Miners to take them down a notch. The Railroaders and Oilers have met three times thus far with Fulton taking a 2-1 advantage head-to-head.  Tonight’s game should be good one. Fire it Up!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Bombers attacking Fulton tonight

The first place Bombers are flying high on a 5 game winning streak and currently hold a 2 game lead over the Miners and Railroaders. The Railroaders are 1-2 against the Bombers thus far in this season and get a chance to even the score tonight at the Yard.

Despite Fulton’s loss last night against the Miners, the Railroaders will be working hard to get back on track and retake the second place position in the standings which remain tight. The Bombers may be hard to shoot down, but the Railroaders have the guns to it.  Timing of the shots are most important in order to take them out.

The last night of three straight days at home for the Railroaders ends tonight before they head to Hoptown on Tuesday for a game with the Hoppers. We’ll looking for good fan support for Monday Night Baseball at the Yard. There is still a lot of baseball left in the season to play and its still anyone’s race to win.  Let’s Fire It Up and take this one from the Bombers.  Roll Train…..!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Miners return to Fulton

The 3rd place Miners return to the Yard tonight to battle with the 2nd place Railroaders.  The two teams have met three times so for this season with the Railroaders taking 2 of 3 games.  The Miners started the season slow by losing their first 4 games before digging themselves out of a hole to win 4 straight games.  Now with their current 5-5 record, the Miners have won 5 of their last 6 games and are force to recon with.

Since their 3-0 season start, the Railroaders are 4-5 for their last 9 games and expect to improve even better at home tonight against the Miners.  Fulton’s pitching appears to be strong with a team 2.54 ERA.  Twice last week, Fulton saw two complete game shutouts pitched by Eddie Mathis (with a current 1.88 ERA) and Charlie Hecht with a 0.00 ERA on the season.  The Railroader defense is playing pretty good ball too.  In the last 5 games this past week, Fulton has won 3 games committing no errors, but did have 4 errors in 2 losses. Over the same 5 games, the Railroaders have 42 hits total and produced 31 runs. Nothing wrong with bats.

The Railroaders are one game behind first place Bombers who host the Oilers tonight in DC.  With the Miners are trailing Fulton by one game, tonight’s action will shake up the tight standings a bit while the fourth place Hoppers are idle.

Game time at 7 pm today.  See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.  Let’s keep the train rolling!