Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The mighty Hoppers jumping into the Yard.

A Question of Weather and Fortitude
The 2 questions for tonight are; 1) will the the Railroaders hand the Hoppers their first loss, and 2) will the rain leave us alone and the field drys out?  We should know the answer to the second question first over the next few hours.  As for the first question....well, the Railroaders (3-3) are starting to show signs of life now with 2 wins in a row. 

The next big test will come tonight when the Hoptown Hoppers return to the Yard for another game.   The Hoppers beat up the Railroaders at Fulton's season home opener and stomped our boys a second time in Hopkinsville.  The Hoppers are undefeated on the season.  They are playing well and seem to be a well oiled machine.  Their first real sign of weakness came last night against the winless Miners in Madisonville where Hoptown had to struggled in extra innings to finally beat the Miners.

A victory over the Hoppers tonight by the Railroaders would go a long way for Fulton in slowing down Hoptown momentum and get some of their own.  FYI, the Railroaders have the OVL record for most consecutive wins with 12 and was set in 2012.  The Hoppers have 9 in row for the moment.  Time for this to end, as long as the answer to question #2 is yes!